Terrorists In the Wiccan-Christian Corn

“The manifesto contained common far-right catchphrases, including descriptions of an “international Jewry” which is responsible for countless age-old blood libels, including the murder of Christ and alleged control over the media and the economy. This is similar to a trope in the antisemitic book The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Earnest wrote that: “Every Jew young and old has contributed to these. For these crimes they deserve nothing but hell. I will send them there.”



Wiccans are not about preserving and promoting ALL races. They appeal to Celtic White People. The Kimites did ally themselves with Belle Burch and Ally Valkyrie. Are they Pagan-Christian-Nazis? I posted on my public shaming by Wiccans, five years ago.


I asked the name of one of my public tormentors who had come to pillory and shame me, and he said;

“You don’t need to know my name!”

This borders on conspiracy to harass and deprive me of my Civil Liberties, because the nameless one’s good buddy made a false statement saying;

“Alley Valkyrie warned US about you!”


Believing I had months to live, I did ask Belle to marry me. The fight over my sister’s artistic legacy – still goes on! Last month my niece gave me proof there was a conspiracy to get me to sign a non-disclosure agreement where I could not write about my family. My daughter had gone over to the outsiders. So did my sister, Vicki Presco. Not once did she call and ask how my cancer treatment was going.  I had forty radiation treatments. I was, alone and afraid. I needed an Heir to my book ‘Capturing Beauty’ began nineteen years ago – before I met Belle “beauty”. Kim Haffner gleefully claims she is in touch with Heather.

“Too bad you can’t talk to her!”

This is a form of kidnapping “capturing” my daughter who came into my life when she was sixteen, and was my miracle outsiders wanted – for their book. Kim Haffner is a five hundred pound witch disguised as a Christian. How do I know this, real Christians do not do evil things like this. She reminds me of the Queen of Hearts. I predict she will be the model for a cartoon made from my book about Sleeping Beauty who was name ‘Rosamond’.  This Toon Tonnage – did read my sister’s biography! Her little dog will have cat-like teeth, a spiked collar, and eyes of fire. She will be loathed by millions. Going after ones child while invoking the name of Anarchist Alley Valkyrie, is terrorism!

Kim’s hand jesters are great. She does a Sanity Meter, and demonstrates how I reel in my next victim. This is all great Walt Disneyish stuff that animators will just eat up! Kim’s insistence that she tolerated my calling Christians Nazis “a lot” is real historic evidence because I mentioned the Christian Nazi that marched in Charlottesville saying;

“The Jews will not replace us!”

Kim depicts me a severely deranged psychopath that was AWOL. Has she suggested to our neighbors I might go on a shooting rampage? Has anyone call the FBI? This Hog Woman worked many years in the Johnson Psych Ward and was practicing brainwashing on my neighbors, who became afraid of me – after we being neighbors for many years. This is how it is done. Study her technique. She can get a slightly mentally disabled person – to do most anything, by providing them a make-believe enemy who owns powers of evil persuasion. The only hope is for her allies to isolate – and eradicate me – for the common good! She is a corn-fed sow from hell. I’m going to try to get this video to Stephen King.

I highly suspect JE was challenged to act, and not be all talk. He may have been in touch with his brainwasher as he drove to the synagogue. JE may have called 911, when his brainwasher insisted her kill himself, or, get himself shot, because he’s going to FINK! Lone gunmen want to use the cops to suicide. I still wonder who Kim told my daughter agrees with her completely. This statement dehumanizes me. All killers need to have their victim – DEHUMANIZED!

The Queen of Hearts can not off Alice’s head, because she is a complete human, and not a human-card combo. The Red Queen appears to be a Hitler-Stalin combo. Kim does not want anyone on my side, therefor, she keeps her campaign against me, a secret, until she has our neighbor fully in her corner. This why she gleefully tells me we are no longer friends – long after the fact! This is why sane people, address real grievances. Calling Christian’s “Nazis” is one of the biggest stories of our time. It will make history.




CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Two people were killed and four others were injured after shots were fired at the University of North Carolina’s Charlotte campus on Tuesday afternoon, the Mecklenburg Emergency Medical Services Agency confirmed.

Two of the people who were shot have life-threatening injuries, according to the agency, known as Medic.

As of 7 p.m. local time, the lockdown on the campus was continuing.


Jean Cocteau and Victor Hugo are alleged Grandmasters of the Priory de Sion. I belonged to several groups who subscribe to the ideas put forth by Dan Brown, and Baigent and Leigh. These groups were taken over by Pagan-Celtic-Women who saw themselves as the rightful Wiccan Heirs to much European History. I suspected then, and now, that some of them had Neo-Nazi leanings! Therefor, my intentions go beyond theory, and are now a part of High Literature, because I knew what I was doing, I understood the underlying Drama that presents itself at the foot of the President of the United States.

