Belle Asks For Personal Information

Liberal women are going to cause Trump to win again. They are obsessed with everyone being controlled by their NEW world view, that has not passed many tests. It is not ready for battle. Here is Jean Stacey who looks like a agent for Putin. Jean Baby has replaced real artists and Bohemians, with anarchists and street urchins who will follow anyone for a Dog&Bun. This is truly evil. Real artists depend on real people going downtown and supporting the Arts. Mean Jean is trying to syphon off that money for her cause. There is no solution to the homeless problem. I hate these conniving bitches! I didn’t buy any of their bullshit, and their Scum threatened my life! This is the Big Mommy Mafia!

“Big Mommy will take care of you after your Bad Mommy threw you out of her home because you wouldn’t do your chores. Now, raise your hand if your want to be an Artist!”

Jean has a thing for Belle’s lover, Ambrose.  I hate the sight of Jean’s fat-squat body with oversized blue jeans. Is she a Lesbian?

John Presco

Rosamond Press

At the Wandering Goat meeting, Belle gave me her phone number and e-mail. She had ten days to look at my blog. I took my lap-top with me. We talked for two hours. She did not tell me she and her anarchist friends had gotten arrested. I e-mailed her more posts. When she asked me to begin a a e-mail dialogue with her, after she asked me for more personal information, I wondered if she was trying to get around my copyright. She was a English major, as was her boyfriend. Alley Valkyrie is a writer, and has a blog. How about John Monroe. I had history with Ken Kesey and the Pranksters. They had court costs. I suggested this was an attempted hijacking, and I got my first “threat” from Alley, who I never met. They, were stalking me!

Belle and I knew each better than the seven…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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