The New Nurse Ratched – Kim Hafner

My downstairs neighbor used to work at the old Johnson Unit. Then they built the new Johnson Unit, and, they let her go for the obvious reason. Note the mean and lean couple going to visit grandma. The husband lingers behind because he hates his dingy mother-in-law – with a passion!

“That witch tried to destroy our lives!”

EUGENE, Ore. — A new mental health facility is in the works for Peace Health Hospital’s location near the University of Oregon. Dale Smith, director of Behavioral Health Services at the hospital, said the new $13 million psychiatric unit is needed for their Eugene campus. “This allows for patients to be treated in their own community with their own support systems and their follow up system in place,” said Smith.

The Real Nurse Ratched


Capturing Beauty

EXTRA: Cheryl’s caregiver just came down and swept up the rubble on my balcony that is caused by her big bamboo tree. We had a very cordial and human conversation. I debated about posting the videos of Cheryl in crisis, because, she says she loves me. I suspect she does not like Kim denigrating me. I’m going to leave those videos up for now, because I am going to post on my – real crisis – next.

I made a complaint with our managers about my neighbor’s dog damaging my ears with its loud barking that echoes in the stairwell. I loss hearing in my right ears for several days. When I told Hefner about my ears, she threw me the bird. After I came back from the office, Kim was talking to two of our neighbors. She told these two women I was mentally deranged and was verbally abusive to “everyone” who lives in our appartment complex. I asked one neighbor if I abused her in any way, and Kim said;

“You don’t have to answer him!”

She told my two neighbors our feud started when I recently accused her (in writing) of damaging my sister’s biography I gave her to read a year ago. She had it more than a three weeks, and returned it to me with severe dog-ears on about ten pages. I asked her not to let anyone read it. I suspect she did. I let it go, because I did not want to get into it with her. This is proof I was not out to get her over my families’ book.

In this video she tells me she has been in contact with my daughter. I made the mistake of asking her to look at her facebook. They might be having telephone conversations. Kim says “Your daughter’s right. Too bad you can’t talk to her.” “She agrees with me totally!” “You called my family, so I had every right to talk to her.”

I called her mother yesterday, Sept.3, 2018 and told her Kim has been gossiping about me, and, I think she passed my sister’s tragedy around after I asked her not to. This is a classic case of Celebrity Stalking and a Gossip Feeding Frenzy. That my daughter, Heather Hanson, feeds this stranger’s stalking, is more of her and her families, stalking. The Hanson’s never met my famous sister, nor have the Hafners.  I confided in Kim, believing she was my friend. I wanted to get her feedback. She shared my information with my neighbors. She told them about my book that contains rumors of incest.

While waiting to see my new therapist I read exerts from Mark’s, Garth’s, and Vicki’s evil biography of our late sister. Here are the words of Scott Hale, Christine’s live-in lover who takes credit for much of her success – at such a cost! (page 52)

“She had me cornered. I was trying to reason with her and get away before things got out of hand. She kept coming at me, and the bed was right there, so I finally whapped her. And it was like Bozo the clown. She bounced off the bed as if nothing had happened, and just kept right on coming. I was finally able to get around and out of the room, and years later I asked her if she remembered me slapping her during that episode. She had no memory of it whatever.”

Four months ago, Kim asked me if I thought people were against me. I told her about the report I filed about the ER guy thinking I was on illegal drugs, when I had a bad reaction to a legal drug I started taking. I have a copy of the response to their investigation. In this video, my private medical matter is used as more evidence I am “mentally deranged” .

Kim opened a file on me that she shared with my daughter who I have not spoken to for six years, ever since she and her lover called me a “parasite”. She was my Trustee who shared all my financial information with a drunk she was fucking for three months. My attorneys suggested I sue her because she did not care about my physical or mental well-being.

Ms. Hafner claims she worked at the Johnson Unit and told my neighbors I should be taken there. Did she tell my daughter this? Was my daughter happy to hear that I wasn’t doing well?  Did she ask Ms. Hafner to keep on SPYING on me, and giving her the most negative report possible? Did my daughter make my neighbor feel like – A INSIDER – one of the family? Did Kim and Heather worry I might take my life? This is the classic Nurse Ratched syndrome.

There is the real possibility my daughter, or, someone close to her is writing a biography about my famous family, and would want as much denigrating information they can gather in order to destroy my credibility. That this Blob is employed to get the goods on me, is an egregious invasion of my PRIVACY.

Christine Rosamond, a world famous artist, was severely denigrated and slandered in Tom Snyder’s book. This slander destroyed the Rosamond estate for my nieces. This is more of the same. Christine titled me her “teacher”. When I tried to tell my strange neighbors Christine married into the historic Benton family, the Ward Boss got all huffy-like.

