Liar Trump Says Dems Execute Babies

Lying the for the evangelical liars, I told you this was coning.

Seer Jon

Sometimes President Donald Trump’s lies are so monstrous, so incendiary, so dangerous that a journalist can feel anxious about repeating them. Reporting on lies after all amplifies them – but ignoring them can often be worse because it allows a toxic falsehood to go unchallenged.

At a rally in Wisconsin on Sunday, the president repeated the false and explosive claim that mothers and doctors in the US sometimes “execute” new born babies. He has said similar before when discussing late term abortions, those performed after 24 weeks because of a heart-breaking late stage diagnosis of major foetal abnormalities or serious risks to the mother’s health.

This time, Trump was also mischaracterising a statement made by Wisconsin’s governor Tony Evers, who has said he would veto a Republican-proposed state bill that would impose life sentences on doctors who do not give life-saving medical care to a baby born alive after a failed abortion attempt (never mind that this is an incredibly rare, virtually unheard-of scenario).

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