Buck Lawfirm Destroyed Rosamond Estate

Frank H. Buck’s Big Oil Spill


Who paid for the clean-up? Did Robert Buck hide the history of his ancestor? How many seabirds were shot dead in Marin County? Who paid for the shotgun shells? Buck had a office in downtown Eugene.

Frank Buck and his rich pals paid drunks to pose as homesteaders and get free land offered by the railroad that ran through our woods. They then began to denude the forests around Springfield Oregon. They took the profits and invested in oil in California. They founded Beverly Hills.

The Kimbo Tribe of McKenzie Meadows, chased a tiger up a tree. Here’s my letter to my Congressman, bidding him to go get us some of the Buck Trust worth over a billion dollars. This Trust was put together by Robert Buck’s law firm who became Executor of Rosamond’s estate and approved the sale to an outsider who hired a ghost writer to author their Book of Lies.

Kim took ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ from my hand after agreeing to read it and help me go over the parts that sound – fishy! She must have been told to – back out!

Why do/did the Big Boys come to play in my family tragedy? Answer me! It’s like they know of the pact Tolkien made. Everyone wants to see into the future, especially when you got stock and are speculating with real estate. How about oil reserves?

This is a huge Springfield Story that many do not want told! I’m going to tell it, and publish it in a book, so I will own power and credibility.

Oh, by the way, this is the never ending Fleming and Tolkien story rolled into one. If you don’t want the world to come to and, and, you want to be further entertained, make sure I am a………….WINNER! I am the founder of the Rosamond Art Dynasty and The Caretaker!

I descend from real Hillbillies. Don’t fuck with us. Here I am with Dottie Witherspoon. We got a coon hound on the 4th. of July and named him Benjamin. So, quit trying to out Redneck me you Springtucky assholes! You make me sick to see you strutting your fat asses around like yo own the place, like you’re the salt of the damn earth. Dottie’s great grandpa is Signer, John Weatherspoon! Note Dottie’s chin. Our ancestors hail from South Carolina. I was asked to save Dottie from a Satanist, which I did. I did not know at the time I descended from the Puritan Minister, John Wilson. I am Solomon Kane!

We almost got married. But, she took Benjamin and ran away to a famous Jesus commune. She would have been Christine’s sister-in-law. I need a computer person who can render a portrait of the two John’s from our photo. Check out the long face and aquiline nose. Genetics are a trip.

The Constitution is still good reading – after I snatch it out of the hands of those fake neo-Confederate treacherous evangelicals who have been kissing Putin’s ass!

Fuck off!

John Presco

Copyright 2018



Trust is an American anthology drama television series created by Simon Beaufoy that premiered on March 25, 2018 on FX.

The 10-episode first season, written by Beaufoy and directed by Danny Boyle and others, is set in 1973 and recounts the abduction of John Paul Getty III, then-heir to Getty Oil, while he was in Italy.[1]





Dear Peter DeFazio

Dear Congressman De Fazio

Frank H. Buck built Springfield Oregon. His stock in Belridge Oil became the Buck Foundation that is worth 1.7 billion dollars. Recently, the President of the Buck Trust on Aging, quit when Rubar Sandi became a member of the board. Rubar is connected to Dyn Corp. King Faud of Saudi Arabia tried to get his family name affixed to the Foundation that is supposed to be helping the poor. Any aging solutions will not be affordable to the poor. I have suggested a volunteer health insurance program.

I believe Lane County should be the new home of Marine Community Foundation because there are many poor grandchildren of loggers whose labor contributed to investments in Belridge Oil. Our trees fueled the capitalist adventures of Frank Buck & Family.  Outside of Marin groups have attacked the Will of Beryl Buck who may have known some of the family wealth came from felling Oregon trees, our major State Asset. There has been much poverty due to the decline of the logging industry. I would contact, Attorney Mary McEachron, for more details

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

As part of a 1986 court settlement, the Marin Community Foundation was established which administers the trust, today valued at approximately $1 billion.[11] The settlement distributes 80% of the trust’s annual earnings to causes specific to Marin County. It divides the remaining 20% among three Marin County organizations:

“Mr. Buck is interested as a stockholder and Director in the Rodeo Land & Water Co., of Los Angeles, which owns 3100 acres of land near Los Angeles. The townsite of Beverly stands on part of this land. Mr. Buck is President of the Booth-Kelly Lumber Company, of Eugene, Oregon, and has heavy timber holdings in that section of the Northwest. He also is a Director of the Bakersfield Iron Works.”

