Love Chicken – Making America Hate Again!

Thirty-two years ago I graduated from the New Hope program at Serenity Lane. My aftercare packages said;

“Write! Write! Write!”

I am clean and sober – today!  I write ten hours a day. My social life, is, faint.  Two years ago, I talked to Kim and an ex-neighbor about sending out a movie script titled ‘Love Chicken’ that was inspired by my crazy neighbor, Cheryl. About a dozen of my neighbors were witness to some very strange things that Cheryl had done in our common area. While most mentally ill people manage to confine their condition to their unit, Cheryl shared her insanity – with all of us! At times she was out of control. Trying to get Cheryl to control herself – was impossible! She welcomed the challenge. She fought you. She knocked one rescue guy on his ass, as he hauled her off to the Johnson Unit, where she was “LOCKED UP!”. Where have we heard that term before?

Cheryl went on a glitter rampage for two months. She spread it all over the stairs, and on the path to our abode. She has been taken to the Johnson Unit three times that I know of. When I came home I saw her holding on to the railing and rocking back and forth. I wondered if she was going to jump. I took a video. Turns out she had washed a sweater and was squeezing the water out of it with her feet.

I met Cheryl before we moved in. She was the next door neighbor of a good friend. She told me, here, she had the hots for me – back then! I suspect she wanted me to hold her when she fell at my threshold screaming “CALL 911”.  This is the fake Damsel in Distress, gag! She wants to cop a real good feel, this time! How about mouth to mouth? It is against the law to make a fake 911 call. This was a – LOVE CALL!

In the letter she gave Kim she says she freaked out when she could not find her helper. She says she had a “urinary tract infection”. I heard loud banging. I had Kim call her. She did not pick up, or, call 911 herself. When I heard clawing at my door, and opened it, she tumbled in. Taking off her glasses, she tossed then inside. She made sure I could not close my door. If I – a male did this – to her? They had to strap my neighbor onto a gurney.  This was a very unpleasant experience for me. In her mind, I had no empathy.

“Even the ambulance driver treated me very bad.”

Yep! They had to strap her in while she took Flight No.505.

This is what irked me. All of a sudden – I am the monster! All three of Cheryl’s caregivers are giving me the evil eye when I come and go to my abode. I had victimized their poor client – with the help of the ambulance driver! I could detect these women did not have relations with men. Were they wounded in love? Did I remind them of the bastard who destroyed their life?

Check out Cheryl’s penmanship. It’s like an explosion at a dictionary factory. She doesn’t trust you to read it – your way. She has deposited Mind Glitter all over the place, with underlined Mind Bombs and Thought Detours!  It reminds me of that game Ladders and Slides. Just when you thought you are done, you got to back. It could take half a day to comprehend it. Urinary infection – my ass! Frankenstein would write a letter like this. It looks like more than one person wrote it.

Cheryl talks this way. When she comes at you, her thoughts are already stampeding to get out of the gate. There is no order to them. First come, first serve. She does not give a rat’s ass if you grasp any of it. Steven King would love to get a letter like this – every morning!

“Bring me my muffin and my coo-coo letter.”

“I’m afraid Cheryl’s in the Johnson Unit again. Can I bring you the New York Times crossword puzzle, instead?”

“Darn. You know I can’t write unless I get my daily dose of the Cherylese Enigma! I guess I’ll go work in my herb garden.”

I have been on the bus. My childhood friend, Nancy Hamren, was at my graduation from Serenity Lane. She got me in the Eugene Celebration Parade riding on Further. Here we are talking about the Springfield Creamery at the Ken Kesey mural dedication. Love Chicken is based upon real Nutty Stuff, too. I live in a real Coo-Coos Nest. Have you heard of Nancy’s Yogurt?

Who likes to receive BAD VIBES every day from people who do not pay rent – to live here!  Cheryl’s parents moved into a old folks home to get away from her. They warned me. She got her claws in me – for life! I never had sexual relations with that woman!

Cheryl had bought a rubber chicken for her new cat, Petals, who was terrified of it. So, she gave it to me. When she knocked on my door, and no answer, she tied it to my doornob by it elastic feet. This is seen as a voo-doo curse. I took a picture of it, and went to the managers office. They looked at it, and basically said;

“This ain’t nothing. You wouldn’t believe the other crap that goes on here, that is share with us most of the day! Count yourself lucky it’s a fake chicken. Come back and see us when you got something REAL to share with us!”

