She The Bogus People

Sayu Bhojwani does not have a wikipedia citation. For several days I have been posting on a She the People page. I pleaded with them to not go after us old white guys. They kept saying Bernie should have been prepared to answer the White Supremacy question. He got booed thinking they meant the KKK and Nazis. Many women believe it means – all White Men in power. The She-ites were talking about Bernie, who people of color hate. He was set up! It was a trap set by an Aryan Hindu who might be a Muslim! Have any of her brothers or uncles fought for the United States of America? Here are the committees Sanders serves his NATION on.

I asked if the participants got the questions – when they were invited to be on the show. No answer. Why would Bernie take part – knowing they were after his old gray head? SHE did this to him………..the Bitch-Witch from India where men reign supreme! Go back to Bollywood, and get rid of the Male Pedagogy there – and the black face disgrace!

Sayu has no answers, no solutions, but garnishing votes against the White Devils, that only include the white man, and not white women that voted for Trump. Sayu – is a RACIST! Her sect/cast see themselves as Hindi Aryan Supermen! Hindi men are raping little girls and burning women alive! Pakistan is a Hindi nation that helped hide Osama Bin-Laden!

This is a snake, folks, who lie hidden in the grass for years, waiting to strike. Sayu took advantage of the crisis ALL democrats are having with Trump, a White Supremist, to lump all white men with him. Then this snake slithered over the black women voters, neglecting the fact Trump got 6% of the black male vote. A snake is a famous – OPPORTUNIST!  What does democracy got to do with it……do with it?

In the video below, Sayu speaks of her becoming a citizen as a nightmare. Who does she see as standing in her way? Does he look – like this guy!

Hey white kids………….it’s Uncle Sam a Claus! What is he saying to the brown folk?

“This far – and no further!”

Really! Is this the message from – all the old white dudes? In her video, Sayu says 34,000,000 million American are immigrants, or, children of immigrants. Huh! How did that happen? Did the old black dudes let them in? No! Did the young black and brown WOMEN let then in?

You got it!

How many lies has Sayu Bhojwani – told – for the good of Democracy, of course!

God! does Samaclaus love his old white elf dudes. Whatever they want – they got it! All of them carry a ‘Cut In Line’ card I gave them. What? Oh boo-hoo! Yours’s must have gotten lost in the mail!

After our black president shot our activist wads on HIS healthcare, I tried to get folks interested in abolishing student loans, and, seizing post offices due to be closed. I was a member of OCCUPY. They wanted to help little homeless brown spots huddled in garbage and hopelessness. I told them the Constitution said there shall be post offices, and roads built to the posts offices, so radical writers can continue to mail out their radical material to one another, because, the Founding Fathers wrote a Overthrow Clause. Putting pressure on all major universities, says WE are the people of the Law and Learning.  The reaction I got;

“Let me ask the snake and my dealer if this this is a good idea!”

Now we got a Gypsy Fortune Teller from India giving us the reinvented version. Is it any wonder Putin and his Trolls could make memes that put the Democrats out on their ear. She the People don’t address how stupid people are. I wonder why?

Just blame it on all Democrat males with white hair. Putin likes that idea!

John Presco

Play both videos at same time.

Committee Assignments

  • Environment and Public Works »

    The United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works is responsible for dealing with matters related to the environment and infrastructure.

  • Energy and Natural Resources »

    The United States Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources has jurisdiction over matters related to energy and nuclear waste policy, territorial policy, native Hawaiian matters, and public lands.

  • Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions »

    The United States Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) generally considers matters relating to these issues. Its jurisdiction extends beyond these issues to include several more specific areas, as defined by Senate rules.

  • Budget »

    The United States Senate Committee on Budget was established by the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974. It is responsible for drafting Congress’s annual budget plan and monitoring action on the budget for the Federal Government. The committee has jurisdiction over the Congressional Budget Office.

  • Veterans’ Affairs »

    The United States Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs considers matters relating to the compensation of veterans, life insurance issued on account of service in the Armed Forces, national cemeteries, pensions of all wars, readjustment of servicemen to civil life, and veterans’ hospitals and medical care.

