I Just Talked To FBI

At 1o:22 A.M. I called the FBI. That conversation ended at 10:37. What prompted this call was the post I read on Belle Burch’s facebook. It was a repost of an idea by a male blogger.

“If you are a man upset at being lumped in with rapists, attackers, and general assholes of your gender, maybe take it up with men who give us a bad name, instead of women who have to be on guard 24/7”

Outrageous! The response Belle got from her post, was a lot of outrage and real concern about what Belle and this blogger is suggesting men turn on men because there exist a collective guilt, an inate pre-guilt. This is asking for males to form a Vigilante Committee. Some responders suggested as much. What I saw, was the weaponization of males to go after any male Belle, or her female friends, deem a threat to them – or any woman. If SLEEPS defrauded the IRS, this may be seen as racketeering, and the call for a Hit Squad of perceived enemies.

This blogger suggests men who were once favorable to women’s issues, are now treating them in a unjust, and, unfair manner. And to prove they are still on the side of women, they might want to form a Goon Squad and surround a man who is a real “asshole” and beat the snot out of him. Police can no arrest men for merely being an “asshole” Downtown thugs think all cops are “assholes” who fought with their friendly child abuser who was arrested for sticking a coke bottle up the vagina  of a fifteen year old girl.


If Belle had received any favorable response to this idea, I have every reason to believe she would have gone with it, worked it to her and her groups advantage, like she and Alley Valkyries did in my case when they posted a fake report that I am stalking Belle. This blogger suggests males “call out” males they deem to be rapists, or, just “assholes” This comes from the mind of a Anarchist. I can not say he is deluded, because Kim Haffner, Krista, her lover, Megan Haffner, and her lover, took up Belle Alley’s cause, and “called me out.” They continued and extended upon the original threat. They used it to their own ends, which was to make me feel very threatened – and move out!

Belle Burch is playing a very dangerous game – and I have for four years been concerned she is going to get hurt by a real lunatic, because, she comes in contact with them almost every day! Most SANE women would cross the street -to avoid the men that Belle has befriended. Belle posted a ‘Hate Letter’.  The FBI have asked citizens to look out for posts on the internet that bid unstable people to take the law into their own hands, and go hurt people who have been targeted by someone they see as their leader. Many homeless people have nothing to lose – and Belle Burch knows it!  What if they get hold of a weapon, that are often used to show loyalty to a lost cause. The choosing of people who need to be punished, is always very arbitrary. I am sure there exist not one case of a man – taking it up with a woman who is on her guard 24.7.  This is a devious lie!

I suggest normal people go look at the facebook of Belle Burh, and read this outrageous suggestion that the Civil Rights of males in general be violated, and they be subjected to harassment, just because they were deemed to be an “asshole” by just one person, or, a Kangaroo court of like-minded individuals, who may own hidden motives, such as a political motive. How about a monetary one? What if Belle felt a male had abused her by not honoring a promise, a gift of some kind, or, a loan? All she need do is send him that post. What if Belle said she had a group of Brothers who would do her bidding, and they are backed up by powerful attorneys.

I told a FBI agent about the WANTED poster Belle and Alley made – and distributed – according to Kim Haffner, who was warned by the Sisterhood about me. My report was recorded. I told the agent to go look at the fake abuser report where they will be led to this blog, and my last five posts.

Who is that guy with the red beard Belle Burch is talking to in Ken Kesey Square? That’s John McCahill a famous member of OCCUPY who was on the board of Nightingale along with Alley Valkyrie and her ex-lover, John Monroe. If I were John I would go tell the FBI all that went down concerning me, beginning why Whoville and SLEEPS advocates were downtown for the Eugene Art Walk. I suspect they were looking for marks to hit up for money, because they got arrested the previous day. Was there a court order bidding them to stay out of  public places?

John Presco

President; Royal Rosamond Press.





Vickie Nelson is on the NHS Steering Committee but this column represents her thoughts and is not an official statement by NHS. EW’s Mic Check column represents voices from Occupy Eugene and some of the organizations that arose from it.

Vigilante conduct[edit]

“Vigilante justice” is often rationalized by the belief that proper legal forms of criminal punishment are either nonexistent, insufficient, or inefficient. Vigilantes normally see the government as ineffective in enforcing the law; such individuals often claim to justify their actions as a fulfillment of the wishes of the community.

Persons alleged to be escaping the law or above the law are sometimes the victims of vigilantism.[1]

Vigilante conduct involves varied degrees of violence. Vigilantes could assault targets verbally and/or physically, damage and/or vandalize property, or even murder individuals.

In a number of cases, vigilantism has involved targets with mistaken identities.

  • In Britain in the early 2000s, there were reports of vandalism, assaults, and verbal abuse towards people wrongly accused of being pedophiles, following the murder of Sarah Payne.[2]
  • In Guyana in 2008, Hardel Haynes was beaten to death by a mob who mistook him for a thief.[3]
  • In South Africa, since the year 2002, there has been an increase in vigilantism against the mining sector in response to perceived failures in the mitigation of acid mine drainage in the Witwatersrand Goldfields[4] and Mpumalanga Coalfields.[5]


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