Moral Solution For Abortion

Rosamond Press

What I suggest, is, that Mormons willingly baptise dead fetuses. Jesus’ mission was to save souls for a eternal life – and not prevent folks from sinning. Christians have paid too much attention to politics, and have forgotten about the souls of the unborn. If they believe a fetus is a being with a soul, why then have they not set aside a cemetery on church property for victims of the abortion holocaust?

Christian Republicans want to do away with intrusive big government, but want to make many laws in many states that will make getting an abortion difficult. Jesus and Paul understood you can’t legislate moral laws. Paul bid his followers to ignore Old Testament Laws. If the Morons and Christians can set aside their religious differences, then the innocent aborted unborn can enjoy a blessed eternal life – tommorow! Why are Christians and Mormons denying these innocents eternal…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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