Greg Presco Sayu may be a Muslim – who attacked a famous Jew. The FBI needs to look into this. Sindhi names
Main article: Sindhi names
Muslim Sindhi tend to have traditional Muslim first names, sometimes with localized variations. Sindhi have castes according to their professions and ancestral locations.
Sindhi Hindus tend to have surnames that end in ‘-ani’ (a variant of ‘anshi’, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘ansha’, which means ‘descended from’). The first part of a Sindhi Hindu surname is usually derived from the name or location of an ancestor. In northern Sindh, surnames ending in ‘ja’ (meaning ‘of’) are also common. A person’s surname would consist of the name of his or her native village, followed by ‘ja’.

Hurrah for us Old White Guys who did so many wonderful things, and invented, and crated, and wrote, THE CONSTITUTION! You go – OLD WHITE GUYS! read:


  • Now that you let all white men know the secret Brown Plan, you should see many white Democrats vote the Republican ticket, which will not include Trump, because it looks like he is going to resign then go to prison.1. Why did you start The New American Leaders Project?
    Because I was tired of immigrant communities being ignored.
    In 2010, Arizona passed one of the harshest immigration measures of our time. Commonly referred to as the “Show me your Papers” law. SB 1070 was part of a wave of anti-immigrant measures snaking their way through state legislatures.
    At the same time, Congress had failed to enact immigration reform, leaving millions of undocumented Americans in limbo and more importantly in constant fear of deportation.
    Even the casual observer could see that Congress was, and still is, majority white and male.
    When I created NALP, there was no national organization that focused on tapping into one of the country’s most robust natural resources for innovation and leadership — our newest Americans. I felt it was time for immigrants and communities of color to be the candidates and not just the voters.
    See More
  • This is all about the changing demographics that says more brown folks in America will give people of color a majority, and put more Democrats in office. The age of The White Man is over, thanks to SHE the brown women. Sayu Bhojwani is a democracy activist, TED speaker, and immigrant rights advocate. As founder and president of New American Leaders, she recruits, trains, and supports movement leaders to run for office and become the leaders our country needs. Through writing and speaking, she advocates for systems change that will result in a more robust democracy.
    An expert in diversity and American politics, she holds a Ph.D. in Politics and Education from Columbia University and is the author of People Like Us: The New Wave of Candidates Knocking at Democracy’s Door. In 2019, she was named one of three people to watch by CQ Roll Call. Born in India and raised in Belize, Sayu is a proud New Yorker who served as the city’s first Commissioner of Immigrant Affairs.
    See More
  • I get it now. Bernie was supposed to answer a immigration question disguised as White Nationalism, meaning all white me in American may not be willing – at heart – of letting more brown people into their Nation.
  • White Supremist? A day after Sen. Bernie Sanders’ response to a question about the rise of white nationalist violence set off a chorus of groans in Houston, the woman who posed it told CNN she too was disappointed by his answer.
    Sayu Bhojwani, the founder and president of New American Leaders, asked Sanders on Wednesday at the She the People forum for women of color what he believed the federal government’s role should be in fighting “against the rise of white nationalism and white terrorist acts” and how Sanders would lead that effort if elected in 2020.
    The Vermont independent began his reply by criticizing, as he’s done on the trail, President Donald Trump’s “demagoguery” and pledging to “do everything that I can to help lead this country in a direction that ends all forms of discrimination — racial discrimination, gender discrimination and discrimination based on people’s sexual orientation.” He also discussed his family’s immigrant roots before turning to an appeal for comprehensive immigration reform.
    Here’s why 8 Democratic presidential hopefuls think women of color should vote for them
    But Sanders’ words left Bhojwani, the moderators — and, by the sound of it, many in the audience — feeling unsatisfied.”I didn’t feel that we were being seen or heard in (his) answer,” she told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin.
    After Sanders’ initial foray fell flat, forum founder and president Aimee Allison sought to refocus the conversation, hinting to Sanders that he needed to address “the core of the question,” which was focused on white supremacist violence.
    The apparent disconnect and subsequent grumbles over his performance resurfaced doubts over Sanders’ ability to win over Democratic women of color — a key voting bloc, especially among its older cohort, that Sanders lost badly to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Over the past few years, and in the run-up to his 2020 bid, Sanders has sought to broaden his appeal by building out a more diverse staff and speaking more directly to challenges and difficulties specific to minor communities.
    But when Sanders began again after some prodding from Allison, his mention of attending Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1963 March on Washington was met with some frustrated booing, which Sanders carried on through as he noted his support, in 1988, for the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign.
    “As president of the United States, at the very top of our agenda, will be the understanding that discrimination of all forms has got to end — period,” Sanders added, beginning to win back some in the room. “And you do that using the bully pulpit and you do that using legislation. If somebody wants to go around perpetrating hate crimes, that person will pay a very, very heavy price, indeed.”
    Still, Bhojwani felt that his words did not meet the magnitude of the moment.
    “I came to that question because in my work with immigrant communities and with people of color, there is just this incredible sadness and fear as we’ve watched churches being burned, as we watch our young people being killed by police, as we watch our young children being caged, and I brought to that question the weight and the feeling of so many of those conversations,” she said Thursday.The Sanders campaign apparently took notice of the critical reception to his mention of King and the March on Washington. Earlier Thursday, during a campaign event in Fort Worth, Texas, Sanders’ campaign co-chair Nina Turner, a black former state lawmaker in Ohio, vehemently pushed back against his reception in Houston.
    “All of us have lived experiences, all of us have a story to tell, but in what world, when you are sitting on the stage telling folks about your history and you mention the fact that you were on the March on Washington with Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — Fort Worth, in what world do people boo that?” she said. See More
  • O.K.I see you do not want to apologize to Bernie, who many black women opposed in the last election, they thinking he stole their fire. Why would any woman of ay color expect Bernie to off proof he is not a.
  • Can you give me a good example of one guest who was prepared, and gave a good answers – in five seconds?
  • Did they know what the questions were going to be?
  • One more for the road. Dottie was impressed that I beat the Mafia in court. She was looking for a good fight. Her ancestor is John Witherspoon, a Signer of the Constitution. When we moved to California, we found no fights there. So she left me, and took my Blue Tick born on the 4th of July. I, and others, thought Obama was going to lead us into some good fights – and victories! THINK SWING VOTERS. Millions of Americans want to join a good fight – for Democracy! It looks like Trump has been going in the wrong direction, away from the good fight. When WE win, I hope WE will go looking for ways for all of us to express out love of Liberty. See More
  • Betsy, may I suggest ‘She The People – Woman Voters In the South’? Many southern white women are bucking the system, and may not be getting alit of attention. Their votes don’t do much good, or, do they? Put a panel together of Red State Voters, and have them be questioned in a civil manner. This could be followed by She The Black Voters of the South. Thank you for listening to me.


