Spielberg Does Lincoln

I have battled thard to keep outsiders from taking our family history in order to make money from out tragedies.

Rosamond Press

I had considered Steven Spielberg directing the movie ‘Capturing Beauty’ that more then once I said was bigger then ‘Gone With the Wind’ because our kindred were big players in the Civil War and the European Revolution that led up to it in 1848. John and Jessie Fremont were close friends of Louis Kossuth who emancipated the Jews of Hungary. The Forty-Eighters began a Cultural Revolution that is still being waged today. Spielberg is forever looking for a Liberal and Jewish cause to put in the limelight, but, has missed the mark when it comes to his movie ‘Lincoln’ that was inspired by the novel ‘Team of Rivals’. John Fremont was Lincoln’s greatest rival, he emancipating the slaves of Missouri forcing Lincoln’s hand. Fremont was surrounded by Hungarian freedom Fighters who no doubt informed the first Republican Canidate for the Republican Party about the Socialist Revolution sweeping Europe. Socialist put…

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