When Did Paul Destroy First Church?

Evagnelicals are destroyig aerica.

Rosamond Press

After one reads the Gospel of John and gets into Acts, one sees right away the climb of Saint Paul to the top of the heap, as the original Apostles fall away – usually after having a dispute with Paul – who said he tortured members of the first church to get them to blaspheme against THEIR LORD. If you add a word to this claim Paul allegedly made in front of Agrippa and Bernice, then you begin to establish MOTIVE……….THEIR VERSION OF THE LORD.

Paul argues about THEIR VERSION OF THE LORD – at will! Why don’t the Disciple of Jesus – who knew Jesus – stop him? Did Paul murder them all, then author lies in order to complete his USURPTION of Jesus’ and John’s church?

Barnabas healed a POOR SICK man as Jesus bid. To see the Repubchrists turn this edict around, is evidence Paul’s usurption ;is…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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