Obese Springfield Christian Women For Trump


Since I first came around these here parts, I was told to watch out for them fat Springfield Women that rule this town. My kin, Dianne told me this. She is five generations Finn Rock. She is as country as you can get. She lives in Blue River. My kin was right! Kim, Krista, and the mother and daughter downstairs are Springfield Porkers For Trump and Jesus. Let them come at me some more. I will get it on video and send it to HBO, or NETFLIX, to see if they want to make a movie or series from ‘Love Chicken’.


After our mini-riot on Harlow, and with the Ken Kesey Mural in downtown Springfield – along with the persecution and torment of an original Hippie –  we are in the middle of the rebirth of the Cultural Revolution of Ol. I am cashing in! I am copping out! I am going to sell these Porkers to Hollywood so I can get the hell of McKenzie Meadows! These cruel fat-ass Christians, denied me a service animal, my beloved Brembe! They condone the physical abuse of their fellow women – in the name of Jesus and Trump! I told my managers they came after me after reading anti-Rapture posts on my blog. There was no direct abusive behavior on my part. They fire each other up o the internet, and went looking for a target. My Civil Rights, and my Freedom of the Press was violated!

Kim Hafner told me I don’t belong here, or the house cat, that she went over and kicked!

Social scientists have pointed out how Trump successfully taps into an evangelical narrative, based on white American nationalism, of returning Christians to their rightful place at the centre of American life.

These Jesus For Trump women said they are for ‘America First Values’. They support Nationalism for their ilk. Umbrellas Properties does not discriminate against people of color, or, Latino people. I am sure they do not condone Senior Abuse.


As for defending Cheryl, I saw her getting her pussy rubbed in the parking lot by one of her care-givers. That’s right! Cheryl is a bi-sexual and was having an affair with at least one of her caregivers – that aren’t around anymore! A lover’s spat, I assume! Hey, but this is just the kind of talk Christian Women tolerate from their President who paid money to hush up a porn star, and a beauty queen. The Pink Porkers at the demonstration choose not to believe anything bad about Trump, and, told me to my face I am a liar for the liberal press.

Because these kind of women put Trump in the White House, and may do so again, I get to write about them as a reporter for my paper. I get to make a documentary about them, and a propaganda movie!


Here are a hundred experts of the law that say in writing Trump is a criminal type. I will be posting on all the women who accused Trump of sexually molesting them. When I tried to bury the axe with Cheryl, she said;

“I was going to put a hit on you!”

The next day I sent the mayor of Springfield a e-mal, saying I don’t feel safe. I got a reply. When citizens ignore the real criminals, and go after a innocent person, then we are all in deep trouble. Ignoring this lawlessness is not going to make it go away!

The Christian Emperor  has a long history of Body Shaming. His women do not care, but, millions of other women all over the world – do!

Our Mayor and Governor do not want to see Springfield embrace their nickname ‘Springtucky’.  This show of prejudiced nationalism by women who need to lose weight – for their own good – is an embracement to the political goals of a progressive State that votes the Democratic ticket. Stop the judgmental shaming by women – of other women! It is none of their business what women do with their bodies. Obey the law – and go to a gym!

Obey the law – and go to a gym!



John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press



Hundreds of former Justice Department officials said in an open letter released Monday that President Donald Trump would be facing multiple felony charges for obstruction of justice stemming from the Russia investigation if he were not President.

The letter posted online by Justice Department alumni, who served under presidents from both parties, said the report from special counsel Robert Mueller contained repeated instances of Trump committing obstruction of justice, and that he would have been charged with obstruction if he was not protected as President by an opinion from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel that Mueller cited.

During the US president Donald Trump’s State of the Union address in early February, House Democratic women showed up clad all in white. The colour, a nod to the suffragettes, was meant to show their displeasure with the president’s policies towards women, climate change and immigration. But Trump’s contentious relationship with Democratic women contrasts sharply with the support he receives from another group of women – white evangelicals.

