Their Beloved Sex Offender

A Vigilliante of Downtown Thugs tried to stop the Eugene Police from arresting a known sex offender, who was not an “asshole” because he was one of them.

Rosamond Press

I was identified by Belle Burch as – not one of them – when she approached me at Ken Kesey Square, and, when we met ten days later after I showed her my work with a homeless Veteran. I was not of the Street, not one of their gang!

The President of the United States is exhibiting the exact same behavior, at home, and abroad. He likes to be seen with dictatorial Strong Men who get away with telling people what to do. Trump and Walton – are sex offenders! Trump’s Jesus-freak Mob, do not care!

John Presco

EUGENE, Ore. – A group of people planned to gather at Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza in downtown Eugene to protest what they are calling police brutality.

The rally is in response to an incident Friday in the city’s park blocks that Eugene Police have called a near riot.

Police attempted to…

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