The White Rabbit and Mr. Gold Bar

There is a level of Bad one reaches in Oakland. For a couple of days I was ‘Mr. Big’.

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While Jeffery was off for another stay at the real asylum, Michael Harkins moved in his ex-wife’s ex-husband down into the basement of the White Rabbit. This was Jeffery’s handle. He bought a CB and put an antennae on the roof. Every time the White Rabbit was on the air, folks would get in their cars and drive around the Oakland Hills trying to hone in on the source of my friends screeching, profane madness that resulted when they pointed out Jeffrey was not following protocol.

Michael and I discussed how we could stop Jeffery, but, assessed that was impossible. Oh sure, we could have called the cops, and had the White Rabbit hauled off to the asylum, but, he was of the blood. The inner Rena recognized this, the Rena that was trying to get out and take part in the Mad Hatter’s tea party. That she is amused…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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