Cheryl Walton – Another Fake Emergency

Cheryl Walton, my upstairs neighbor, staged another fake emergency in order to get entry into my home. Around 12:30 P.M. I went to shut my front door after airing out my abode, when Cheryl came down the steps. She blabbered some, then told me she locked herself out, and, she did not have her cellphone to call her caregiver. She wanted to come in and use my phone. I went and  got it and handed it to her – as she stood outside.

I asked her who that woman was that was ordering her around while on the steps, the night I called the police, the day Lance Jacob shot up our street and burned down three homes. Four fireman were hit, and traumatized. They thought they were going to do a good deed and save someone’s home. Who made the 911 call in under investigation.

Cheryl said she did not know. I wondered why. I had seen them conversing several times.

“You did what she asked.”

Seeing she was just wearing a thin blouse, and looked cold, I dialed maintenance. When the voicemail asked for a message, I handed the phone to Cheryl. She pretended to be confused, and said she did not want to talk to them. I suggested the office may be open, and she walked over there. I saw her start to walk back, when she made a left. I went down to see where she was. Has she flipping out………..again?

Worried, I asked a neighbor to watch out for her. Then, it dawned on me. You can not lock yourself out – with the keys inside! I brought this up with _______ and she agreed.

This is the second time Cheryl faked an emergency in order to get inside my house. While her caregiver was taking a smoke break in her car, Cheryl knocked&dropped  inside my door and screamed;

“Call 911! Call! 911”

When I did, the operator had me move away from Cheryl so she could hear me. I wonder if she is trying to set me up with a false accusation. Because Kim Hafner was a witness to this fake emergency, I wondered if she is in cahoots to get me charged with rape. Cheryl is angry at me because she was hauled off to the Johnson Unit. She tried to kick one fireman in the balls, and knocked the other rescue guy holding her, down on his ass.

Krista mentions my bad videos I made of them that proves I am nuts. I had yet to make one of her and her Bo. Since we never talk, they wanted-want to hurt me for what I wrote in my newspaper-blog about their friend who used to be a registered nurse who worked with mentally ill people at the Johnson Unit. I am mentally ill. People in this profession would be appalled at how Kim has mistreated me. She can lose her license for extreme abuse. I will look into this. Does she have a history of abusing patients?

In the top photo Cheryl has come to my door in her pajamas. She has a pen in her hand. She wants to come in and make a schedule when she can come sweep the dead bamboo leaves off my porch. I did not let her in. I saw that tree thrown out yesterday, but, not at the garbage site near where we live, lest I see it.

I go back to my football game. Forty minutes later I hear Lying Cheryl upstairs. She got in because her keys were in her purse – all long!  This is another egregious invasion of my privacy that is encouraged by most of my neighbors – who are hell-bent on making me the crazy one round here! I think someone is writing a rival movie script. Belle?

Kim Hafner says this about Alleybelle……

“They warned us about you!”

Is Kim a Big Fat Liar? I suspect Belle is contacting people on my facebook. Did Kim lie about having conversations with my estranged daughter? Again, if Kim played devious games like this on Johnson Unit patients, she would be fired – and lose her license!

I will make a written report to Umbrellas Properties. And, I am going to get a restraining order, or two. Kim Hafner is inciting violence.

Kim Hafner used to give free food to SLEEPS at Whoville. Twice I talked to the FBI about the threats from Alley Valkyrie. I told them Belle did not ask me not to contact her until I pointed out to Alley – she had not. Belle sent me an e-mail. Coo-Coo SLEEPS was on the news once a week, and thus, I get to write articles about them. All of them!

I am living in The Stairwell to Hell. Here is one reason why Lance killed himself and tried to kill firefighters. The last video was made in the morning the Gang of Six showed up.

It just occurred to me I better copyright this crap. Sounds like a FICTIONAL Kesey novel. How about Steven King? Hmm!…………Stairwell To Hell.

John Presco

Copyright 2018

“I’ve also never recovered from the emotional trauma of my divorce 28 years ago, and the monstrous abuse and witch hunt that my ex was able to orchestrate against me in divorce court, with the help of Samantha Payne. How the authorities in Nevada could have ever come to rely on that woman, I will never understand. When she told Judge Griffin that there was no such thing as false allegations of abuse, he simply nodded.The trauma of not being allowed to see my kids anymore totally devastated me.

Jacobs shot at firefighters as they approached, but first responders had no idea they were being targeted because crackling noises are common in house fires, McKee said.

The firetruck’s windshield was hit as they pulled up, though firefighters didn’t flee until they actually saw Jacobs shooting at them from about 25 yards away in a neighbor’s yard, according to McKee.

Responding firefighters were just a quarter-mile away from their station house, so they ran back there — leaving the truck behind — once they spotted the armed Jacobs, according to police.

“They were so focused on where the fire was, where their water source would be, they didn’t notice him (shooting at them),” McKee said.

The man killed himself at 7:15 a.m. ET before police could get to him.

Jacobs only used his long-barrel rifle in the attack, but he also had a pistol in his waistband and another gun in his backpack when police found him, McKee said.


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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    A month ago Cheyl was taken away in an ambulence – once again, There was tenty minutes of loud banging before there was peace and quiet.

    I am working on a script for ‘Santabelle’ another detctive team.

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