My Sister Adored Me

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2019

Here is Rocky Point during a moderately strong wind. Looks like the tide is up. No way would Christine take her eight year old daughter down there – least herself! I taped my conversation with one of the rescue personnel who was on the team that pulled Christine from the ocean about a hundred yards away from the rocks. He said there were whitecaps to the horizon that morning. A friend said the wind was very strong.

Christine was face down. They lifted her up with a helicopter. She was still alive. The coroner should have that tape. I wonder (and suspect) if I am up against a rich and powerful man. I wonder if Belle Burch and Kim Haffner contacted Stacey Pierrot who was authorized to pay Burch and Haffner money to gaslight me. Where did Alley Valkyrie get the money to go live in France? Shannon again said her life was in danger.

Haffner and Burch offered to help me with my book. Then, they viciously turned on me. They could have been offered another fifteen minutes of fame that they wanted from me, but, then we had a falling out. Belle held back information, and Kim – or a friend – dogeared Christine’s biography. I now see they were in a rage, believing I was being trivial. They became – STALKERS! Alas, we have testimony of a world famous artist about what a adorable person I am! Who do you believe is telling the truth?

I just got a message from someone who dated Christine. The keys words are “she adored you”. These words were like a slap in the face! It woke me up! Since my sister’s death no one has told me this. We had a falling out in 1977. Vicki said she did want to see me again. Vicki showed me Christine’s rough drafter of her autobiography where she denigrates me. I now understand she wanted me to not care what happened to her. I tried my best to forgive Vicki, but can not. Vicki drew me a map of the cove and she put herself ten feet away from Christine who was fifteen feet from the water. Drew is five feet from Christine. IMPOSSIBLE!

“I’m absolutely stunned, flabbergasted and amazed at how her life unfolded. What an incredible talent! One thing I knew, she adored you. Anyway I’m still trying to process this information and my time with her. I hope you’re doing well.”

Here is part of the conversation I recently had with my niece, Shannon Rosamond.

“I saw how much Stacey has deceived and basically I don’t the the word to describe it , blasphemy? To know her wishes and what she wanted and instead she choose to do the absolute opposite and make moms worst fear and best effort to not do , then to do that most feared thing. Abandon and pillage let Garth in the business . You know when she died there were two restraining orders against Garth. One for the house the other for Rosamond galleries”


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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