“Don’t listen to him. He is all kind’s of crazy upside his head!”

This video is one of the greatest reviews any writer has ever received. I am also an artist. I am going to do a panting of The Blabber Blob with her hand raised, bringing down the wrath of The Lord. She is pleased that I am not going where she is going. She want’s to see me in hell! I told her about the Nazi-Christians in Charlottesville I had blogged when she took me to the store. I think this is when she realized we could never be a twosome. I never came onto her. Kim says she read things I wrote about her. I posted negative things about evangelical on facebook. Did she read these posts – and facebook messages from Heather? She claims she is not a reader.

I told Kim there was child sexual abuse in Christine’s biography, and is why I don’t want it passed around – and talked about! Ms. Hafner is guilty of Cyber-bulling me. Has she considered I might take my life? Having worked on a psych-ward, and had training as a nurse, Kim knows better than to tell someone she believes has mental problems, they are un-loved, friendless, familyless, and even hated. This is a supreme parasite and demonic lair whose motive is, I defamed her religion?

Sounds like she had a crush on me. There are not many available bachelors at Lardo Estates. I didn’t have a clue I was being ogled. When I went for a walk with my cat Brembe, I was not looking for pussy to grab. That’s when they began to hate me behind my back.

“Who does he think he is? We aren’t good enough for him!”

The first sign that my friend and neighbor had betrayed me, was when she defended my upstairs neighbor, Cheryl, who had a major freak-out three years ago. She came to my door, screaming “CALL 99!” The operator had me get away from her so she could heard me. When her caregiver came up the stairs, I handed her the phone. She had gone to her car for a smoke, and was going to be right back. Just enough time to VICTIMIZE me!

Kim and I used to swap stories about Cheryl who is mentally ill.  She drove high on meds. I suspect after contacting my daughter, and being told to get all the negative information on me she can (for her book?) she began a dossier on me, a case file. You can hear her goal, which is to get me carried off to the Johnson Unit – like her bosom buddy was. Would this be the end of my daughter’s autobiography, that is a best seller, and, she and her insane mother – are rolling in the doe?

My Judas said I was verbally abusive to Dave, who threatened to disappear my cat, who I have not seen since July 4th. Dave told me he has a gun, and his enemies are hiding in his tye-die shirt. I believe we have arrived at the end of my auto-biography ‘Capturing Beauty’.

“When I decared myself an artist at the age of twelve, I soon understood there were people who were jealous of me, and wanted me locked up in a looney bin. When I became a writer at the age of forty, I learned people were jealous of me, and would do their damnedest to see my shut away in a psycho ward. When I became a theologian, I knew she was out there, my personal Grand Inquisitor and Defender of the Faith…….and, one day, we would meet – if I was lucky! I knew she would do evil things to make sure I am thrown away in a Snake Pit for being critical of her religion. I captured her on video.

Many famous and infamous artists and writers ended up in asylums. Most of them languished away, not owning a clue what happened to them.

“Where did I go wrong? Oh God! I’m so sorry! Forgive me!”

As a newspaper man, and a reporter for my paper ‘Royal Rosamonds Press’ I got the scoop of the millennia. I wasn’t supposed to discover my daughter and this BLOB were conspiring to destroy me. I was supposed to FEEL this was going on, and, having no proof I have been utterly betrayed, I end my life. This is The Dark Ugly Side of Women all men know is there, and avoid. Jesus did not avoid it. Nor John the Baptist. One was crucified, and the other beheaded. My video of Hafner is a beheading – with castration!

With some daring do, I own this truth. I could not have found the truth if I had not confronted The Supreme Abuser of Creative Men. This is quite an achievement. I would have missed her, if not for those dog-eared pages I found in the libelous biography of the World Famous Artist………….Christine Rosamond Benton!

In the end, Christine and I share that same Ugly Tormenter. Ken Kesey, never met his Grand Inquisitor, and he knew it. So, he made her up.

I never believed in the Antichrist, but, believe in the……Un-Mommy, who with pleasure, will burn your best report cards, slash your winning ribbons, crush all your trophies. She will do her best to make as many women as possible, hate your guts!

And, then, the church bells ring!

John Presco

Copyright 2018

P.S. An old friend just called and suggested I enter my video in a short film festival. I am going to splice these videos together and title it ‘Thanks For The Feedback’.

A reclusive writer has not seen a soul for five weeks, and, ventures out of his abode, thinking things are safe, and, everyone has calmed down. I think I discovered what Thomas Pynchon learned………Writers never learn! So best, not venture out, or, solicit an opinion – ever!