A demand by San Francisco interests for money from Marin County’s celebrated Buck Trust is rekindling a fiery dispute over a philanthropist’s fortune.

Vocal activists, joined by members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, have accused the Marin Community Foundation of neglecting the poor and mishandling the $1.2 billion trust — one of the nation’s largest charitable funds — that grew out of a 1975 bequest by wealthy Ross matron Beryl Buck.

Among their demands are distribution of the money throughout the region and a multimillion-dollar grant to empower Latinos.

”The real victims of this so-called resolution, if it goes through, are the needy of the Bay area,” he said.

The two groups sued to break the will of Beryl H. Buck so that some of the money could be spent in poorer Bay area communities outside Marin County. The trial began in February, but three weeks ago the foundation made a surprise offer to negotiate a settlement.





The Buck Foundation Trust was created by Beryl Hamilton Buck after the death in 1953 of her husband, pathologist Leonard W. Buck. Leonard’s father, Frank Buck, was one of the founders of Belridge Oil.[8] When Beryl Buck died in 1975, the bulk of the estate became part of the San Francisco Foundation, about $7.6 million dedicated to “charitable purposes in Marin County” including, “extending help to the problems of aging.” The Belridge Oil stock in the trust was bought in 1979 by Shell Oil for $253 million, increasing the trust’s value substantially.[8]

Booth-Kelly Lumber Company In Springfield

The Story of Rosamond


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

“Hi Dan. Ten years ago we talked in your office about the white equestrian statue outside your office. According the ongoing Kesey Square Myth, this horseman may come alive in the night, and drag Kesey statue over to Springfield – with your assistance. Is this true?”

I have known Dan Egan since I moved to Springfield eleven years ago. Recently, we discussed his prophecy that Springfield would soon own the statue of Ken now located in Eugene. Or, did Neil Laudati tell me this? There is a Trojan Horse, here? I have found the hidden Mr. Burns. In theory, I own the history of Springfield. Helen is my friend. I have talked about running for Mayor. I will beautify this lumber town. I own the real story of a lone poor man taking on the powerful and rich man with a bevy of attorneys, who depicted my famous sister as a deranged and dangerous lunatic, thus her legacy had to taken over by sane outsiders!


“Mr. Buck is a prominent Mason, a Knight Templar and Odd Fellow, and a member of various clubs, including the Bohemian, of San Francisco; the Pacific-Union of the same city, the San Francisco Gold and Country Club, the Claremont Country Club, of Oakland, California, and the Sutter Club, of Sacramento, California.”

From Frank would come the largest family trust on earth that is worth a billion dollars. Because there was alcoholism in the family, it was founded to combat this disease, and help the poor people of Marin. Maybe we can get Springfield in on this action, because Buck bucks, built this town – and Beverly Hills!

After my friend, Mark Gall, paid for my membership in the Emerald Art Association, I talked with Dan in his office at the old Springfield train station. He gave me his last copy of the history of Springfield which I donated to a merchants organization on Main street, that is now defunct. Then, came the rejection of the history I was compiling on the Fremont-Benton family by the founders of Emerald Arts, who I was told by the director were the widows of the men who owned logging companies. Were any of them kin to Frank Buck, the President of the Booth-Kelly Lumber Company that built a huge lumber mill in Springfield, and, was based in Eugene. Frank was the major stock holder. Why haven’t we heard of him. Where is his monument and plaque. He is the real Mr. Burns!


According to institute insiders who requested anonymity, some faculty members expressed unease about a few of the associations made during this period.

