I Almost Forgave Belle

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2019

I almost forgave Belle Burch after reading her facebook post about wanting a baby. But. because she severely injured her back three years ago, she is not yet healed. If she got pregnant, she would have to have an abortion. If she could not have one, then she would be injured more than ever. It is a very eloquent post that I shared, then tried to get over to my other facebook so I could copy it to here. The later part of my plan has not met with success. I might have to transcribe it. If I had left Belle a message I might force her to get a restraining order.

(I have been unfriended!)

Belle Burch and Alley Valkyrie tried to OWN Kesey Square! This is what OUR battle was, and still is, about. When I found out Belle had a gang behind her, called SLEEPS, and some attorneys – the fight was on! My first posts about Belle challenged her mob’s claims to inheriting what my generation founded!



What is ironic, there is no way for anyone to violate Belle’s privacy, because she reveals everything. Most of her posts are controversial, and go against all norms. Anyone who has class would dismiss her as a Green Organic Mooch! I conclude it was that $400,000 dollar gift to the homeless SLEEPS was after, that made them come after me. Bad Publicity only matters when the sum is over the value of some wood for your chicken coo,p and a pump for your bicycle. Bell identifies herself as a witch – for whatever that is worth!

For a week I have reading Belle’s post. She is a Mini The Moocher. She believes in a Ask and Receive Economy.  She asks for everything. What I read, is she is asking for a healing so she can have a child. I wanted to tell her I do not curse her, or, if I did, I am sorry, and please let me try to heal you.

Five years ago I did offer to support Belle, and raise her lover’s child – if she wanted a child. Ambrose had no way to support Belle and their child. I thought I had months to live, and had adopted my homeless friend, Hollis Williams I asked her to marry me so that she would be in my famous family tree, and be able maintain Intellectual Property Rights as my widow. I had lost my daughter. Many people in my family tree were not going to tell me I was going to be a grandfather. There was no call for that. I can not forgive anyone involved, especially my daughter, because it was her call, her desire – that I never knew.

Heather Hanson and her mother wanted to be in Tom Snyder and Stacey Pierrot’s book. Not knowing Christine, or I growing up with us, she wanted to get to the core of MY family, and be the star, the center of attention, the Madonna with Child. She too was a Big Mooch. I now understand that people will do anything for their fifteen minutes of fame. If I did not have a famous sister, I would have had normal relations with all those people, including Belle Burch. People get next to people in hope their money rubs off on them.

I sent Rena a drawing of a small house I just finished when I got her letter. I thought she said her husband was not too long for the world. I talked about helping them, and even coming to Montana to get her. This is what freaked her out.

In the last week I found two great houses with an addition. I fantasized about Belle living on my property doing her herb, seed, elixir, and free exchange thing. No sex involved! She would be my companion who would do some housework, depending on her back. Where am I going to get the money to buy a house? I just finished the outline for my short story, that deals with Rena and I. WOW!

“Ask and thou shall receive!”

The problem Belle and her friends are facing is an ancient one. They want to find suitable mates, but, the rules and the economy has changed. Young men do not have the opportunities their grandfather’s had. They can not support – and protect – the woman they marry. They’re not getting married. However, old folks are dying. In many cases they can not, or will not leave anything to their children. The church gets their money. Think!

Belle and my daughter are like twins. Heather is doing some kind of self-help healing scam. She has never been married. Either has Belle. Everything goes – but a marriage certificate. I do admire the attempt to be honest – and appear honest? Married couples did not have to be – that honest! She says she has no money to have a baby. Even if her back was not damaged, she could not feed her child. How about her buddies? She says all her friends are getting pregnant in the Whiteaker. Will the Wiley Dudes give up the reefer in order to buy pampers and a case of baby food? Are we going to see a dozen babies being breast-fed under the freeway?

Belle should have three children. She was busy educating the males in her vortex. What happened? One of them had a flat tire and she tried lifting the car because he didn’t own a jack? My offers were to Belle ‘The Individual’ but soon learned that person does not exist. Belle belong to several Green Gangs. She was a member of OCCUPY and SLEEPS. She did not want to go to arbitration. She wanted to go to ‘The Mats’, She gets a thrill via the power of a mob. I resented her and her mob using my real hippie history.

Going to the mattresses

Going to war with a rival clan or family. Used in the mafia. Its when a mafia family sends someone out to get someone apartments and some mattresses for the soldiers of the family to sleep on while they hide out in saftey, waiting for a call to do something.

At 1:00 A.M. Belle unfriended me while I was writing this blog. Was she up late reading it, she wanting to see what more damage Kim Hafner and her gang of Fatties has done? I now believe they are in contact. Who contacted who, first? No one else is talking about these witch-bitches who are suffering from severe depression. Why? Because they can’t blame any dude – thus anyone – for their dismal destiny.

All the women are innocent, which makes the males that post on Bellle’s FB, very leery. There was a call for men to police the rapist, and general male assholes, which I will publish. Go read it for yourself. It identifies all men as the enemy, which will not solicit the idea of males supporting a woman’s child. We are looking at a very frightful social feeding frenzy that I was made aware of when I met the coven in Ken Kesey Square four years ago,

I now understand I chose to live in a Fantasy World when I was eight. All these witches do not want me to go there and become a famous short story writers – and artist! Because, they won’t be able to touch me, nor get near me. I will be paid – The Big Bucks!

I suspect the Witches of Eastwick are trying to steak my book. I have seen Belle’s writing. She is not a good writer. I own all the wondrous memories of my sister and I. This is what the real world wants to read. Our bond as creative youths, will amaze everyone.

Belle’s mother died when she was fourteen. Jeff Burch should have got his daughter in therapy within a week. Girls are empowered by their mothers. Belle felt a loss of power with her peers who still had mothers. She went looking for a gang to join. She found homeless people who had been abandoned by – THEIR MOTHERS! The key word is;


Our meeting was an adoption. You can see this is how she felt. When I got her to tell me the truth about WHO SHE IS, I scolded her a bit.

‘I didn’t like your poem. I want a rewrite!”

I was saying that I was giving her a mulligan, a free shuffle of the deck. Her disappointment haunts me.

I belong, and have belonged, to several twelve step programs.

John Presco




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