  • Greg Presco Let me close by saying, I saw a lot of She-Demons in Berkley. They blew everyone’s mind, even our black sisters. They are natural-born freedom fighters that I identify as the Scott-Irish that fought the great army ever put in the field, the Redcoats. Without here, there would be no Constitution.. I study them in Oregon where my kin John Fremont blazed a trail for them. A lot of them have red hair and freckles, and, real white skin. Many of the Scott-Irish settled in the south and were called ‘Peckerwoods’ because of their red hair. If We are going to change their Redneck ways, we got to know what a real redneck – is! You can’t get them to back down from a fight by bullshitting them. They will listen to reason. When this video was made, she could not go into combat. The Russians know about her kind.
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    Image may contain: 1 person, closeup
  • Saving Dottie Witherspoon – Again!
    Saving Dottie Witherspoon – Again!

    Saving Dottie Witherspoon – Again!

  • Saving Dottie Witherspoon
    Saving Dottie Witherspoon

    Saving Dottie Witherspoon

Greg Presco's photo.
Yes those are army trucks on the grounds of a world renowned university. Yes those are real bayonets. Yes that is a helicopter dropping teargas on everybody. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, our Terrorist Troops are murdering unarmed citizens in the name of American Nationalism. Where do you begin to TALK about this giant stain on World Democracy, And how does THEIR history depict us? We had to be drug and sex-crazed subhumans. There are not too many of us left. Bernie is one of us!




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