Killer For Christ

John Earnest may be a Religious Addict. It may run in his family. I have been demonized by proving in this blog the Jews did not murder Jesus. How many Christians believe the Democrats are capable of killing the infant Jesus, after the Lord of Evangelicals put the title ‘Baby Killers’ on them?

Earnest says he killed Jews to protect the beautiful white race. This is why I gathered the history of my white ancestors in this blog, to keep it out of the hands of murderous lunatics who are CHRISTIAN NAZIS!

Seer Jon

“He also stated that he hoped to inspire others to commit similar crimes and that he expected to be freed from prison and would “continue the fight.”

The manifesto is full of religious imagery. He repeated throughout that he was carrying out the attack to be a good Christian, saying “My God understands why I did what I did.” He proceeded to quote several verses from the New Testament as “proof.”

Earnest also justified his crime by blaming Jews for the execution of Christ:

And finally, for their role in the murder of the Son of Man—that is the Christ. Every Jew young and old has contributed to these. For these crimes they deserve nothing but hell.

Earnest claimed that his Christian God would understand and support his terrorist act:

My God does not take kindly to the destruction of His creation. Especially one of the most beautiful, intelligent, and innovative races that He has created. Least of all at the hands of one of the most ugly, sinful, deceitful, cursed, and corrupt. My God understands why I did what I did.

And in his manifesto, he left a message for his “brothers in Christ”:

To my brothers in Christ of all races. Be strong. Although the Jew who is inspired by demons and Satan will attempt to corrupt your soul with the sin and perversion he spews—remember that you are secure in Christ. Turn away from your sin. Not because it is required for your salvation—for nobody save Christ can merit heaven based on his own works—but rather out of gratitude for the gift of salvation that your God has given you. Always remember that it is God that is keeping you alive and in faith. All sin stems from the arrogant belief that one does not need God. Satan was so prideful that he actually truly believed (that he, a created being) could overthrow the Ancient of Days—the Creator of all in existence. Satan inspired this rebellion among humanity. Christ alone is the only source of life. Know that you are saved in Christ and nothing—not death, nor torture, nor sin—can steal your soul away from God.

Christian Terrorist John Earnest Issued Manifesto Before California Synagogue Shooting


Alleged Poway synagogue shooter yelled that Jews are ‘ruining the world’


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