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color: #999999;


Two men added to the institute’s board of trustees in particular raised concerns: Fouad Makhzoumi, a Lebanese native and CEO of Future Group, who joined the board in 2014; and Rubar Sandi, chairman of the Sandi Group, who joined the board in 2015. Sandi is an Iraqi from a wealthy Kurdish family who immigrated to the United States in the late 1970s.

The Sandi Group’s work with Texas-based DynCorp has been investigated by the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, according to David Phinney, a Washington, D.C.-based freelance reporter whose work includes a series on contractors and private military companies working in Iraq.

Phinney said the Sandi Group teamed with DynCorp on a massive multi-year U.S. State Department contract to train more than 100,000 Iraqi police officers, as well as dozens of other projects.

CNN reported in 2007 that the “State Department had been unable to account for most of $1.2 billion in funding that it gave to DynCorp International to train Iraqi police.”

Phinney said the matter has never been fully resolved.

“There is a DynCorp fraud case that has been reintroduced after a five-year hiatus that involves Sandi,” Phinney said in an interview.

According to The Guardian newspaper, Makhzoumi “was involved in the scandal which brought down the disgraced Conservative politician Jonathan Aitken.”

Aitken served as Minister of State for Defense Procurement under former Conservative British Prime Minister John Major.

The Guardian reported that Makhzoumi “recruited Aitken to the board of one of his companies in the 1980s. But Aitken failed to declare the directorship and, as the arms sales minister, promoted a military equipment deal for his friend in the 1990s.”

But McEachron, who spoke to the Independent Journal soon after her resignation, said, “I don’t know anything like that about him. He runs the largest charity in Lebanon. To my knowledge, there was never any controversy about any members of the board.”

In May 2014, the Buck Advisory Council awarded Makhzoumi’s wife, May, its Global Humanitarian Award. The council was created in 2010 in an effort to cultivate international donors. The award came a year after May Makhzoumi made headlines when it became known that she had contributed over 1 million British pounds to Britain’s Conservative Party since 2010.

Saudi honor scuttled

Buck insiders said the faculty balked when Kennedy floated the idea of naming a school of geroscience at the institute after King Fahd of Saudi Arabia in hopes of securing a $5 million donation. That idea was eventually abandoned.

Insiders also said that Sandi and Jostein Eikeland, a Norwegian-born entrepreneur, each pledged $5 million to the institute, but Sandi reneged on his pledge and Eikeland ultimately limited his contribution to $1 million.

The Buck Foundation Trust was created by Beryl Hamilton Buck after the death in 1953 of her husband, pathologist Leonard W. Buck. Leonard’s father, Frank Buck, was one of the founders of Belridge Oil.[8] When Beryl Buck died in 1975, the bulk of the estate became part of the San Francisco Foundation, about $7.6 million dedicated to “charitable purposes in Marin County” including, “extending help to the problems of aging.” The Belridge Oil stock in the trust was bought in 1979 by Shell Oil for $253 million, increasing the trust’s value substantially.[8][9] Attempts by the San Francisco Foundation to use the cy pres doctrine to spend outside of Marin County resulted in litigation which the SF Foundation lost.[8][10]

As part of a 1986 court settlement, the Marin Community Foundation was established which administers the trust, today valued at approximately $1 billion.[11] The settlement distributes 80% of the trust’s annual earnings to causes specific to Marin County. It divides the remaining 20% among three Marin County organizations:

  • the Buck Institute for Research on Aging,

  • the Buck Institute for Education,[12] and
  • Alcohol Justice, formerly named The Marin Institute, which deals with alcohol-related problems.

Attorney Mary McEachron was instrumental in the 1986 settlement agreement. In 1985 she helped convene a panel of experts to discuss the creation of a freestanding research institute focused on problems facing the aging population. In its final gathering, the panel challenged the new institute “to become the pre-eminent research institute on aging; establish for itself a national reputation; and contribute significantly to our (nation’s) ability to reduce disability and dependency in later life.

