Hail Satan and Kesey Square Revival

Above is the statue the Satanist unveiled in front of  Missouri’s capitol building. Compare it to the statue of Ken Kesey, that is being embraced by Ambrose Stormwolfe who was Belle’s Burche’s lover when we met. He is a Wiccan initiate. Does he worship Satan? These images are ‘Newsworthy’. Ambrose is a good friend of Alley Valkyrie who convinced my neighbors, Kim Haffner, that my newspaper is a front, a disguise for my stalking needs.


Real Stalkers like to lurk in the dark, and have their covert operations be anonymous. They go to great lengths to not be detected, not have anyone know who they are, and, what they are. Haffner accused me of using my sister’s biography to lure my victims to their doom. She told our neighbors this. My famous sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, is kin to Senator Thomas Hart Benton, whose true motives, and his real villainy, was EXPOSED by Ed Ray and the History Department of Oregon State University. Who knew, that a Satan-like person had managed to evade Social Justice for so long? Benton one five term as  Senator of Missouri. He served thirty years – undetected! Is their a statue of him?

Note the book Ken is holding in his hand and reading to innocent children. It is a book of Satanic Spells employed to make more of our young attracted to LSD. Is Kesey reading my sister’s wicked biography? How about the Tibetan Book of the Dead? Kim pretended to be my friend so she can covertly get secret information on me that she can use to lure our neighbors to her cause. She never told me she was a religious addict – just like her mother! Does she see herself as a honorary member of SPD?

Alley Valkyrie led a Ken Kesey Square Revival with the help of her attorney, Jean Stacey, who was watching me talk to Belle Burch, at the clandestine revival SLEEPS held during Eugene’s Art Walk. Does Ed Ray and Joseph Orosco support the rights of the oppressed Satanists – who  many white folks hate? How – unjust! Christian Expansionism has been condoned by the Great Commission. Was Benton inspired by this Holy Directive?


The first video shows Alley Valkyrie saying “Everyone has the right to exist and be downtown, at the library…..”

It has taken me a long to time to accept the truth that Belle Burch was practicing witchcraft when I met her. She stated on her facebook she is a pagan into herbs and potions. When I exposed the Dark Side of the homeless advocates, Belle got her coven to come after me.  She wanted Alley Valkyrie t lead the attack, and focus their collective power to destroy me and my newspaper. These women wanted a REVERSAL and a REVIVAL of Satanic forces. They employed the homeless to make up their Army of the Night. They wanted me to feel like members of their beloved Night Wariors feel. I was the focus point of their great reversal, where normal citizens are driven out of downtown, and replaced with Satan’s Children. Take note of Alley’s eyes. Several of her videos suggest she is on LSD. This is why they have to have Kesey Square.

Ed Ray and his Renaming Cult have a similar mission. There has been a great wrong done to minorities, thus the symbols of White Power must be removed, and a Historic Hex put on them so Ray’s Children can cast their hatred – where it belongs! I am a Victim of Civic Witchcraft and Hate Crimes. Below is my letter to the Mayor of Eugene.

EXTRA! I just took a break to watch my local news. A gang of young people got arrested at the park across the street.


There are a lot of Chicanos moving in. They spray gang-related graffiti on people’s fences. Two days ago I went shopping, with my walker, and came upon a young Mexican male sitting on the bench I usually take a rest on. Since Burger King opened across the street, this bench gets trashed. I caught this dude in the act. He threw his drink cup on the ground. There was a garbage can five feet from him.

“Are you going to clean up after you’re done?”

“What kind of question is that!” the local anarchist asked, and wanted to fight. I moved away and called 911. He got on his phone to call his gang. Here is the answer he wanted.

“It’s a very good question. We white folks don’t like Mexicans moving in to our town and trashing the place. You have no respect for seniors, especially white seniors. I hope you and your kind get put south of our President’s Fool’s Wall.”

I have to admit my verbalized answer would resemble this ideal comment. I wondered if he was a member of the gang that is taking over Granada Park, to the point I stopped walking thru it to Far Maan’s. If I had just kept my mouth shut. Don’t let Kim Haffner know you made another enemy in the hood, are she will ask him to join her gang. I have considered whether Joseph’s Revolution R Us Gang will come protest me – with signs! What if I made this sign and went to the campus of OSU. Would I be threatened with violence? Do I fear threatened? I would be all alone with no one to watch my back. I had Benton’s back! Who knew?


