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“I did pretty much threaten him” Brags Alley Valkyrie

These words open my novel ‘Capturing Beauty’.

“Alley Valkyrie Yeah, that guy.

And I did pretty much threaten him, and wasn’t nice at all about it, although I was careful to keep it on the legal side. At least if he focuses on me, perhaps he will no longer be focusing on my friend.”

Who could put this book down, especially after seeing this friend is beautiful? To stop an artist from focusing in on the young woman who he asked to be his muse, is historic, and very dramatic! In the annals of art, there has never been such a fascinating story.

I am going to spend about three days working on my first chapter so I can send this BLOCKBUSTER out to publishers and producers.

My grandfather, Royal Rosamond, taught Erle Stanley Gardener how to write, and hung out with members of the Black Mask.

Note these words;

“I pretty”

Well, Alley looks a lot like Squeaky Fromme, who struggles to look pretty. Being in love with Charlie Manson, doesn’t cut it – for most people!

Guess who everyone will FOCUS in on in my book – and movie? This will cause my stalker to blow her brains out in the theatre, because try as she may, she failed to keep the FOCUS on her.

Above are tow photos of Belle that indicate she is an anarchist. She is sticking her tongue out at me, and the world. This is their universal message to us all;

“I don’t have to mind anyone! I can do what I want! Whatever makes my nipples hard!”

Belle is making the sign of the Anarchist Tommy Gun, she dressed like James Cagney, the Tough Guy;

“Come and get me copper!”

Our last mayor tried to stop anarchy in the Whit. They vomited on him. The tactic Burch and Alley USED, was to attack my sexual being and my mental health. Torrey used the term “urban terrorists” “The anarchists are mostly teens and twentysomethings with inclinations toward black clothing and punk rock. But their numbers include middle-age intellectuals, artists and writers. And Eugene’s entire activist community has joined with them on issues like the downtown trees, logging of national forests and animal rights.

“I am not going to allow any group of . . . urban terrorists to make our city streets a place where people feel like they can’t be,” said Mayor Jim Torrey, who was vomited on at a City Council meeting by a defender of the downtown trees.

“Eugene can be categorized as a unique city . . . because we enable people of various points of view to feel comfortable in expressing themselves and feel comfortable in how they dress and where they convene,” Torrey said. “And to have an organization like the anarchists take advantage of that and create a situation where our streets are not safe–it has finally come to a point where the citizenry feels that enough is enough.”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

May 9 at 12:40am · Like · 9

Alley Valkyrie

May 9 at 12:32am · Portland, OR · Edited ·
Well, I just picked a fight with quite the unstable psychopath. May not have been the most sensible thing to do, but it should definitely get interesting…

LadyMaria Ester Albornoz Cativa and 32 others like this.
Alex Marshall Thompson Do tell!See Translation

May 9 at 12:33am · Like

Storm Faerywolf F(a)eri(e) or non?

May 9 at 12:36am · Like · 2

John McCahill just cant turn it off can you …. LOL

May 9 at 12:36am · Like · 2

Alley Valkyrie Local creeper. Delusional narcissist. Not Feri, but reminds me of a few of them. I sent him a PM firmly telling him to leave a friend of mine alone, and my “threat” will be the subject of his blog tomorrow. He has no idea who he is fucking with.

May 9 at 12:37am · Like · 10

Alley Valkyrie Local to Eugene, not Portland.

May 9 at 12:37am · Like

John McCahill ooooooohhhhh that guy ……..

May 9 at 12:38am · Like · 1

Storm Faerywolf Give him hell, Alley!

May 9 at 12:38am · Like · 2

Alley Valkyrie Yeah, that guy.

And I did pretty much threaten him, and wasn’t nice at all about it, although I was careful to keep it on the legal side. At least if he focuses on me, perhaps he will no longer be focusing on my friend.

May 9 at 12:40am · Like · 9

Kristina Fyrewolf Hanson The amount of nutters with internet access around here kind of scares me. Give em hell.

May 9 at 12:45am · Like · 1
Leonard Alfred Schneider Alley Valkyrie has a lot of friends from all walks of life.

May 9 at 12:51am · Like · 2
Platypus Chase The old piss off a creep tactic. Never gets old.

May 9 at 1:03am · Like

Alley Valkyrie…/threat-from-alley…/

Threat From Alley Valkerie

Here is a message I go around midnight from Alley Valkerie. She sounds like a Na… See More
May 9 at 1:36am · Like · 1

Alley Valkyrie…/made-offer-to…/

Made Offer to Alley Valkerie

About 12:30 I got more threats from Alley Valkerie. She threatens me with legal … See More
May 9 at 1:40am · Like
Alley Valkyrie If you read the rest of his blog, you’ll see why I went after him in the first place. I am making this public because this man is a sick psychopath who takes pictures all over Eugene.

May 9 at 1:41am · Like

Alley Valkyrie His name is John Gregory Presco. He can be found on FB as “Greg Presco”. He lives near the university according to public records.

May 9 at 1:43am · Like · 1

Rhyd Wildermuth The Godmother?

May 9 at 1:50am · Like · 3
Randy Cain I’m glad the mafia sent him treats.

May 9 at 2:10am · Like · 2

Alley Valkyrie I know, tell me about it. Apparently I’m a Nazi too, as well as a terrorist.

May 9 at 2:10am · Like · 2

Seven Crows HooooooBoy. Hang in there.

May 9 at 5:42am · Like · 1

Miles Vorkosigan You are a badass.

May 9 at 6:09am · Like · 4

Puck DeCoyote Seems to be the month for it

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