Mary Ovington – White Co-Founder of NAACP

OSU is wiping out white history. All the accents are being filed down. All the colors all mushed in a blender to make a dull grey.

Morris and Mary White Ovington

I made this astounding prophecy four years ago. I realized there was a great need to esteem White People so they would not follow and elect a Dictator and racist like Trump. Alas I tuned in the Game of Thrones that is allegedly inspired by the War of the Rose, but Tolkien is there, but, not the Pre-Raphaelites. These white people are doing ugly things to other white people. Viewers need to wake up and vote against Trump and campaign for Hillary. A co-founder of the NAACP was inspired by Morris and his group of artists. “No group of men and women have done more to support or define the White Culture in the world, then the Pre-Raphaelite Brother and Sisterhood – along with J.R. Tolkien, whose Hobbits will again grace our silver screens. Tolkien was inspired by William Morris’s ‘The House of Wolfing’ a Pre-Raphaelite masterpiece that went hand in hand with Swineburn’s poems about Fair Rosamond, and Rosamund Queen of the Lombards.

Abve is the Rosemont cote of arms depicting a dancing wolf. The Companions of Rougemont employ the wolf in their cote of arms. The Rosamond family may have its roots in Rougemont, a town that employs a castle atop a red mountain in its civic cote of arms. We see this castle Rougemont on the shields of the knights above.
I am a Nazarite. I am of the House of the Red Wolf. I was dead in the wilderness, but, I am replanted. My cry is heard once again. The war with the Confederate Roman Empire – begins!”

Rosamond Press


Mary White Ovington was inspired by William Morris and the Pre-Raphaelites and became a Socialist. This led to he being a co-founder of the NAACP.  Jane Morris was the Muse to several Pre-Raphaelites.

Elsie Whiteaker Martinez was a Muse to many of the Bohemian Artist and Writers of Oakland. Her daughter, Micaela, was a Socialist who studied art under Ralph Stackpole who befriended the Marxist Artist Diego Rivera, and his famous wife, Kahlo.

Rosamond Press

Is there a movement in the Democratic Party to move white people to the curb, and let the Woman of Color parade, march by?  We have to be on the same team, and may not know what our team looks like. We can do as many restarts as we need. We may end up with a fantastic new look!

John Presco

Portrait, c. 1910

Mary White Ovington (April 11, 1865 – July 15, 1951) was an American suffragist, journalist, and co-founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).[1]


Mary White Ovington was born April 11, 1865 in Brooklyn, New York. Her grandmother attended the Connecticut congregation of Samuel Joseph May. Her parents, members of the Unitarian Church were supporters of women’s rights and had been involved in anti-slavery movement. Educated at Packer Collegiate Institute and Radcliffe College, Ovington became…

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