Women Destroyed Me and the World

There was hope in the world before I ran into Belle and Alley Valkyrie. They tried to take over this blog and use it as a weapon against men. My mother was violent towards my two sisters, beat up my first girlfriend, and came on to me all the time. She seduced my friend Bill, who killed himself. My sister took my art, and my younger sister took my daughter out of my life. I have no Heir.

Lara is afraid to have anything to do with me, because vicious women will go after her. One of Alley’s evil witches threatened to stalk me on the internet and warn everyone against me. This she-devil probably poisoned Lara’s mind. Too bad! She was destined to be a star.

I am steeped in info on the goddess, and took on the evangelical devil-women who put Trump in office. America is going down the tubes! The two warrsing side of women are afraid to attack each other. They know – the tactics! Women invented Dark Gossip.

I am going to publish under a new name. The she-demons will not be able to find me, or, my books. If they do, they are going to have convince many women not to read them. They will fail! They have no forum. They are mindless, souless, nobodies, creatures of the night! I hope they become even more miserable and vile.

I will enjoy success, and fame under my new name. I will have money. I will go live in Holland. I may take down this blog. I will die in peace knowing my knowledge has escaped from being slimed and burned by dumb she-demons.

A hundred years from now, the world will wake up, and, begin honoring men and knowledge once more. One intelligent man will track me down, and get to the bottom of the big mystery! I might get a sex change.

“How can a woman write such amazing literature? Do I dare tell her adoring fans that they have built a shrine for – A MAN ACCUSED OF STALKING WOMEN?  Monica de Mornay has reached Sainthood. Abused women are being healed by gazing on the only existing faint image of her, I mean…………him! It would kill thousands of women if they knew the truth! A million mothers have named their daughter, Monica!”

“We have to tell the truth, Bob. Truth is back in style.”

Above is a illustration by N.C. Wyeth. Rip Van Winkle.

Jon Presco

Beware of the new nanny!

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    A year ago I posted ‘Women Destroyed Me And The World. Then, came the attack from Kim Haffner and her gang of Man Haters. They think they got me hog-tied, and gagged, lest more women think I am a Woman Hater. I got a good reason to hate women! What are they going to do – deny me pussy? There are millions of Women Haters all over the world who will buy my book just to own proof women can be real cunts!

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