Belle Burch is famous – in my book! So is Alley! My Rosenberg ancestors funded the alchemist experiments of John Dee. After many years of study, I concluded the Priory de Sion was historic-fiction and myth. However, Myth can become Real. I am a candidate for the Grand Master, and, I am a Republican candidate for the office of President. Trump is being seen a Messiah by some Rabbis. How many Priory de Sion Pagan’s see Trump as their Grand Master?

To discover via a blood DNA test, that one of my great grandfather’s was involved in the trials and execution of heretics, as a Puritan Leader, does put me in a Real Literary Category, because John Wilson in mentioned in the ‘Scarlet Letter’ where The Pillory plays a central role. Did my Wiccan Anarchist enemies some how detect an enemy in my bloodline – via witchcraft? With the murdered members of the Synagogue, my book takes on a more sinister…………..? My Puritan ancestors executed people in the name of religion!

No writer, no artist, no newspaperman, has been more oppressed, harassed, demonized, and terrorized, than me. This fact is a book in itself! Considering who my ancestors were, is also of interest to the real literary world. I am still gathering material for my book, because there is a endless supply of worthy…………? We are just getting to the bottom!



According to the Washington Post, Trump told passed the 10,000 mark in lies told. What became of that video made before the election, where just before the election seven women claimed Trump sexually abused them. How many white women who voted for Trump saw this video and the access video – and voted for him anyway? Historians wondered the sam thing about Hitler. They knew he was a very bad man!

Pagan literature is full of stories about the beautiful woman who is captured by the dark dangerous man – who may hurt her! But, she is not like the others. Her beautify contains a special magic, that will turn the monster into a harmless prince, who will take her away to his magical kingdom, where they will live happily ever after!

Christians depict Jesus this way. His own people murdered him for dark mysterious reasons. But, when he was reborn, he was transformed. Now he was the Savior of Pagans!Many Evangelical believe Trump is the Messiah and will restore the Kingdom of David, and have the temple rebuilt on Zion. They know David abused women and was a womanizer. But, Jesus was born from his Holy Blood! Somehow, this Holy Blood will transform Trump, she said he could shoot someone and get away with it. How many million of white female Republicans wish he would lay his hands on them, so she can transform him with her extra-special superwoman spells?

John ‘The Nazarite’

Copyright 2019





Jean Cocteau

History challenged or not, Foxbottom is one of a growing number of Europeans who subscribe to a racially charged brand of neo-paganism. Unlike the peace-loving, crystal-wielding neo-pagans who practice a universalistic mixture of Wicca and shamanism, these polytheists believe that Europeans are aligned in some deep-seated genetic way with their ancestors’ ancient religions. The migrant crisis of 2015 and recent terrorist attacks have only served to swell the ranks of disaffected right-leaning millennials who are turning to ultranationalism cloaked in neo-paganism in hopes of a return to what they perceive as order.

Racial paganism has its origins in Nazi Germany. Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler was a well-known occultist who led several campaigns to re-paganize the country. One of his projects was transforming Wewelsburg, a Renaissance castle in Westphalia, into a pagan Vatican City — to be the capital of the Nazi global empire following a wished-for German victory in World War II.


Presco will be Pilloried and Publicly Castrated



“Provoke not thy children to wrath.”

I just discovered that Alley Valkyrie was with Belle when she got arrested as was Ambrose
Holtham-Keathley. Did Ambrose know Alley was going to launch an attack against me? Did Alley suggest Belle give me a call to set up an appointment to meet?


I got another threat from a Child of the Corn. She is with OCCUPY, and belongs to a Garden Gang.

“Belle Burch has very clearly told you to stop posting about and contacting her. I am asking you to back off, and very politely at this point. I’d prefer not to have to ask you again. Please stop it.”

My reply

“No she did not. She told me she did not want to talk to me when I called her. Her real distress comes from me finding out she kept information from me I solicited, that exposed her gang, and the truth Ambrose sees himself as a leader. If this was a one on one relationship, it would have been handled in a normal fashion. Now I see how she has been handling our business, she going to her gang. Stay the fuck out of my business! https://rosamondpress.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/25343/

When I made an appointment to meet with Belle after she called me (I didn’t have her number)
I told her I was going to make her heir to my intellectual property and my novel ‘Capturing Beauty’. I also said I would like her to be my model and muse. She said there will be no sex, and I told her that is correct because I was rendered impotent by my cancer treatment three years ago.

