SF Trashed By Homeless

I saved Kesey Square from bad actors with shit-magic.

Rosamond Press

Jean Stacey is from back East. I suspect she chose Eugene to experiment on because we WERE a Liberal and tolerant town. Why didn’t she and other attorneys SLEEPS had on their side, contact me – before the threats of Alley Valkyrie? Did they know of other threats – that worked? These FREAKS demanded good press – or else!

My grandfathers lived in SF. My father was born there. Now it is trashed by the homeless. Jean’s legal theories were no good outside a courtroom. She and her goon squad tried to take over Ken Kesey Square. Jean is not a writer, nor are her goons. There are writers in my family tree. I was on Further with Ken during the Eugene Festival Parade.  Zane Kesey expressed a wish these goons – go away and leave his father’s monument alone. Jeffrey Don Walton was arrested for inserting an object in…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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