SF Trashed By Homeless

Jean Stacey is from back East. I suspect she chose Eugene to experiment on because we WERE a Liberal and tolerant town. Why didn’t she and other attorneys SLEEPS had on their side, contact me – before the threats of Alley Valkyrie? Did they know of other threats – that worked? These FREAKS demanded good press – or else!

My grandfathers lived in SF. My father was born there. Now it is trashed by the homeless. Jean’s legal theories were no good outside a courtroom. She and her goon squad tried to take over Ken Kesey Square. Jean is not a writer, nor are her goons. There are writers in my family tree. I was on Further with Ken during the Eugene Festival Parade.  Zane Kesey expressed a wish these goons – go away and leave his father’s monument alone. Jeffrey Don Walton was arrested for inserting an object in the vagina of a sixteen year old and performing oral sex on her. I assume she was terrified and informed her mother.

Not once in her legal suits she brought against the City, did she present a crime report amongst homeless people. Indeed, she encouraged people to break the law. She hid all information about her background. She put Stalkers in our streets! A coven of wiccans tried to take over Kesey Square. This is Harry Potter – for real! I get to write about it! I get to write poetry about it. I can put on plays, and perform a dance – about it!

Fuck you – Jean Stacey! Show us you background! Who were your parents? Where were you born. I want proof you have a law degree!

I found Jean on facebook. She went to school in Orlando Florida. She appears to be a founder of SLEEPS. That’s her with Belle’s lover, Ambrose S Holtham-Keathley, who is hugging a work of art that does not belong to him. Jean found the perfect victims – not!

John Presco


It’s not just the mayor who’s fed up. Cleaning up the city and getting people off the streets have become key issues in the upcoming mayoral race. Many of the problems are in the city’s downtown shopping and South of Market corridors, but elected officials say complaints have rolled in from across the city of 850,000 residents.

Adam Mesnick, who lives in the South of Market neighborhood and owns two deli shops there, said San Francisco is “finally kind of melting down” and that leaders have routinely ignored dangerous street behavior for years.

“I cannot have my family down here, I can’t have visitors. I can, but I don’t choose to, have my nieces come here,” he said. “It’s horrifying for my family to walk down the street here.”

He’s not sure Farrell, who was tapped as interim mayor after the sudden death of Mayor Ed Lee in December, will be able to make meaningful change in the short time he has left before the June mayoral race.

The downtown portion of Market Street, a key downtown arterial that runs from the Embarcadero through the Castro, teems with tourists, people shuffling in wheelchairs and children on school trips. On a recent day, a man was curled up on the sidewalk at a bus stop, moving his head just inches away from a bus as it pulled up. A bystander went to check on him.

The exact number of homeless people in San Francisco is uncertain, but about 7,500 were found during a one-night count in 2017.

The city’s logged more than 24,300 requests last year for human waste cleanup and 9,500 for needle pick-up. This year, there already have been more than 8,300 requests to pick up waste and 3,700 for needles.

San Francisco has budgeted $65 million out of a $10 billion citywide budget for street cleaning this year. The $13 million the mayor announced this month will go toward hiring dozens more cleaners and expanding staffed pit stop toilets.

Homeless advocacy groups are critical of Farrell’s plan to dismantle camps, saying the move only pushes people into other neighborhoods. The problem, they say, is a lack of long-term housing.

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