Stupid Women Destroying Everything

Stupid Women Destroying Everything

This is the book I should be writing. I have been looking at the facebooks of Lara Roozemond, Belle Burch, Alley Valkyrie, and others. Belle and Lara are FB friends, no doubt to team up and nullify the old dude that challenges them. There are no opinions, or hint she has a world view – from Lara. But for her poetry, she is, just beautiful.

Belle, is not that beautiful, so is coming out and asking for stuff – for free! She belongs to several Free Stuff groups who want to avoid the capitalist traps of their parents and grandparents by meeting Mr. Right, marrying him, and have him work his ass off for her. None of Belle’s male friends are capable of holding down a job. Ambrose is now Marla, and has had a complete breakdown. He was raised up to be the Emerald Jesus.

Belle brags to her 1,800 FB friends that she scored a free book shelf. But, she does not put books on it, just seeds and stuff. She is managing to grow some food, but, has no home! She is literally begging for DIRT. She is in want of some land at this minute. Belle, the Queen of the Whoville Promised land, and Abraham;

“Who will give me land – for my seeds?”

Most of her friends are on the brink of homelessness. It is just dawning on them that the Leftist Liberals that have been in power since they were born, are now out of power, and, if those liberals were so damn stingy back when, look what is not coming their way. Their liberal parents – are powerless to take care of them. The smart generation is dying!

The Right-wing Christian-right is not going to take care of them. Nor are the Russians, who drop in on facebook and see what I see – American Basket Cases ruled by women who don’t know shit – and don’t want to know – anything. Do they want to know who that naked statue is in Algiers? No, because there dumb lovers will be intimidated.

No male friend has written anyone a poem. I found several female artists, but no male artists. But, what is sorely lacking, is – A FUCKING OPINION! The Russians saw this the last election. They just baited a million hooks and dropped them down upon the Spiritually Starving, and the Silently Stupid.

I finally figured out why women are attacking me. I thought it might be my age, but, IT IS MY SMARTS! I was a genius when I was twelve – and not a nerd! I scared girls. I intimidated them. I was too good looking, too smart, and too gifted. I was nothing like the dudes they were attracted to, so, there had to be something wrong with me. I had to be dangerously insane.

The answer as to what women really want, is solved.

They want to be stupid all their life. They want to be sexy and beautiful so men will give them sex, money, and stuff!  This is why half the women in America voted for Trump, and will again – because he is just like them! Donald Trump is a Beggar Pussy who has been given a billion dollars for being good looking and stupid, and, he blew his wad on fake shit – costume jewelry! He’s not a man! This is why he hangs with dictators. Maybe their manliness will wear off on him.

Trump says our Government and Constitution is FAKE, and thirty million Pink Porkers (neo-Confederate Black Panthers) squeal with delight! Alas, it is over, Democracy! It was too hard of a concept to grasp. Let’s be Traitors again! Who needs the responsibility? They only pretend to love Jesus, so they won’t look real dumb. Have any of them read the Bible?

There are exceptions!

I have been giving my muses way too much credit. I render Victoria Bond and Starfish, Super Brainy Women! But, I now realize most women are going to be very threatened by them, because they will be challenged – TO THINK! Give them back James Bond, that tried and true get them good and drunk, dude, then – GRAB THEIR PUSSY!

Of course this has to be what I want to do, too, my art, poetry, books, and spirituality, just a ruse, a trick, a mentally ill way to sneak up on that pussy, and give it a good grab, like all the other stupid men they know and bond with.

Now add to this the extremely high levels of THC. I smoked some ass-kicking weed 33 years ago, and, I couldn’t bring myself to check my mail. Is was a huge life-choice to open my door and head for the mailbox. If my neighbors saw me, then they would identify the source of the extreme paranoia and mind-drain sink hole. THC levels are a hundred times stronger, today!

“Yeah! It’s me! I am Gorgo Tron – Thought Eater Supreme!”

The military should invent a cone-shaped flying twister containing Killer Weed Seeds that are dropped from high-flying jets on Trump’s enemies. They burl into the ground upon impact. The cone is made up of super fertilizer. You can drop grower kits, but, then you can trace the source. Bomb the crap out of Russia because they have studied our THC victims. The memes they dropped all over facebook were designed for the Stupid and the Stoned. Being under extreme pressure at voting time, our Dumb looked for the easy way out. Then they they read this on FB;

“Did you know Jesus wants everyone to have a big bag of money!”

“Wow! About time! How do I contact Jesus!”

(a week goes by)

“Did you know Hillary wants to kill Jesus and take away his bags of Money meant for you!”

“That evil bitch! She should be locked up!”

That’s how Trump got elected. The Ol Intercepted Carrot on a Stick gag that the church has used for years, now employed by Russian Trolls who may be atheists.

“Don’t let Satan take away your chance to own eternal life in the Kingdom of God!”



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