I added Phone Book War. My neighbor to the side of me is a real recluse along with her daughter. I have never seen a man at their door. After six years, I still don’t know their names. When they dropped free un-wanted phone book in front of our doors, I ended up with three of them.

“Rather then throw these new things away, let’s lay them on old man Presco’s door. He probably has a old rotary phone!”

I took two in just to stop the Phone Book War. A new one was put out for me. I moved book No.4 towards my helper’s door, she moved it back. I kicked it onto her welcome mat. She leaned it up against a box, so I wouldn’t miss it. I knocked on her door and told her to stop playing mind games with me.

“I have two books already!”

For dare having a conversation with her after six years, I am her abuser. She was down there with Kim on Victim Row, listening to Liar Kim say I bought my sister’s biography at Goodwill, and thus it was  of course going to be damaged goods. I went and got my camera. I had yet to make the video where Kim says she has been bad-mouthing me to my daughter. This woman in pink tells a LIE! She is a LIAR, like Kim. Then they wonder why they get a reaction from me. All three of the women in this video – ARE LIARS! One is a – SLANDERER!

Later, I knocked on pink ladies door, and said she should know something about me after all these years.

“I am a writer. I am writing about my sister and I. She was a world famous artist!”

She could care less. You can see the aguish she carries – before she moved in! Kim offered these WOUNDED LOSERS a punching bag, a man, to take it all out on! This is a REAL WITCH HUNT!

Don’t miss the long dog piss down the walkway at the end of my film. If Kim’s dog likes you, it rushes at you and pees on you. If you are on it’s shit-list, it tries to bite you and burst your eardrums. There is not middle ground at Lardo Estates. If you get on the wrong side of the Ward Boss, she is going to abuse you anyway she can. She got away with this until they installed hidden cameras.

August 30, 1861: Fremont Orders Freeing of Slaves of Rebels in Missouri

John C. Fremont led a life of considerable achievement and seemed to many of his contemporaries a man of destiny.  However, in the Civil War his destiny  eluded him.  An engineering officer in the US Army Corps of Engineers, his personal charm led to his marriage in 1841 to Jesse Benton, a woman of considerable ambition and the daughter of the legendary Senator from Missouri, Thomas Hart Bent.  Now politically well connected, Benton achieved fame and the title The Pathfinder, by leading settlers along with scout Kit Carson over the Oregon Trail.  In the 1830’s Fremont had taken part in various topographical mapping expeditions into the West and this served him in good stead in determining the best routes for the pioneers.  His exploits were steadily followed in the eastern papers, and Fremont became a national celebrity.  During the Mexican War, Fremont played a major role in the conquest of California, although he displayed much energy but little military skill.  After the war he served as military governor for California, and, after California was admitted to the Union, Fremont served briefly as a US Senator for the state.

Although he was of Southern birth, Fremont was an ardent foe of slavery and became the first Republican candidate for President in 1856.  Obtaining a third of the vote, and 114 electoral votes, Fremont proved that the new Republican party was a serious contender in national politics.  His electoral slogan of “Free Men!  Free Soil! Fremont!”, resounded throughout the North, Fremont winning all of the Northern states except Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Indiana, demonstrating that if the North was unified, it could elect a President.  Fremont suffered in the election by false allegations that his father was a French aristocrat and that Fremont was a Catholic.  (Fremont’s father was a middle class Frenchman who fought for the Royalists in France and who immigrated to America.  Fremont was an Episcopalian.)  The Democrats also made hay of the fact that Fremont had been born out of wedlock, and that at the time they started their romance, his mother had been married to a man not his father.  Salacious political gossip is not an invention of the Twenty-First century.

Heather Hanson Dismissed as Trustee

Flip was a bartender. He became Heather’s aunt’s lover, and Heather’s promoter. He refused to shake my hand, or, look me in the eye when we first met. He looked like he was going to hit me in the face. He was told I was treating my daughter, poorly, and leaving her drunken aunt out of the picture. I never met her. She chose to marry  a drunken millionaire attorney – for his money. He was too old to sire a child, but, THEY already had one, my daughter I never met. Her job was to be a surrogate child to the Comstocks. Then, I was found. Linda, felt threatened. She worked my daughter from behind the scenes. She sabotaged us. Flip died of alcoholism just after this evil photo was taken. The Buck Trust should study these family dynamics in order to save families and lives. These assholes are going after my grandson, and his mother is allowing it, because Linda has money. Her millionaire – died! This drunken witch has been teasing her niece – most of her life!


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