Heather Hanson – Women’s Empowerment Coach

Here is my daughter, Heather Hanson. I wish here and her unborn daughter a Merry Christmas, as well as my grandson, Tyler Hunt, and Bobby Dew who will soon be in my family tree.

John Presco



Today is January 3, 2020. On this day, my daughter, Heather Hanson, is reborn. Once again, I awoke from my Old Man’s Nap and beheld my angel bathed in the light of the setting sun. I began to take photographs when it struck me, like a bolt of lightening….this is like Heather’s new facebook photos of her on a grassy California Hill! Then I heard;

“Heather is your child alone!”

I must be getting old. I kept looking at that beautiful photograph and wondered what was so striking. It was right under my nose – the roses! When I learned of Heather’s middle name, Marie, and considered the name Heather, is a flower name. Rosemary! Rosemarie! On this day, I give my reborn daughter the middle name…Rosemary…after her grandmother who never got to see her granddaughter.

The day before New Years I went looking for my old friend, Cal. We lived in the same building. He saw Patrice’s two sons all the time. He was pleased with me that I rescued them from Randolf Delpiano who was abusing them. He saw Randy several times in front of our home – with a baseball bat! He was shocked that Patrice considered going back to him! I was admired by my peers, that was made up of all races. David’s father was a Black Panther. It meant a lot to my friends that I was not racist.

I wanted to talk to Cal about the day he saw Patrice in the laundromat – with a child in her arms. He came and told me this child has my eyes, and he was certain Heather was my baby.

“What should I do? Should I put Randy in the bay!” I asked. Cal did not answer. I wanted to hear his ideas – after thirty-six years.  Then I heard;

“You should have taken her from Randy and Patrice. Heather is your daughter – alone!”

At my last two AA meetings, I have talked about Heather and the insanity that surrounded us. I talked about the Second Step and letting the inanity of other, who do not have a Twelfth Step Program – go! I realized I have been reacting to other people’s insanity all my life, I all but powerless to put up a shield against it. I made a video of me in front of where my brothers and sisters meet, where I let my father’s insanity go! He never wanted children. He wanted an audience – and slaves. If we resisted him – he threatened us! This is why I gave sanctuary to Heather’s two half-brothers from two fathers – who would not want their children exposed to a very deranged lunatic who was a San Quinton Convict.

Then it dawned on me, as I stood before my angel taking pictures, Heather’s schizophrenic grandmother – who committed suicide – would not want (from on high) her daughter taking her two grandsons from the protection of this wonderful nice man – me! They weren’t his children! Delpiano ended up with THREE CHILDREN thanks to Patrice Hanson!

For sure Betty would not plan an ethereal pregnancy on Christmas Eve, in order to have her daughter begat a child that she would claim was the child of a psycho – who could not sire children! Patrice lied to – MY DAUGHTER! She put MY DAUGHTER – in great danger. In a letter to Oprah Winfrey, she says she feared Randy would murder Heather. Today, the Dead Betty Cult – is dead! It was a hoax! This is no guardian angel!

Now I owned a good idea of what Cal wanted me to do. He did not want me to get rid of Randy and bring Patrice and her two sons back to my home.He wanted me to go and knock on Patrice and Randy’s door – and demand MY DAUGHTER! He didn’t want Patrice in the picture! She had her chance to do the right thing. This wonderful Japanese man, knew Kung Fu! He raised his son (born on my birthday) almost by himself, when it turned out the mother was insane. Then, he had a daughter, Christina.

On News Years Day I was going to send Meg Whitman a proposal for the ideas I have for her projects. I did not sent it. This morning my friend in San Francisco called me and told me about the lawsuits the Fremont’s waged to get their property back at Black Point that is part of Fort Mason, which is a Mecca for the Arts. I talked about a lawsuit that is extremely strengthened by this information. I have blogged on a New Vision that will include the California Barrel Company. I promised Heather and my grandson, a Rose Kingdom. Our kin, John and Jessie Fremont, were prepared to found a New Country in the West. Was the purchase of the Fort Mason property – the first step?

My daughter loves Country Western Music and wears a cowboy hat. Here are some names of her Rosamond kin.

Heather, here are your real Country People. They are the Real McCoys. You are a Country Western Legend if you allow the truth to be! I told you, you deserve a Happy Ending! But, now I see – you deserved a Happy Beginning!

