The Bohemian Brethren of Pennsylvania

The Boheman Brethren dressed like Native Americans.

Rosamond Press

John Heil is my 5th. grandfather according to the DNA test I took at who wants $19 dollars a month from me to look at my FULL family tree and converse with my kin, in our family tree. Executor, Sydney Morris of Buck, Morris & Heisinger sold my families creative – and spiritual legacy – to a outsider, who had no interest in OUR family tree, or, what church we attended, if any. What did Stacey Pierrot want? How about, money? I do not have $19 dollars. I am poor. My letters to Morris about MY spiritual program, were not only ignored, my surviving sister said Sydney combed through my letters looking for a “death threat” because it was all mumble-jumble to him – and preposterous! Here is a letter from his partner to the Mayor of Carmel. Heisinger wants to be City Attorney. The head of his…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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