Women Destroyed Me and the World


“I didn’t want to, but women made me smoke cigarettes!”

A year ago I posted ‘Women Destroyed Me And The World. Then, came the attack from Kim Haffner and her gang of Man Haters. They think they got me hog-tied, and gagged, lest more women think I am a Woman Hater. I got a good reason to hate women! What are they going to do – deny me pussy? There are millions of Women Haters all over the world who will buy my book just to own proof women can be real c__s!

The title of my book will be………’Why I Hate Women And Jesus’.

I have entered No Man’s Land in our divided humanity. I hate the two camps. We used to be united. We used to be human beings. Do I got an audience – or what?

What is – Kay Ivey? How could a woman sign this evil law. Kay sees herself as the best and most perfect woman – made in the image of Jesus! If you know your Torah, Kay is the acme of Religious Vanity. How does she see – us? I hate this woman. I hate her image of Jesus. I hate her Jesus. This is the American Taliban.




Women Stalkers and Parasites

faulkner22 faulkner33

In 1997,  Stacey Pierrot came out with her Rosamond webpage, that employed a minor as a smokescreen to conceal her criminal attempt at Art Forgery. Indeed, she employs a children’s hospital, and Christine Rosamond Benton’s eleven year old daughter and heir, to prepare Rosamond’s loyal fans for massive Art Fraud. How many contacted Ms. Pierrot and asked if they could contribute to this fake charity? How many designers called and asked if Rosamond’s Dunkin could be put on their “tote bag” or, designer dress? How would you like to awaken in a bed full of toads?

“A poster of Rosamond’s creation “Dunkin the Frog” will be distributed to children in hospitals.”

Sandra Faulkner painted ‘Dunkin The Frog’ and I can prove it. Is it included in Lynche’s book?  The image of a Art Imposter going around to hospitals in the Monterey area, and handing out fake Rosamond’s to injured and dying children, is the most diabolical scheme in the history of art. Are these scammers – INSANE?

I told my sixteen year old daughter there were women not related to us trying to rest Rosamond’s estate from my niece, the adult Heir. I told my daughter the lies these women are telling, are everywhere! The only chance our family has, in I authoring a integral biography of Christine, before they do. I did not know Heather’s aunt and her attorney husband were lurking in the background looking for weaknesses, for ways to the the millions of dollars they thought  was there, in my daughter’s pocket. She disappeared and went over to the Stalkers and Parasites. I would not need Lara as muse, if my daughter was – more than my muse!

Below is house that Christine stayed in, and the deep crevas below that house carved out by the waves that came in that narrow opening, hit a wall, and shot fifty feet in the air. No way would Christine bring her eight year old daughter down there. Drew Benton knows I speak the truth, but, lied in order to protect her father, Garth Benton.

I am not writing about this for money. I could have put a book out a long time ago. I write because I love art, truth, and beauty. I have loved beautiful women – with a passion! Christine was witness to the beautiful relationships a young artist had with women. When she rendered beautiful women, and became famous, many people assumed Rosamond was a man. She grew weary of being asked if she was a Lesbian. Why then would she be reading a Lesbian novel, and hire the author to author her biography?

Judy Nelson was a Texas Beauty Queen, and is really into horses. Martina had to have her. She found an in via her daughter. Judy was happily married. I titled my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’ after Judy. If I had not written letters to the Judge and Executor, then my story, and Christine’s, would be shelved next to ‘Love Match’.

Then came Parasite, ‘July Lynch’ who wrote a movie script ‘Before the Wave’.  She worked a non-existence sibling rivalry employing a mythical kindergarten teacher. When I saw the movie ‘Big Eyes’ I saw there was a mutual agreement between the Keanes. The nightmare I have endured as the surviving family artist, was FORCED upon me by Executor, Sydney Morris, and Judge, Richard Silver. When I met with Belle Burch, I offered asked her if she would co-author ‘Capturing Beauty’ because I needed a woman’s point of view, because, I my portrait of some of the women around my late sister, are going to be real ugly. When I discovered she concealed who she was, I had to wonder about her motives. I had to write about her, and put her in the light. I was afraid she was trying to hijack my story. She offered her services as an editor. She was a English major.

“I’m very good with spelling and grammar!”

Her weak suit – is telling the truth!

Compare the two videos below. They reveal a predator in action.


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018


bigsur12 bigsur14


Sandra Faulkner – Storyteller

Rosamond Press

There was hope in the world before I ran into Belle and Alley Valkyrie. They tried to take over this blog and use it as a weapon against men. My mother was violent towards my two sisters, beat up my first girlfriend, and came on to me all the time. She seduced my friend Bill, who killed himself. My sister took my art, and my younger sister took my daughter out of my life. I have no Heir.

Lara is afraid to have anything to do with me, because vicious women will go after her. One of Alley’s evil witches threatened to stalk me on the internet and warn everyone against me. This she-devil probably poisoned Lara’s mind. Too bad! She was destined to be a star.

I am steeped in info on the goddess, and took on the evangelical devil-women who put Trump in office. America is going down…

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