Female Sex Attack


I still am trying to figure out why Krista got so upset with me – and still is! She is Kim Haffner’s best friend. Kim probably told her I am interested in getting some pussy from her – from Kim. Kim gave her a play by play of our eventual mating. Why isn’t it happening already? Is something wrong with me? Nothing is wrong with Kim. Oh sure she is 300 pounds overweight, and has a manly face. But, any ape-man would have gone for it – even if he was a Muslim. What’s wrong with me?

Due to radiation treatment for prostate cancer, ten years ago,I have not been able to achieve an errection. All my relationships with women, are just friendly ones. To lose your male sexual being, is quite a crisis – and adjustment. To be accused by Haffner of using my sister’s biography to seduce my neighbors, and get them in bed – is shocking! Take a good look at Cheryl and Kim. Do I need art, poetry, and refined culture to seduce them? If I was an ignorant grunt-beast, it would not matter. They were in need of a male dildo! Cheryl literally threw herself at my feet!

So, I ignore Kim because she, or someone she knows, bent pages over in my family biography. In THEIR mind, this was not a problem. Most men who have Jesus in their heart, and a raging boner, would overlook this – and go for it! You know how men are! Rather than admit Kim damaged my book, Krista helped her buddy look for another reason why I am giving Kim the cold shoulder. Could it be – Kim is obese? How dare I. What an insult. Krista is overweight too! She will make me pay for being cruel to her best friend. This is right out of high school. Now add the false allegations of Belle Burch and Alley Valkyrie – who Kim said warned “them” about me. Here is Belle in the City Manager’s office where she was arrested for TRESPASS. Does Belle exhibit healthy boundaries?

People are trapped in their world view and expect people to react to that view. THEY find my anti-Christian rants on my blog! Aha! This is the reason. John is good looking on the outside, but is an ugly dark devil-monster on the inside! Kim, on the other hand, is ugly on the outside, but – full of Jesus’ love – on the inside! Best warn my female neighbors there is a Satanist living at McKenzie Meadows. Why not throw acid on my face?

Kim accuses me of using my sister’s biography to “reel in more victims”. She can not handle the idea that I rejected her because she is too fat, and, I am on the prowl for a skinny woman. To see me being a Prince Charming to other women, forces Kim to look at the truth – she can not lose weight. And I should take pity on this truth. I deserve to be destroyed – along with my reputation! I need to be moved out of here, lest the Wounded in Love and Lard see me holding the hand of my next victim as we walk about, I reading her the poetry of Christine Rossetti.

Cheryl is playing the same evil sex game on me. This is why they became allies. Three of Cheryl’s workers are dragged into THEIR sex drama. This is sex abuse. This is stalking! Let’s make a list:

Cheryl Erikson, Kim Hafner, Belle Burch, Alley Valkyrie, four female neighbors, three caregivers. All these women got in my business and said something was wrong with me. None of them saw my wounded penis.

As final proof this is not about Kim’s OBESITY, she tells me my daughter agrees with her, that I am a real bad person – who should be utterly ignored by all Earth Women! They never conversed! Kim – THE STALKER – LIED! If I was halfway a good person, we could have had many pleasurable sex happenings in bed.

This is a PUBLIC castration, that millions of women engage in, especially with their ex-husbands. The children are used as witchy knives on millions of males. It is our National Sickness that the church used to be involved in, via counseling, but, realizing they had opened Pandora’s Box, they got into politics – as a means to divert the She-things from Hell!

“Let’s sic them on the Liberals!”

This is why evangelical women voted for Trump. He was dealing with all their issues that were now in the public forum, such as pussy-grabbing and encouraging Billy Bush, a married man – to go for it! Evangelical women – KNOW Trump cheats on his wife!

Now for the bottom line, almost every wife knows the woman who screwed her husband – knew he was married! Women, betraying, Women! Women know other women – want it all the time, and are the instigators of premarital sex. How do they know this? Dah!

Married women hunt for married men to have a fling with, because of the mutual Blackmail factor. A single male may become attached and tell the husband out of spite, or threaten to.  I can afford to tell the truth, because I don’t need a woman to get laid – anymore! The Libido of the American Woman – is out of control! Trump just surged in the polls. Look at the boards that had to be replaced on Cheryl’s deck! This is pressure treated wood, impervious to rain and moisture. But, not a year after the new deck is put on, then here come Love Chicken with her BIG watering can with the BIG nozzle!

“Come here, Johnny, Momma’s got a BIG SQUIRT for his naughty boy! You like that? Here, have some more! Take a BIG GULP! Show Mommy what a good lil boy you are! Look up, John. Let Mommy give you a Facial!”

When I resisted all this NASTINESS, the idea was to get me locked up in the Johnson Unit, wondering what happened to me. I was the cock of the walk, now I feel dirty and ashamed about myself. I feel like I am losing my mind. I finally get it, I’ve been Gaslighted – BIG TIME! I now suspect they went to see Swami X.

“If I can’t have him, I want to make sure no woman wants him ever again!”

“I see. Have you thought about a Psychic Castration?”

John Presco



About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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