The reason Alley and Belle wanted me to remove what I wrote about them, was, I was beginning to describe – who they are! Believing the normal and housed citizens of Eugene will not GIVE MONEY to Satanic Causes (duh!) their Brand was covert. They used stealth and threats. Kevin wrote chalk graffiti all over our city streets, and Ken Kesey Square. He did not sign his name to his work. This is Conspiracy to deprive me of my Civil Rights and Freedom of the Press. I hope the Springfield Police post pics of everyone that was arrested, and Deputize them ‘The Trash Squad’. They can go pick up trash in a 800 yard radius. They will be respectful of elders and engage them in pleasant conversation!

After being Challenged by Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders, Amazon donated $5,000,000 dollars to the homeless problem of Seattle. I challenged Ed Ray, and OSU to feed the hungry at noon, in the campus kitchen. It would do the students a world of good to know the homeless citizens. All universities should have a ‘Homeless Lunch’ program. They should also set up a Drug Epidemic program. I will help do this.


John Presco


“Please, go ahead and blog my threat.
You have no fucking idea what you’re getting yourself into
You also have no idea how many people are already on to you, and how many people have my back. We also have six other mutual friends who are going to learn about your behavior ASAP
And just so you know as well: if you write anything about me that could be construed as defamatory, you will be hearing from my lawyers ASAP.”

Alley Valkyrie posted to ‎Kitty Piercy

This man’s name is John Gregory Presco, DOB 10/8/1946. He lives in Springfield, Oregon.

He frequents Eugene, especially the Whiteaker neighborhood, and regularly shows up at activist events. He is a stalker, a harasser, and an obsessed de…lusional sicko.

If you need a concrete example of his behavior and why I am posting this, his delusional writings can be found at https://rosamondpress.wordpress.com/

If you see him in your neighborhood, on the street, or anywhere, call him out. Expose him. Make it known that you will not accept and tolerate someone who harasses and obsesses over young women in our community. This man is a very sick individual. Anyone who deliberately makes women feel unsafe should not be tolerated in this or any community.

To: Eugene City Council 10-29-2018

From: John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Wiccan Threats and Possible Racketeering

For nearly three years, now, I have wanted to stand before you and present the evidence I gathered racketeering may have taken place in regards to colleting minies for the homeless but I feared for my life. After the murders in the Pittsburg Synagogue, and the fire and shooting a block from my home on Oakdlale, Street, it is my moral and civic duty to make a stand against everything that looks like Domestic Terrorism.

When I talked to an FBI agent three years ago, he suggested Alley Valkyrie and members of SLEEPS might be guilty of Racketeering. I read him the threats I got from Witch Valkyrie, and her Wicaan friends. I told him about the Wiccan solutions this offshoot of OCCUPY had for the homeless problem of Eugene. My newspaper published stories about the non-profit status of SLEEPS, and if they had a outside agency handle all their donations. I told this agent about the anonymous donor who was looking to give $400,000 dollars to a homeless group. SLEEPS was considered, as was Nightingale. When I found the names of SLEEPS activists on the board of Nightingale, I wondered if they had received this donation I am tracking for the public record. Emily Semple was on the board of Nightingale as was Alley Valkyrie and her lover, John Monroe. I presented a theory to this FBI agent, that I got in the way of this donation, and was a threat to have it be given to another group. This is when the Wiccan Nation of the Emerald Valley went after me and my newspaper, Royal Rosamond Press.

There is no cure or solution for Homelessness. I have thirty years of sobriety. There is no cure for the disease of alcoholism. I have talked with homeless individuals about authoring a Twelve Step program for the Homeless. I told a member of SLEEPS who got arrested for trespass, I would oppose her and her group, and come up with my own plan. This made me a hostile competitor with a forum, my newspaper blog. The attempt to destroy my newspaper and this reporter, are epic, and, alas I have found the courage to confront my abusers, who told me things would got badly-for me if I attended a City Hall meeting.

What constitute racketeering, is, a group offers a remedy for a condition that has no solution in order to garnish money. There is no evidence any Wiccan cosmology has benefited any city or society. Sacred Heart and River bend acknowledge their Catholic roots. If members of SLEEPS, and residents of Whoville, solicited money for the homeless, and this money did not go to the homeless, this is racketeering – especially if threats are made against a completer, or, a reporter who is poised to expose this racket.

In May of 2014, I received an e-mail from Alley Valkyrie where she titles her previous e-mail, “my threat”. Words have meaning. How clever is this Street Wiccan?