Cheryl’s mother and father would stop buy now and then, and park in front. They did not go up to the third floor. They waited for Cheryl to come down. I would talk to them. One day, her mother warned me about our friendship. She said when I get to know to know her, I will find out how difficult she is. I was shocked that a mother would say this. A couple of months later, I found out. I took Cheryl to buy plants. When I asked her if she was going to get bottoms to these big pots, she told me she does not believe in them. I told her there would be water pouring down on to my balcony. She pouted. I offered to pay for them. No friggen way. After the first shower, our friendship came to an end. The use of my balcony was severely restricted.

That was over ten years ago. After putting on a new deck, management had to come back and replace two boards that had rotted. There was constant mud and debree from her bamboo plant. Three days ago I had an imspection. My ruined pateo door will be replaced. Kim’s door below me was replaced. Yesterday I looked at Cheryl’s facebook and found – her bliss! My insane neighbor had creatd a Tropical Rain Forest for her and her cat to dwell in. During the summer, she sleeps in her jungle. I am reminded of a Roussau. Note where the bamboo plant is.

I took note that Cheryl only had one friend, named Trixie, who is a Jesus Freak and caregiver for the mentally ill. She has posted a video of our Loony President dividing America some more. He knows he has a million mentally ill Americans – at least – backing his crazy rabble rousing. This is – CRUEL! Trixie is taking advantage of Cheyl. She is on a mission – for Christ!

“Winning souls to Christ for his kingdom!”

Since I was ganged up on by two women who work/worked as caregivers, I wondered if Cheryl’s caregivers were Jesus Freaks, and, they talked to my neighbors.  Kim was a witness to my confrontation with two of them, who depicted me as victimizing their client. They had to blame someone, because they couldn’t control Cheryl – nor could Christ!  Three workers – are out of here! Cheryl said she was going to fire the one that tried to teach her about respecting others boundaries’. This meant – stop touching me every time I got near. My mother was sexually abusive to my brother and I. Evangelicals are taught Christ bids them to go into the world and convert people to Christianity. They have many churches to help them in their mission. No secular group has such a mission.

Cheryl can not grasp the idea of keeping her mental illness to herself. I suspect she found a way to get to me, via Kim Haffner, Krista, and five other neighbors. I will now call up an agency and report this abuse, because they have given me the idea they are Christians, and thus, are on a mission to “win souls”.

Cheryl got Kim involved by leaving her a letter tucked under a stone by her door.  They did not know each other well. Kim was witness to Cheryl knocking the rescue guy on his ass on the stairs. Cheryl is threatening to call the cops if I film her again. There is no law against this. She is – BIG VICTIM! Kim would pick up this theme after seeing all the attention Love Chicken was getting. These dizzy dames could care less if I’m writing novels and blogging all day. They want me down there in Their Goo!

With the help of the good caregiver, I made peace with Cheryl. The plan was her help would come in once a week and sweep my deck. Then, Love Chicken knocked at my door, again. When I opened it, she was wearing her pajamas as if we were going to have a make-up slumber party. In her hand was a pen.

“O.K. Let’s make a list of the best times to come over!”

I took her pic, shut the door, and showed it to management. Did I say she is on love with me? Love Sick, and, Love Chicken. Note in the video below,  Cheryl’s caregiver hands me back my phone after the 911 operator aske to talk to her. Cheryl had me call 911. She was screaming so loud 911 asked me to move away from her so she could hear me. Her caregiver toot a 15 minute smoke break. It was all a hoax so she get to tell me how much she loved me. The managers had suggested I ignore her.  Was this a successful plan? No! She could not take the rejection. This is stalking!

Love Chicken is now going to be about Donald Trump, too. Many claim he is mentally ill. He empowers himself with the mentally ill by claiming he is a Christian – and on their side.  I believe half, if not all, the folks on the Harlow Road overpass, suffer from mental illness, that is being masked by Religious Addiction, and reaction to our National Disease. The folks wearing the “Hex” and the upside down cross, probably have evangelical parents.

Love Chicken will be about the Last Stand of the Last Hippie in Springfield Oregon, that is now the Mecca of new radical ideas. This is due to my large aura of influence that I acquired in San Francisco, and my connection to the Kesey family. I just had a vision of Trump coming here to campaign! Will he cast out demons in the name of Jesus? This reminds me of the Bundy supporters on the freeway ramp with rifles. My ‘Sherriff Two Stars’ video – has come true!

From now on, when I go out with my walker, I will be wearing the Armor of God! No telling what I am going to run into. As I see it, no one in this post is ready to surrender to the Lord any time soon, and are looking for a good fight. This is why I am for a Free Press.  Looks like Trump is off on a Crusade in Iran.

“I cover the waterfront!”

John Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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