As is well known by now, in the November 2016 presidential election, 80% of white evangelicals voted for Trump. That constituted the largest “evangelical vote” in nearly two decades. If scholars, journalists and the general public have puzzled over why so many white evangelicals would vote for someone whose language and behaviour violated key tenets of the Christian faith, the question of why evangelical women voted for him is even more puzzling – especially given Trump’s long track record of alleged sexual misconduct and derogatory comments about women.

Read more: State of the Union: the women in white stole Trump’s night – and will haunt him for the rest of the year

But the 2016 vote wasn’t a fluke. A recent poll reports that two-thirds of white evangelical women still approve of the president.

Believing in Trump

During my research fieldwork with evangelical Christian women at Bethel Church and Jesus Culture in California, they reported that they backed Trump because they believed he would battle hard on key issues, such as immigration. As one woman told me about her vote for Trump: “It’s founded in personal and emotional beliefs. Politics is different.”

Social scientists have pointed out how Trump successfully taps into an evangelical narrative, based on white American nationalism, of returning Christians to their rightful place at the centre of American life. Recently, for example, Trump declared his unity with evangelicals, promising to “cherish and honour” them by denouncing late-term abortion. Trump’s embattled language aligns with common evangelical narratives that casts them as being “under attack” by a secular majority, or needing to go into “combat mode” against political issues such as trans-inclusive bathrooms. Framing their political involvement in this way is instrumental to sustaining evangelicals as a cohesive religious group.

Rather than just representing the Republican party, Trump reproduces emotionally driven evangelical narratives, including the imperative to return the US to its rightful (white) Christian heritage. For many white evangelical women, accustomed to hearing these narratives in their churches, Trump’s language is resonant and familiar.

Another reason why white evangelical women support Trump can be explained by their prioritisation of racial and religious identity over their gender identity. All of us manage and negotiate our various identities, emphasising some and suppressing others depending on the socio-political context we are in. Even the question of how a woman could vote for a sexist president presupposes the primacy of gender as a deeply felt identity category for all women.

Instead, the evangelical women I met explained that to be evangelical is firstly to be politically engaged with Republican partisanship, and secondly to focus this engagement around core issues – including abortion and immigration. In other words, many white evangelical women prioritise their religious and racial identities over their gender identities and in so doing are able to reconcile themselves with Trump.

Their evangelical identity – and particularly, its white, nationalist constitution – is their most valued aspect of identity, and their gender is secondary to it.

Trump’s brand of femininity

A final explanation that helps us make sense of the incongruity of the fact of white women voting for a president who seems inimical to their interests has to do with how femininity is constructed by some groups. Much white evangelical culture is highly gendered – and men and women play very traditional gender roles in these religious communities. Tellingly, Trump (and the women he surrounds himself with) embody these white evangelical gender roles.

In my study of evangelical women in the US and the UK, I found that the women measure themselves against an “ideal” Christian woman, a figure of femininity many in the west may view as old-fashioned or outdated. This “ideal”, described to me by the participants in my research, is strong but submissive, traditionally pretty but also outdoorsy, smart but not too smart, sexy but also chaste.

Role model? Ivanka Trump. Shutterstock

White evangelical women, including Bethel’s co-pastor Beni Johnson, rally behind Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump and equate their conservative version of traditional femininity with grace and elegance. Similarly, Paula White, Trump’s personal pastor, conforms to the version of the “ideal” woman reported to me by white evangelical women as she is blonde-haired, blue-eyed, slim and stylish.

And so rather than becoming disillusioned with Trump, as the New York Times claims, white evangelical women continue to rally behind the president they voted into power in 2016. The fact that several scandals and allegations of sexual impropriety have failed to cost him their support reveals how some groups of people prioritise the different identities they hold – and how strongly ideas of femininity operate within tightly bound communities.

Many white evangelicals position themselves as a minority faction waging war against a non-Christian majority when, in fact, they continue to hold considerable sway over politics, both in the electoral college and in terms of voters in general. The seeming paradox of white evangelical women backing Trump really isn’t a paradox at all. In fact, their support says more about the state of white evangelical Christianity in the US than it does about anything else.

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