Has Springfield PD Gone Tribal?

I talked to Scott McKee the day my neighbor shot at Springfield Fireman, and burned down four houses. The evening before, Kim Haffner and several of my neighbors threatened me at my door. They harassed and slandered me. I wondered if Kim’s cousin, whom she said was SPD, had read my posts that I posted on facebook. Did he suggest I was just the kind of guy Springfield Citizens don’t want as their neighbor?

Scott McKee has made some serious charges against fellow officers. He says they conducted concerted covert operations to undermine his investigation. When you read the lawsuit McKee filed, it reads like Mob activity. It appears Gang and Tribal allegiances are being practiced here, verse the Rule of Law.

I feel I am taking another great risk covering this story. This is exactly why I should. I applaud my peers. KVAL has done the right thing. Yes a case can be made that Newsman have formed a gang, a brotherhood. Yes we go after people and stories. When the Police and the Press are our enemy, we are in deep trouble.

To look at the videos again, and this photograph of McKee, then read what his attorney wrote, might constitute a greater disaster then the fire and shooting. There are two different worlds. The job of the SFD and SPD should be sustaining, and making one world, a world where we feel safe, and our collective interests come first. How can the public get involved? How can we esteem our public servants, and put them in the best light possible.

John Presco


Lt. Scott McKee (File/SBG)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Attorneys for a police lieutenant say he may sue the City of Springfield over a “continuous pattern of harassment, retaliation, and discrimination in working conditions” related to the officer’s participation in an internal affairs investigation.

Lt. Scott McKee alleges the harassment took place between September and December 2018.

The allegations are made in a tort claim, a legal notification to a government body that an individual may bring a lawsuit in the future.

In the document, McKee outlines a number of his allegations about:

  • DNA blood evidence which could have been used in the defense of a man now serving prison time for Conspiracy to Commit Murder
  • The disappearance during an FBI investigation of a Springfield Police narcotics detective’s ledger of payments to confidential informants
  • The theft of an officer’s personnel file during an investigation into the officer’s conduct
  • Officers caught on hidden camera entering McKee’s office after-hours

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