Buck Institute conducts its research programs through twenty laboratories that focus on specific subjects. Mount Tam Biotechnologies, named for Mount Tamalpais, the highest peak in Marin County, is researching the effects the drug rapamycin has on extending health spans in animals via the mTOR gene pathways. The Buck Institute owns significant legal rights to the drug, but has leased out its rights to Mount Tam Bio.[2]


The Buck Institute for Research on Aging takes the deep understanding of the aging process held by the brain trust of global scientific leaders in aging and translates it into the development of interventions which maintain and restore function in older individuals. One example is the creation of Unity Biotechnology a start-up that emerged from the Buck Institute in 2016 and uses novel methods that target damaged senescent cells which cause degenerative disease. To assist in the creation of companies that can translate the science, the Buck has the Buck Advisory Council and Entrepreneur’s Longevity Club, both groups provide interested individuals ways to engage and participate in accelerating the science that leads to interventions in the aging process.



Intelligence Program Support

The intelligence professionals of DynCorp International (DI) work daily, protecting the United States and its allies, enabling decision-making through agile, integrated intelligence solutions:

  • Educating, Training and Certifying tomorrow’s intelligence professionals
  • Enhancing Collection and Analysis to deliver decision-enabling intelligence
  • Assisting the Intelligence Mission Globally through service in all locations and conditions

DI proudly serves in all locations, environments, and conditions to support optimal decision-making and effective national security action by delivering balanced and ever-improving cross-discipline capabilities as a part of a single integrated team.

The DI team also works closely with customers around the world to assess risks and apply the right mix of professional services and advanced technologies, integrating the company’s full spectrum of capabilities to provide sophisticated security solutions. Whether the need is rapid response to meet surge requirements or a sustained presence to provide long-term security, we provide the right solution.

DI is an industry leader in providing experienced security professionals to missions around the world. A global recruiting network allows us to select skilled and seasoned experts who understand the professionalism required and sensitivities that come with working across all cultures.


Sex trafficking of children in Bosnia[edit]

In the late 1990s, two employees, Ben Johnston, a former DynCorp aircraft mechanic, and Kathryn Bolkovac, a U.N. International Police Force monitor, independently alleged that DynCorp employees in Bosnia engaged in sex with minors, and sold them to each other as slaves.[94][95] Both Johnston and Bolkovac were fired, and Johnston was later placed into protective custody before leaving several days later.[96]

On June 2, 2000, an investigation was launched in the DynCorp hangar at Comanche Base Camp, one of two U.S. bases in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all DynCorp personnel were detained for questioning.[96] CID spent several weeks investigating and the results appear to support Johnston’s allegations.[96] DynCorp had fired five employees for similar illegal activities prior to the charges.[97] Many of the employees accused of sex trafficking were forced to resign under suspicion of illegal activity. However, as of 2014 no one had been prosecuted.[98]

According to The New York Times, the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) found that “DynCorp seemed to act almost independently of its reporting officers at the Department of State, billing the United States for millions of dollars of work that were not authorized and beginning other jobs without a go-ahead.”[102] The report states that the findings of DynCorp’s misconduct on a $188 million job to buy weapons and build quarters for the Iraqi police were serious enough to warrant a fraud inquiry.[102] A U.S. government audit report of October 2007 revealed that $1.3 billion was spent on a contract with DynCorp for training Iraqi police.[103] The auditors stated that the program was mismanaged to such an extent that they were unable to determine how the money was spent.[103]

In February 2007 federal auditors cited DynCorp for wasting millions on projects, including building an unapproved, Olympic-sized swimming pool at the behest of Iraqi police officials.[104] In April 2011, DynCorp agreed to pay $7.7 million to the U.S. government to settle claims that it had inflated claims for construction contracts in Iraq.[105]

On October 11, 2007, a DynCorp security guard in a U.S. State Department convoy killed a taxi driver in Baghdad. According to several witnesses, the taxi did not pose a threat to the security of the convoy.[106]



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