Have White People Had Enough Justice?

I just sent an e-mail to my Congressman, Peter DeFazio. I asked him to look into the renaming of Benton Hall. I sent him what I posted, along with the suggestion Joseph Orosco, staged a fake Vox Populi with his history class students for the sake of making a place in history for Mr.Orosco. Did Ed Ray know about this – fraud? How many students were bid to take part – fearing they would be given a bad grade, or, be ridiculed by fellow class members who were exhibiting violent tendencies?

Here is the e-mail I sent Peter in regards to the Buck family whose law firm rested my famous sister’ legacy from my nieces, and sold it to a outsider.

Dear Congressman De Fazio

Frank H. Buck built Springfield Oregon. His stock in Belridge Oil became the Buck Foundation that is worth 1.7 billion dollars. Recently, the President of the Buck Trust on Aging, quit when Rubar Sandi became a member of the board. Rubar is connected to Dyn Corp. King Faud of Saudi Arabia tried to get his family name affixed to the Foundation that is supposed to be helping the poor. Any aging solutions will not be affordable to the poor. I have suggested a volunteer health insurance program.

I believe Lane County should be the new home of Marine Community Foundation because there are many poor grandchildren of loggers whose labor contributed to investments in Belridge Oil. Our trees fueled the capitalist adventures of Frank Buck & Family.  Outside of Marin groups have attacked the Will of Beryl Buck who may have known some of the family wealth came from felling Oregon trees, our major State Asset. There has been much poverty due to the decline of the logging industry. I would contact, Attorney Mary McEachron, for more details

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press




This name change “revolution” suggest white people have had enough justice, and thus they should be marginalized, made to sit on the sidelines as minorities compete with other minorities to make something of their lives, and, enrich themselves in areas reserved for white people!


Historians record history. They are not the adiminiters of Social Justice. They are not a court of law. There is only so much Oregon History – and my kindred made most of it! Ed Ray and his four Historians are not entitled to won any of my family history to do with it what they please. I have not heard back from the President of OSU.

I will now seek a Legal Solution. In theory most of OSU is owned by the tax payer. OSU received $441 million in grants from the State and Federal Government. How much of it goes to the History Department?

I am going to write the President of the United States to see if he will champion my cause to restore the name Senator Thomas Hart Benton to Benton Hall. Unlike my kin, Robert E. Lee, Benton did not secede from the Union, and as a Traitor, bare arms against his Country. Benton is not a war criminal.

This is the outcome of my lawsuit that I am aiming at.

  1. I am installed at OSU as a special Historian representing the Federal and State Government. I will give two lectures a month. I will move to Corvallis. All my expenses will be paid by a Federal Grant. OSU Historians will assist me in writing my books. The establishment of a Historic Commission to look at how Historic Crimes should be handled. What is a crime against history?

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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