Your mother inserted a fake father into MY family history – and yours. She then squeezes more outsiders into the family nest she thinks is hers to control. She hijacked OUR STORY, and the Story of the Rosamond Family. In this remark, Patrice admits she never saw Randy as your father. I believe he knew he was not your father. This Con Artist knew his wife had created a psychotic charade – that could have got me murdered!

Randy’s  mother knew for sure, as did his sister, you were my child. Your aunt and uncle knew, as did your brothers. How did they know? The same way Cal knew. You had my eyes! Randy was a brown-eyed Sicilian. Everybody knew, Patrice had stolen my child….who was born March 13, 2001 at 3:48 AM, when your mother acknowledged my Fatherhood. Have an astrologer do a chart on this. My Guardian Angel has been looking after you.

In this sentence, your mother claims you ALL to herself, and is aware I live a hundred yards away, and might come claim you any day – any hour! She knew Cal would tell me she saw you. Patrice knew I could rightfully claim you, and take you away from her and her psychotic husband who she feared would kill you. After seeing Cal your mother had a chance to make the right choice, and do the right thing! You don’t have to do the right thing, make the right choice for her! Patrice put all this insanity – on a helpless child! You got to get her to face the music – and get in therapy!

“I knew this baby was meant to be, and be with me.”


Your Father

“When I found myself pregnant, I felt the father could have been
either John’s or my husband’s, but I had to convince the husband
that it was his baby or life would have been unbearable and the
chances of my baby’s survival would have been slim. I knew this baby
was meant to be, and be with me, and that was important. From there
moment she was born, I could see that she looked like John, but it
was the husband’s name that went on the birth certificate.”


Sent: March 13, 2001 3:48:17 AM GMT
Subject: Heather

I was noticing that for so long I have thought of Heather as just
mine. Although, I also realize that ultimately she does not belong
to me and is her own person. I have been her only parent ever since she came into being. Now, connecting with you has begun the opening of another
whole part of herself that was just aching to be born. Seeing this open up with the lineage of that part of her that is her father is really very extraordinary.
It¡¯s almost as if I am seeing her as a different person or that another aspect that has been dark and unknown is lightening and opening so she can be
more in her fullness. Does this make sense?

Beulah Loufloye Rosamond was born 12 Jun 1919 in Lurton, Arkansas, and died 15 Jan 1996 in Leach, Oklahoma.
Edna Alienne Rosamond was born 21 May 1922 in Lurton, Arkansas, and died May 1980 in Lawndale, California.
Wynona Maxine Rosamond was born 14 Oct 1927 in Lurton, Arkansas, and died 5 Aug 1997 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.
Shirley Rosamond.
Edward Madison Jr. Rosamond.
Gladys Mae Rosamond.

Exert from Ravola of Thunder Mountain by Royal Reuben Rosamond.

“I met her in Eminence this morning. I never beheld another such being. She is like the beautiful notes of an organ with all the stops subdued. You see by this that the very implication of her is wonderful. She’ll stand fully six feet tall in her bare heels and this means that, in high heals, she can pick up a shingle and mend leak in most Ozark cabins. She can look down on most men. Her figure if that of a model, rivaling even the dreams, I vow, of the artists of ancient Greece. Her perfect body needs no no adornment in exquisite , clinging garments. Her features have class; her complexion is pink and healthful, her air of grandeur is almost appalling, cowing most men with her sheer superiority. Her eyes large and luminous, deep chestnut, are thrilling, but not come hither. Those great and beautiful orbs seem seem to be a lover’s moon rising over the horizon of her lower lashes. Yes she is temptation, her generous lips and full mouth the last straw to break a mans resistance, She’s exotic and provocative in the same wondrous breath, made but for the arms of a man, made to love and be loved. Have I described her?”



E-mail from Patrice

I¯ve been thinking about the apparent conflict in regard to the biography. Perhaps there is information I don¡¯t have but it seems to me that a biography written by the brother would be a very different book from a very different perspective than one written by an outsider and so there would be room for the creation of both of them.

I know when I am really interested in someone or something, I like to get my hands on as many resources as possible to get information from a variety of points of view. So I don¡¯t see that it needs to be an either/or situation.

But, as I said, perhaps there is something I don¡¯t know that you do. We can talk about it more. Tom Snyder seems like a really nice guy also. It seems he is supportive of you and he definitely played an important part in connecting you with Heather and that is important and not to be ignored.