“Please, go ahead and blog my threat.
You have no fucking idea what you’re getting yourself into
You also have no idea how many people are already on to you, and how many people have my back. We also have six other mutual friends who are going to learn about your behavior ASAP

And just so you know as well: if you write anything about me that could be construed as defamatory, you will be hearing from my lawyers ASAP.”

Alley Valkyrie; ” I will also say that going downtown would be a mistake, as EPD is quite aware of who and what you are, and they have nine uniformed officers downtown. But then again, you said you were going to City Council and you didn’t have the balls to do that, and…See More

Alley Valkyrie: And if you do go downtown, you will have to deal with me personally, by the way.”

When I got the first threat, I understood that if I did what Ms. Valkrie demanded, her threat would, her curse, would go away. I wondered if Alley had sent a form curse to other, males, who got in her way. Had she intimidated other reporters. But what was so glaring, is, she had no concern for Belle Burch the 24 years old woman I was allegedly stalking. I told Alley Belle has not asked me to stop contacting her, and, if she is so Civic Minded – why doesn’t she go public. She ran to the police and Belle gave me another call. I begged her not to continue down this path because it is going to ruin her life. I told her;

I owe it to my peers not to cave in to threats!”

I’m going to make this very simple for you. I don’t know if you know who I am, but I sure as hell know who you are, and when you fuck with my friends, you fuck with me. Stop writing about Belle or I am going to make your life very difficult. I mean it. If I see one more word about her on your blog, your FB, or anywhere else, I will make sure that you experience all the fear and discomfort that she is experiencing right now. And no, this isn’t a physical threat, so don’t try to play victim. Frankly, I encourage you to contact EPD, as they already know all about you. I will not do anything illegal, but mark my word you will regret it if you write one more word about her. I will make sure that the entire community knows exactly how much of a sick fuck you are. Your picture, your name, and “samples” of your writing will be posted on every bulletin board in town. There will not be a single person in the Eugene/Springfield area who won’t know that you’re a sick stalker who won’t leave a young girl alone. Cut it out. Now. This is your first, last, and only warning.”

Kesey Square Revival

UPDATE: As of April 5, 2013, Kesey Square Revival will no longer be taking place. Please read this post for the story and explanation behind this decision.

A vibrant commons is essential to a healthy city center, and Eugene lacks a functional and frequented public space. Despite the fact that Kesey Square is publicly owned and centrally located in downtown Eugene, it is a neglected and underutilized plaza. Originally furnished with balconies and then benches, all seating was removed by city staff a few years ago in order to discourage street youth and the general unhoused population from congregating in the square. Those populations have not left and are still the subject of constant complaints, and what remains is an empty plaza with nowhere to sit.

Kesey Square Revival was birthed from a vision of what a common space in downtown Eugene could look like, combined with a need for integrating those involved in activism and social service with those who are underserved and seek assistance and advocacy. After the Occupy Eugene camp closed in December of 2011, Eugene’s unhoused population experienced increased harassment by police and enforcement of “quality-of-life” crimes in the downtown area, as well as increased use of the DPSZ ordinance.

The need to both create community in public space and stand in solidarity with our unhoused neighbors came to fruition in February of 2012, when approximately fifty people spontaneously appeared in Kesey Square on a Friday afternoon, bringing with them tables, chairs, board games, free food, music, street theater, and chalk art. We created our vision of what downtown Eugene could look like, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. A friend of ours created a short video which documented the first Kesey Square Revival that can be seen here:

Since then, we’ve gathered at Kesey almost every Friday during the warm months. We are continually focused on integrating the downtown population as a whole and creating vibrant public space that focuses on community inclusion, positive energy, economic revitalization, and free expression. We currently meet at Kesey Square every Friday afternoon, weather permitting. For updates and specific events related to the Kesey Square Revival, “like” our Page at facebook.com/keseysquarerevival

I just found the Maypole these Wiccans dance around. It is a Pagan Tress – with clenched fist! BINGO! This is why these Pagans broke away from OCCUPY and founded SLEEPS who will come to sleep under this Tree of Hope one day! This is why Belle did not ask me to be one with them at the Wandering Goat – after seeing we were on the same path! Well, not quite! These Wiccans read my Biblical stuff, an not understanding any of item were dismayed. They concluded their job was to separate my Pagan stuff from my Biblical stuff – for the sake of the Pagan Word Economy that was just planted in the ground. Emily Semple is their Jeanette Appleseed who may become the Pagan Council-Fairy of the whole goddamn downtown!


