Fair Elections and Crime Family

We The People heard this;

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham read aloud a text message with the f-word from former FBI agent Peter Strzok during Wednesday’s hearing with Attorney General William Barr.

During his opening remarks, Graham, R-S.C., read off text messages exchanged between Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

One that he read was from October 2016, in which Strzok wrote to Page: “I am riled up. Trump is a fucking idiot, is unable to provide a coherent answer. I can’t pull away. What the fuck happened to our country??!?!”

What if Hillary said this before the election:

“Iran, if you are listening, can you hack the Republican Party and get some dirt on Trump”

If Hillary had said this – AND WON – then Bob Mueller might be tagged to look into COLLUSION conducted by Iran, Hillary, and the Democratic Party. Here is what Trump said – before he was elected President.

How many good Republicans thought:

“This is not right. This could hurt the idea of FAIR ELECTIONS, and, UNDERMINE our Democracy. We republicans have a duty to get to the bottom of this lest it leave a permanent stain on our party. I’m sure our newly elected Presdient would agree, and clear our good name. But, more importantly, it is vital we restore the integrity of the voting system, and restore lost trust, so no voter will forsake the system. You go Mr. President! God speed!”

A bad Republican would say;

I hope that insane statement does not cause the Republicans to lose elections across the board. Let’s hire a PR firm, to make what looks like Treason, into – Hillary did it!”

What if  American Football Fans read this headline;

“Oklahoma was able to beat Nebraska after STEALING their signals from sideline. And, it looks like they hired some spook to steal Nebraskas playbook!”

Almost all football fans would say;

“This looks bad for the game of College football. A full investigaion is needed to make sure all GAMES IN THE FUTURE ARE FAIR –  and people go to jail!”

What if the Oklahoma coach and the Regents held a press conference, and said;

“We are not going to co-operate. This is harassment conducted by sore losers. We have hired powerful attorneys and we will fight these false alligations – all the way! The game is over. Let’s move on and look forward to next year when we meet again on the gridiron! May the best team win!”

What we did not hear from our newly elected President, was;

“I am deeply sorry I made those statements and will do everything possible to make sure our Democratic Voting System, was FAIR, and will forever be FAIR!”

As to firing Comey, we got a thousand excuses! I made this one up for my President!

“I was attacked by a rabid Coyote on the golf course, and was suffering from shock! Why me? What did I do?”

What if the world of football conducted an investigation of THE LOSERS, only, after saying Nebraska is guilty of being a BAD LOSER?

The Mueller Report said there was an INVISIBLE THIRD TEAM out on the field, that wanted Republicans to win – for starters! Putin’s Team, wants to beat both political parties. Why sisn’t Lindsey Graham and Republican Senators saying this. Instead, they launched a GAME PLAN that will investigate how THE LOSERS played unfair, and perhaps broke the law. Instead of saying “Say it aint so Joe” They said;

“Lock her up!”

In looking at the Blacksox Scandal, where Arnold Rothstein payed players to throw the game, I read an article in Haaretz, that says the Jewish Mafia was supporting violent Zionists militants with money from their illegal activities that involved EXTORTION. I debated about posting on this TRUTH because killers are attacking Jews and Synagogues.

Jewish Zionist gangs bombed and assassinated their perceived enemies to GET ATTENTION. Did Rothstein and his Kosher Mafia Terrorist jump up and down with joy when they read about the bombing of the King David Hotel that killed our British Allies in the war against Hitler? Did Rothstein supply the explosives? The Zionist are THE THIRD TEAM that took the field to play in America’s National Sport. What if Trump said;

“Israel, if you are listening, and you love me and my family, would you please use your master spies to get dirt on Hillary so WE can win the election? I will move the US. Embassy to Jerusalem – if I win!”

So, Democrats are wrong to wonder – WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? And now the Democrats are going to scrutinized? Putin ordered the murder of people in foreign countries. What the FUCK happened to the Republican party? It looks like they have been playing a game of Liar’s Footsy!

Back to the hearing and the searc for the Truth, and Fair Play!

Margaret Blackburn talked about a “culture”.  When I was eight, I lived in the best nation on earth. Not only did we have Mickey Mantle and the Yankees, we had President Ike looking after our beautiful shiny Voting Booths. What could be better? What could go wrong? Going to vote, and going to see the Yankees play, were the cleanest things on Earth! The Kosher Mafia Boss, Arnold Rothstein, did not care if he dirtied one of our great Cultural Icons. He wanted the Zionists to win – at all costs!

In 1931 the Jewish terrorist group Irgun began to systematically terrorizing everyone that stood in the way of their Zionist Dream. Hitler invaded Poland in 1938. FBI director, Herbert Hoover was taking a deep look at all foreign subversives. Hillel Kook complained about being harassed by the FBI.

If the Republicans launch a counter-attack against the Democrats, our Democratic Culture will take another severe hit – proving the Republican Party will do anything to win, and, do anything to – LOOK LIKE WINNERS! Not only are we a severely divided nation, the Republicans have – thrown the game, to the delight of Putin!

John Presco


the action of touching someone’s feet lightly with one’s own feet, especially under a table, as a playful expression of romantic interest.

The Black Sox Scandal was a Major League Baseball match fixing incident in which eight members of the Chicago White Sox were accused of intentionally losing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for money from a gambling syndicate led by Arnold Rothstein. The fallout from the scandal resulted in the appointment of Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis as the first Commissioner of Baseball, granting him absolute control over the sport in order to restore its integrity.

Despite acquittals in a public trial in 1921, Judge Landis permanently banned all eight men from professional baseball. The punishment was eventually defined to also include banishment from post-career honors such as consideration for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Despite requests for reinstatement in the decades that followed (particularly in the case of Shoeless Joe Jackson), the ban remains in force.[1]








In 195 the Jewish Mafia,led by

Kook joined the pre-state Haganah militia in 1930 following widespread Arab riots. In 1931, Kook helped found the Irgun, a group of militant Haganah dissidents, and fought with them in Palestine through most of the 1930s. He served as a post commander in 1936, and eventually became a member of the Irgun General Staff.

In 1937, Kook began his career as an international spokesperson for the Irgun and Revisionist Zionism. He first went to Poland, where he was involved in fundraising and establishing Irgun cells in Eastern Europe. It was there that he met the founder of the Revisionist movement, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, and became friends with his son Ari. At the founders’ request, Kook traveled to the United States with Jabotinsky in 1940,[2] where he soon served as the head of the Irgun and revisionist mission in America, following the elder’s death in August. This assignment was clandestine, and Kook publicly denied he was affiliated with the Irgun many times while in America.


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