Rena & Melania Captured In Repunzel’s Tower

Alley Valkyrie is a faux feme fatale from New Jersey. You know what they say; “You can take a girl out of New Jersey, but not New Jersey out of that girl.” Until I read Belle’s lament about why she can not have a child, she was destined to forever be a Eugene Girl, whose father was a famous Rolfer. When we met at the Wandering Goat, she told me her dream was to be a Radical Revolutionary Artist! Hmm! Isn’t that Alley’s job title. Alley is the worst artist in the world. Go check out her facebook. Parisians can smell – the stink! In reading all Belle’s Lil Ask For’s, I saw that she had achieved a real Bohemian style. She was – Folksy! She was even a Negro Blues Singer. Her and Uncle Tom with their homemade remedies. Here is Tom Sawyers, Beck. And here come Injun Joe. Beyond the literary aspects of our Spy For Free Stuff, there is a real danger that the lifestyle she chose, might kill her – for real! This idea was what was missing in her poetry/poem where she says she is living a life of danger, but, I think I remember seeing belle when she was thirteen at the Beanery across from South Eugene. She had her little gang of Southies with her, they all doing the duck-walk with the backpacks. I was with Virginia, a very real Feme Fatale. We used to meet with her Head Injured Group.

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Here are my most prophetic words.

Rena Easton The Fatal Girl

Posted on October 31, 2015by Royal Rosamond Press

Rena has been captured by a Christian Militia and works in a tower as a janitor while she recites thousands of poems. Dark men are taking heads and enslaving women.

Rena Easton The Fatal Girl

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