Alley Valkyrie read this, and went on the attack the next day! I anoint Belle the Goddess of the Birch Tree and Labyrinth. I have wondered if Alley threatened Belle. Now, I am almost certain of it.

Here is Storm Faerywolf, a confessed Warlock and Witch who conspiring with Alley Valkyrie to bring me down. He is the Master of the Blue Rose and posts with Alley on The Hunt. That is Ambrose and Emily holding a serpent banner. John Monroe hexed me.

EMILY33 EMILY899 EMILY900johnm2invasion-of-the-body-snatchers-15


Storm Faerywolf F(a)eri(e) or non?

Alley Valkyrie Local creeper. Delusional narcissist. Not Feri, but reminds me of a few of them. I sent him a PM firmly telling him to leave a friend of mine alone, and my “threat” will be the subject of his blog tomorrow. He has no idea who he is fucking with.

Storm Faerywolf Give him hell, Alley!

This is the greatest radical film ever made! There’s a love story here. I walked into a coven of Witches and Warlocks at Kesey Square. Here is Gwendolyn having a Witching good time, at the expense of the Kesey family. John McCahill is wearing the death hood. How did Alley know I was not Feri? She read my blog and found Christian stuff in it.




Here’s Gwendolyn saying the rock in window was contrived.

“Meanwhile social media is buzzing: Many proponents of Kesey Square have wondered if the vandalism was contrived by someone who wants to see the square developed. “I really think it is someone who has a grudge against the movement to save the square,” says Gwendolyn Iris, a Save Kesey Square activist. “Based on the words and spelling, it just reads like mockery.”


Alley Valkyrie

May 9 at 12:32am · Portland, OR · Edited ·
Well, I just picked a fight with quite the unstable psychopath. May not have been the most sensible thing to do, but it should definitely get interesting…

John McCahill just cant turn it off can you …. LOL

May 9 at 12:36am · Like · 2

Alley Valkyrie Local creeper. Delusional narcissist. Not Feri, but reminds me of a few of them. I sent him a PM firmly telling him to leave a friend of mine alone, and my “threat” will be the subject of his blog tomorrow. He has no idea who he is fucking with.

May 9 at 1:40am · Like
Alley Valkyrie If you read the rest of his blog, you’ll see why I went after him in the first place. I am making this public because this man is a sick psychopath who takes pictures all over Eugene.

Randy Cain I’m glad the mafia sent him treats.

May 9 at 8:53am · Like

Mary Broadhurst yeah well…I’m a bit concerned about labels being applied to this guy. obviously he has issues. but will calling him a psychopath push him over the edge. did anyone consult with Belle before coming to her rescue? perhaps she had a plan as to how to deal with this…

May 9 at 8:57am · Edited · Like · 1

Alley Valkyrie Yes, I talked to Belle.

Glenn Combs: I’m thinkin’ concrete shoes. We got a river with deep spots… Hypothetically speaking, of course.



Storm Faerywolf is professional warlock, author, and co-owner of The Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, California. An initiate of the F(a)eri(e) tradition, he has over thirty years of experience practicing witchcraft and has been teaching both privately and publicly across the U.S. and around the world for more than twenty. He holds the Black Wand of the Master and is the founder of BlueRose, his own school and lineage within Faery, offering classes both in-person and online. He is the author of The Stars Within the Earth, and the forthcoming Betwixt and Between: Exploring the Faery Tradition of Witchcraft, due 2017 from Llewellyn Worldwide. For more information about his classes, books, CD’s or art visit his website at

Last year I interviewed Feri initiate, activist, and Wild Hunt columnist, Alley Valkyrie after she was arrested protesting for the rights of the homeless in Eugene, Oregon. Now, the verdict is in, and Alley Valkyrie has been vindicated. Quote: “Lane County violated the constitutional rights of a local activist last year when it had her cited for trespassing following her refusal to leave a public plaza after officials closed it, a Eugene Municipal Court judge has ruled. In her decision, Judge Karen Stenard said the county’s reason for ejecting protesters and shutting the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza — that the area had to be cleaned because human feces were smelled in the area — was too broad and did not pass the rigorous test required for government actions that restrict constitutional freedoms. As a result, Stenard dismissed the charge of second-degree trespassing filed against protester Alley Valkyrie.” – See more at: http://wildhunt.org/tag/grey-school-of-wizardry#sthash.I6X9TL5y.dpuf

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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