Trump Straddled Zionist Fence

(L-R) U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and White House senior advisor Jared Kushner leave notes at the Western Wall in Jerusalem May 22, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Did Trump get reports Christian Nazis wanted him dead for betraying Christianity by being Pro-Zionist? His son-in-law is a Jew – and his daughter! If so, is this why he straddles the fence in regards to ‘The Jew Won’t Replace Us’ movement? JWRU.

John’s parents claim it is all a dark mystery. (Don’t go into the corn!) But, if the FBI would seize their computers, I believe you will find a concordance of ideas – minus killing Jews! I have yet to find the full manifesto. Many newspaper are exporting BLAME to Austrailia. Trump supporters are blaming Rep. Ilahn Omar. Did they read JE’s manifesto that is full of Biblical quotes? How many radical Christians are now wanting to depict JE as a Lone Loon with scrambled ideas? JE was not a loner. He was egged on by his own ilk who wished him a “high kill”.

It is now becoming clear why my neighbors framed me as a Unstable Loner with no friends. This is why they claimed I am not running a newspaper, and, I am not kin to famous people. This is why my sister’s biography was dismissed, lest I be seen as anything but a Potential Killer of Christians I was labeling “Christian Nazis” in regards to Charlottesville, a story that is bigger than ever. My neighbors put me in Crosshairs!

They are the ones connected to organizations, and invoked the name of Alley Valkyrie who I talked about to the FBI four years ago – twice! I have no go-to gang who shares my views. I go to google and read the insanity that is coming from the Christian-right, who do want the End Time – and much chaos! Their sick dream is coming true! I suspect JE believed he was on the Rapture list. What did he have to lose by getting THE MESSAGE out to fellow Christian Nazis and Lunatics!

I have identified myself as a Orthodox Jews because I took the Vow of the Nazarite. I did make an attempt to convert to Judaism, then, I realized – it was done! This was a lone decision. No one had made such a declaration in my lifetime. I did find the Zulu Nazarite who may not understand this title. If my neighbors believed I was a Jew, then they are guilty of a Hate Crime.

My main interest in taking the Nazarite Vow was to remain sober. I have thirty-two years of sobriety. No Jew takes the vow because there is no long a temple to make sacrifices. I suggested twenty years ago a Nazarite was needed to rebuild the temple.

John Presco ‘The Nazarite’

A Nazarite or Nazirite (Nazir in Hebrew) was a Jew who took an ascetic vow as described in Numbers 6:1-21.

The term Nazarite comes from the Hebrew word nazir meaning “consecrated” or “separated.” The Nazarite is “holy unto the Lord” (Numbers 6:8) and must keep himself from becoming ritually unclean. The regulations which apply to him actually agree with those for the High Priest and for the priests during worship, as described in Leviticus and in Ezekiel. This vow required the man (and in the Hellenistic period the woman too) to observe the following:

  • Abstain from wine, vinegar (which was made from wine), grapes, raisins, and all intoxicants;
  • Refrain from cutting one’s hair and beard;
  • To avoid corpses, even those of a family member.

The vow was usually for a fixed period of time—30, 90 or even 100 days. At that time, the man would make a sacrifice that included a lamb, a ewe, a ram, and a basket of bread and cakes. There are cases where a parent would make this vow for her or his child, which the child would observe for his entire life.


The letter also blasts Trump, who is described as “traitorous” and “a Zionist.”

The manifesto includes hateful statements against Jews, Muslims, African Americans, Hispanics, immigrants and feminists, as well as other groups and minorities.

Every Jew is responsible for the meticulously planned genocide of the European race,” the manifesto said.

It also reiterates a conspiracy theory popular in right-wing circles in the United States about a Jewish-led attempt to “replace” white Americans with immigrants from other countries.

This theory was behind the shouts “Jews will not replace us” that were made by far-right activists who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017. Just this weekend, President Donald Trump once again said there were “good people” within that group

Hours after a far-right gunman allegedly killed one person and injured others at a synagogue in Poway, California, President Trump’s allies keyed in on a surprising person to blame for the shooting and other recent anti-Semitic attacks: Rep. Ilhan Omar.

The alleged attacker, John Earnest, posted a manifesto to the extreme right internet forum 8Chan, where it was filled with references to anti-Semitic right-wing memes. The statement criticized Trump for not being right wing enough, and claimed that white people were at risk of being exterminated by immigrants and Jews—a favorite trope of the far-right.

The statement also Brenton Tarrant, the alleged terrorist who killed 50 people at a Christchurch, New Zealand mosque, saying Muslims were replacing whites. It also praised Robert Bowers, who similarly blamed Jews for orchestrating the destruction of the white race through immigration and attacked a Pittsburgh synagogue last year.

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