Zardoz Goes To College

Zardoz Goes To College – An Artist’s Tale

An idea for Comical Movie.


John Presco

Copyright 2019

While being hunted down by Consuela and her Band of Women Immortals on horseback, Zed crashes through the shield of the vortex and finds himself on the campus of Oregon State. No one is surprised at the sight of him. Zed is wearing black and orange. It is surmised he is a member of their tribe.

Zed looks for his gun, but, no weapons are allowed outside the vortex. He feels naked without his revolver. A student comes up to Zed.

“Hey! Wow! You look like a big strapping dude that knows something about horses. Have you ever drove a chariot? We’ve lost too many good drivers on Nero’s Turn. We got a big race coming up with the Oregon Ducks!”

I talked about Ready Made Movies before. It was sitting right there, waiting to be discovered. With the discovery that Historian, Dr. Stacey L. Smith, is prejudiced against males, I can make a great case there was a hidden agenda concerning the desire to rename Benton Hall.

Benton! The MAN who put the MAN in MANifest Destiny!

Because there exist evidence my family history was denigrated for reasons that are now clear to the Benton Historian, I hereby Copyright all material relating to this bogus name change, that smells like a hostile take-over! Where have we seen this before?

Many movie critics voted Zardoz the worst movie ever made. I think it is one of the best! I will write a critique.

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    “The gun is good!” is the messae of Trump’s Gund Grunts who campaign for him, and the Confederacy at many State houses. I saw this coming.

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