I¯m excited too. Maybe not as excited as you and Heather, but pretty excited. I do look forward to seeing you again. I¯m happy this is all out in the open now. It kind of lifts a weight off me that I wasn¯t really aware of but can notice now how much better it feels that you know about your daughter.

Love and blessings! Patrice

In August of this year, Delpiano again began impersonating Bob Weir.
One of the individuals he bilked, Ken Whitaker, admittedly not a
Deadhead, recalled the experience: “He seemed to know everything
about the Grateful Dead. He told stories for hours and he played the
harmonica extremely well. We didn’t know then that the real Bob Weir
doesn’t play harmonica. He said he was being hounded by the press
over the death of their keyboard player Brent Mydland.” Oakland
police spokesman Sgt. Stanley Bicker was very familiar with
Delpiano’s scam. “Side by side, they don’t look alike, but in their
photos and from a distance, they do,” he said of Weir and Delpiano,
adding, “The really committed Grateful Dead fan knows that Mr.
Delpiano is not Bob Weir.” For the two weeks he stayed in Walnut
Creek, Delpiano made such a splash with the locals that they bought
him dinners and provided sexual favors, and he obliged them by
signing autographs. His scam ended when a friend of Whitaker’s, a
Deadhead, exposed Delpiano as an imposter. Delpiano was ultimately
arrested for failing to report to his parole officer and was
remanded to the state prison to serve out the rest of his five-year

There was also another one:

A second Bob Weir impersonator was recently nabbed in Oakland.
This “version” of Weir had his act down so well that he’d been
receiving free dinners at Trader Vic’s, the popular Bay Area
restaurant. As if that was not enough, a 20-year old San Francisco
man was jailed and arrested for residential burglary after police
discovered he’d spent the night of January 3 in Weir’s Mill Valley
home while Bob was in Hawaii for a well-deserved rest following the
New Year’s shows. It had all started innocently enough the night
before when the police, on a routine check, found a car in Bob’s
driveway with a set of keys in the ignition. The police took the
keys to prevent a possible car theft, leaving a note saying the keys
could be picked up at the police station, unaware that the
perpetrator was hiding out in the house. The next morning the police
received a call saying that a man at Weir’s house wanted the keys
back; when Weir confirmed that the man had been harassing him by
phone and that he was not a personal friend, he was arrested,
allegedly for taking a calendar from Bob’s recording studio.

Several years before he started impersonating Bobby, he was a leech
in the Dead scene. He had a huge tape collection and would get
people to give him boxes full of blank tapes, pretending he was
going to fill them with rare gems. I knew people who got scammed
this way. That’s why we took keen notice of reports that he had
moved on to a whole new level of scamming. Amazing that he kept
impersonating Bobby even after being busted for it!

Sent: March 13, 2001 3:48:17 AM GMT
Subject: Heather

I was noticing that for so long I have thought of Heather as just
mine. Although, I also realize that ultimately she does not belong
to me and is her own person. I have been her only parent ever since she came into being. Now, connecting with you has begun the opening of another
whole part of herself that was just aching to be born. Seeing this open up with the lineage of that part of her that is her father is really very extraordinary.
It¡¯s almost as if I am seeing her as a different person or that another aspect that has been dark and unknown is lightening and opening so she can be
more in her fullness. Does this make sense?

Anyway, I realize that she is not just mine. She chose to come in
through both of us and your family and all the richness it carries
with it is part of her also. Until now, it has not been fully
available to her, it has been a mystery and unknown to her. Now she
can truly blossom and the time is right. She really needs the energy
of a father. So for one who hasn¡¯t experienced himself as a father
before this must be pretty amazing as it is for Heather who hasn¡¯t experienced herself as the daughter of a father before. I¡¯m so glad we found you!

Love, Patrice

Hey friends! I started a new group! I really want to connect with parents to be and those with young children who are interested in personal and Spiritual growth. I looked everywhere in this county and could not find what I am looking for so I took matters into my own hands.

I will be incorporating Mind-Body skills to enhance resiliency as a community. These are evidence based techniques that are proven to lower stress, heal trauma, and empower you to find solutions for your family.

Mindfulness practices are especially important for parents raising children in a world that can be so chaotic.

This walking meetup is on Fridays but I am open to add a Saturday if that works better. Let me know if you are interested!


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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