Our Miraculous Story Was Kidnapped

Last night, Christmas Eve, I began to deep clean my house. I set up a new alter to my daughter, Heather Hanson, and her son, Tyler Hunt. The top photos you see, was taken just before Heather met Bill Cornwall and his father who were desirous to own OUR miraculous story, as was Patrice and Linda Hanson, Vicki Presco, and many others. Our beautiful story began to erode just after it was told. Patrice turned the angel that came to me in a dream into her dead mother. Linda reminded her niece of all the money she leant her sister, expecting my daughter to be famous one day – and pay it back.

No minor is responsible for the debts of their parents. When it looked like the Hansons would not be the stars of my biography, they kidnapped my daughter so she could be in Snyder’s evil biography, where his buddy slaps my sister so hard she bounces of the bed “like Bozo the clown.”

My sixteen year old daughter came into my life in 2000 after reading a call for contributors posted by Stacey Pierrot. I told her she was a God-send, my reward for being sober for thirteen years. This child was told by her mother and aunt OUR MIRACLE could be transferred over to Vicki Presco who forsake her sacred Trust, ad refused to serve as Christine Rosamond’s named Executor.  This may be the first case of a child being kidnapped in order to get money for adults via a book and movie deal.

“Under California Penal Code Section 278.5, it is unlawful for one parent to maliciously deprive another parent of their custody right or to deny visitation rights. This is also known as interference with child custody. This means that it is possible to be charged with parental abduction even if you have joint custody. Moreover, even if you are granted sole custody, you can still be convicted of this crime.”


What is clear after reading Tom Snyder’s horrific book of cunning and deceit, is, he and his backers had no intention of honoring Christine Rosamond’s Last Wishes. The only way out of this evil morass, is to reclaim, and restore our story. Let it be!

Did Linda Comstock read Snyder’s book? How about Drew Benton who was fourteen when it was published. Surely a dozen or so people knew this was the last book my sister wanted to be published about her. She is denigrated, her Recovery Program deemed a failure – along with her success and all her relationships! Christine Rosamond Benton died on her First Sober Birthday! Our brother’s and sister’s in AA – still want our story!

Christine was a ‘Giver’. She gave much to members of her family. There exist not one kind word from her two daughters, who will die childless. To render me a In-Father in order to make it work for so many unhappy and uncreative people, is Biblical! There are T.V. shows on right now about the search for the Real Jesus. Joseph and I have things in common. This was not the first time The Angel appear to us. In 1956 an Blue Angel appeared at the foot of Christine’s bed. Vicki saw it. My sisters were nine and five years of age. This sighting begins the recovery biography I began in 1992. What year did Heather’s grandmother jump off that cliff………..by the sea?

Heather accused me of leaving Bill Cornwell out, and I assume she wanted her aunt to be in my biography. These two are raging alcoholics. Snyder’s book rages on about Christine’s alcoholism – which is none of his business! Recovery books are written by those who suffer from this disease.  Did Bill or Linda read about the problems my sister had with drinking? How about Patrice. Did any of these three people associate alcoholism with the Hanson family? They wanted my family money so they can open their own bar.

Christine and I were the ones LEFT OUT of the money-making schemes of extremely bad business people, who nothing bout business and art. Tom Snyder’s books was a huge FAILURE! It was ejected by Rosamond’s fans because he promotes Scott Hale who abused my late sister, and, is allowed to put the make on Shannon, who came into money, and who Scott had the hots for since she was a child!  Outrageous! Shannon was left out – and silenced! She must have gone into a rage to read that Scott missed her more than her mother. This book was – for her and Drew!  My minor child was disappeared from my life when this evil was written. I had no way to contact her. I was concerned for her safety!

Jon Rose Presco


While waiting to see my new therapist I read exerts from Mark’s, Garth’s, and Vicki’s evil biography of our late sister. Here are the words of Scott Hale, Christine’s live-in lover who takes credit for much of her success – at such a cost! (page 52)

“She had me cornered. I was trying to reason with her and get away before things got out of hand. She kept coming at me, and the bed was right there, so I finally whapped her. And it was like Bozo the clown. She bounced off the bed as if nothing had happened, and just kept right on coming. I was finally able to get around and out of the room, and years later I asked her if she remembered me slapping her during that episode. She had no memory of it whatever.”

I am now going to do a “Me Too!” for my late sister whose death scene is full of holes. Christine’s autobiography was disappeared. Vicki Presco told me our sister was accusing many males of inappropriate sexual contact with her daughter, Shannon. Snyder says Shannon Rosamond lost her virginity when she was ten. This ghost writer conducts a Sanity Hearing – and he has no degree! Snyder employs Scott Hale as his Star Witness as to how insane and violent the world famous artist ‘Rosamond’ was. Shannon was also subjected to this Vile Hearing. When I read this, I became alarmed. Crimes are being committed! Where are the police reports?

“I remember the hardest thing about splitting up with Christine…was Shannon. I really liked that little girl. Being an only child, I didn’t know a lot about kids. And Christine, when she was in her own world, usually when she was working a lot, was completely insulated. There just wasn’t any room in that world for anyone else. But, Shannon was very sweet and fun to be with. Afterwards, she was the one I missed most.”

Some of the most traumatic situations occur when the spouse or adult children do not understand the dying person’s wishes. Each tries to maintain their own version of what they think dignity demands, and, as such, many times families fight and family harmony is lost.


3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

For this step, the alcoholic consciously decides to turn themselves over to whatever or whomever they believe their higher power to be. With this release often comes recovery.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    I tried! I sent Heather my last post and got no call from her. When I found her after she was disappeared for two years, she said;

    “Just because you can’t get along with your family, doesn’t mean I can’t!”

    Heather made her mothers; dram come true. Since she was born Patrice Hansn bragged to everyone, that my daughter was Rosamond’s niece, and, they would be united someday. Just because I am not getting along with Christine, doesn’ mean Patrice and her newborn baby, can not. Patrice could have found me through our mutual landlord and my friend Cal. Her husband was arrested twice for impersonating Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. Heather left me to be a star with the help of Vicki Presco and Stacey Pierrot, and Tom Snyder who I sent an e-mail to informing him that Ryan Hunt was a twenty year old man when he crossed State lines to visit my sister in Arizona. He was fucking a seventeen year old daughter who was brainwashed by an evil Stage Mother.

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