Upon hearing she was my heir, she squealed with delight. I asked why at our meeting. She talked about being a leading spokesperson, but did not say – of what! Obviously, this blog has gotten in the way of Belle BEING A LEADER!

Because of these threats from women who are not in their right mind, I have decided to reveal what I revealed to Belle Burch in part. I showing her old articles, and discussing new finds, compels me to reveal more – and as much as I want to! This is a creative process and honor millions of young women would be thrilled to be a part of.

When were made verbal agreements, Belle had a hidden agenda that alas surffices, being, these are Power Hungry Women who see themselves as leaders of a radical cause. They have Christ-Complexes. They are like Puritans who foist their strict rules on the citizens of this town. They have their counterparts in the Republican Evangelical Church system that goes after people, too.

These radical nuns have used the homeless and mentally ill to make themselves appear self-righteous. They are turning this progressive city into the land of the Amish Mafia. Here grows the Vegitable Garden Costra Nosa. We are living in the Village of the Damned!

Stop the presses! I was excommunicated from OCCUPY Eugene! The purge of the damned, begins!
The losers f the world will rise up and scorn the people for not taking good care of them, somemore!

Also I got another request to erase everything I authored about Belle, including the musical I wrote around her. This says Belle has a wonderful boyfriend. Well, what did she want from me? Mr. Wonderful talked her into disobeying the law, and, now she will have trouble getting a job thanks to him. Is Ambrose going to get Belle in a home?

I was offering Belle royalties from my book when they are published. She offered her services as a editor. I asked her to co-author ‘Capturing Beauty’. I offered to marry her believing she was on the street and out of work. Because I am on HUD and get other aid, this was the only way she could live with. I offered to adopt any child she and Wonderful have. Belle would be in my family tree, and when I die she and the baby get everything! Wait till you read why I chose Belle! I adopted my friend Hollis Williams after he died so family would be there to deal with his funeral.

Belle is the one that dirtied our agreement and bond because she got caught. Young people today are not culpable. Belle can not defend herself, or stand up for herself, thanks to these gang members! Belle’s gang wanted this blog. They want my Bohemian credentials.

I think Belle was setting me up Thursday at the Wandering Goat. If I went to get Bluebelle, they would be waiting for me, the Whoville Whackos of Righteousness! God, the reality show folks are going to eat this up, this race of people who make up the rules as they go.

Thanks to some amazing detective work, I discovered the real Belle. I have captured her, rather than she capturing me. Now her gang is trying to free her – and them! Book burners and censors – for the homeless! LOL!

Tune in next week when Don Juan shows up at the new Whoville with ‘The Greys’.

“I’m the King of Whoville!”

Here is “press-shy” Ambrose and fellow arrestee, Grotticelli, telling the real community and the press what they know is the law.


Jon Presco

“Greg, Please delete your posts about Belle Burch from your FB page, your blog, and delete your videos of her from YouTube and wherever else you have posted them. To my knowledge she has not expressed any interest in you – in fact she has a wonderful boyfriend – and your public musings show no sensitivity to either one of them and border on harassment.

“She is in my novel. Get lost!
Belle’s gang is harassing me because I exposed her covert ties to you. You asked to become my friend, for the wrong reasons. Do you know Belle? If so, tell her to ask of me what you ask so I can tell her to her face NO!


Christina Bellini

Whoville, a sanctuary for homeless people in Eugene, will be moving to a new site on Friday (tomorrow, the 9th) and Saturday. Location TBA.

Individuals with vehicles are needed to help move people and their belongings. If you can help with this effort over the next two days, please message me and I will provide additional info and get you connected with organizers.

If you are able to bring morning coffee, the early volunteers would surely appreciate it!

Alley Valkyrie

I would like to request that the admins of this group remove Greg Presco from this page. It is important that this page be a safe space for activists, and this man is disturbed and potentially dangerous. If anyone needs proof or justification of this belief, have a look at his blog.

Al Nakba and 18 others like this.
Alley Valkyrie And here we go…. https://rosamondpress.wordpress.com/…/threat-from-alley…/

Threat From Alley Valkerie

Here is a message I go around midnight from Alley Valkerie. She sounds like a Na… See More
Christina Bellini He spelled your name wrong, Alley. I’d be really pissed about that . . .

Christina Bellini He used French pretty poorly too, in a different post. I mean, I only read a little French, but this was basic stuff (noun-adjective agreement!). I hate to be a grammar Nazi (or, really, any kind of Nazi), but come on .

The pillory was a device made of a wooden or metal framework erected on a post, with holes for securing the head and hands, formerly used for punishment by public humiliation and often further physical abuse, sometimes lethal.[1] The pillory is related to the stocks.[2]


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