Garvy And The Irish Cause

On 28 August 1518 Charles issued a charter authorizing the transportation of slaves direct from Africa to the Americas. Up until that point (since at least 1510), African slaves had usually been transported to Castile or Portugal and had then been transshipped to the Caribbean.

I remember reading about Marcus Garvy about fifteen years ago. I compared him to J.R. Tolkein, in that they both were interested in creating a new country, that was fanciful, yet based upon elusive realities. Tolkein was born in South Africa to a family of Dutch Afrikaners. At the time the Dutch were colonizing New Amsterdam, they were taking root in the Cape where  the Huguenot Diaspora had fled. There was no intention to stay. At the same time the slave trade to the Southern states was getting underway.

The Zulu massacred the Dutch. The colonists began to wipe out the Native Americans after the attempts to cohabitate with them, failed. New Nation Building was under way, to the determent to the Indigenous People. If only those damn explorers in those modern ships, had not set sail looking for new lands castle-rich Europeans never heard of. All of this has a Tolkien feel to it. There is the rise of the Dark Lord of Modar and the spread of his Orc army that are not born from the wombs of mothers. The right people fall out of power, but, must unite and form a powerful union in order to defeat the Invasion of Darkness.

Many so called black scholars title this dark theme “Colonialism”. What I see as the driving force was the Protestants against the Catholic Hegemony, that led to the Habsburgs sending two Armadas against Queen Elizabeth, who had Mary Queen of Scotts head removed. The Catholic nobility drove a 100,000 Protestants out of England. How they survived in the European World of Charles Quint is the untold history of World Conquest, for Emperor Charles was conquering the Mayan and Aztec kingdoms, stealing their gold, to build more war ships to invade England and destroy all the Protestants that found their way to Northern Ireland whe the Orange Order took root, thanks to William of Orange of Holland, who conquered England, and put the Irish and their Catholic church on the decline. Charles’s church became the IRA, who won its independence from Protestant England, which earned the admiration of a descant of a Black Slave whose ancestors were brought from Afrika – by Emperor Charles!

You cant make this up. When I see two black men talking about a book ‘Back to Black’ and the dream of Black Nationalism – as if they invented this idea – I have to laugh! Yes there was Colonialism, but, the War of the Religions was the prime factor. Eurpopeans were destroying their beautiful cities, and other beautiful white people – as if there was no tomorrow. Add to this – the great land grab!

I have been warning everyone that the Evangelicals are prepared to destroying the United States in order to take vengeance on the lie, non-religious Americans have been severely oppressing the, To this end. President Trump sends American troops to the border to keep the native people Charles destroyed, from coming to a European Utopias.

President Obama spoke in South Africa today. He honored Joseph Mandela who did create a black nation. With the insulting demographics of ‘She The People’ perhaps white men are not opposed to the creating a New Black Nation made up of Black Americans. But, I do not see a returned to Africa, but a new Nation built in South America.

Above is a large mural done by a Japanese Artist. The Empire of Japan attacked the United States and took away our territory. Did they want to conquer California and move in their people. We see two Union soldiers, one black, the other white. He is more than likely an Irishman from New York. Due to the Potato Famine’ a million Irish immigrants fled to America in order to keep from starving. The British Empire refused to feed them. Thousands starved to death. According to my kin, Jessie Benton Fremont, Britain was going to deport thousands of Irish to the San Juaquin Valley in California, in order to prevent John Fremont from making a new nation, composed of Black Slaves he emancipated. This caused Lincoln to fire my kin, because Abe had plan to deport all black people to New Guinean.

How do you like them apples?

Now for the kicker. Some Sephardic Jews of Portugal were behind bringing slave there, and to the Caribbean, where they worked on sugar and indigo plantations. My Rosamond kin owned planation on ‘The Jews Land’ that was owned by a wealthy Sephardic family in Lisbon, who lost their fortune due to the great earthquake. To claim in an academic fashion, white people did all these things – just to get the black man?

We have to start talking about creating ideal demographics in order to save many nations and cultures. Let me toss this possibility. Have all the white people of Brazil, move to the U.S. and as many black Americans, move to Brazil, whose black population is being oppressed like ours.

I can’t imagine what the U.S. would be like without black people. Would they miss white folks? There is no harm discussing these matters, because racism in both nations in getting out of control. Isn’t that the goal – to end racism?

Brazil is the fifth largest nation in the world. To see the birth of an African Nation in the Americas, could be justice in a way that needs to studied in a new light of human culture. We need to look for ways to make sane and creative agreements.

Due to the advances of Islam. Charles Quint tried to create a Christian One World Order in the West. Queen Elizabeth threw a monkey wrench in the works. Quint, could not go around her. He became obsessed with her, and bankrupted Spain – to this day. All that new world gold was spent on hating one woman. If black folks want reparation, build a fleet – and take Portugal!

Oh! Did I tell you Brazil was founded by the Portuguese, and, is a wealthy nation? Imagine, the Portuguese buying Baja California, moving there, and black Brazilians establishing Africanus Atlantis, the first black European Nation. In Baja there will rise a futuristic country that will be a destination for tourists. Then, there is Brasilia. Imagine a black woman President of New Brazil.

John Prescoília,_Holy_Roman_Emperor

Garvey drew parallels between the two struggles. When the “President of the Irish Republic“, Eamon De Valera came to America in 1919 for a tour of the state Garvey sent a telegram to De Valera saying “Please accept sympathy of the Negroes of the world for your cause. We believe Ireland should be free even as Africa should be free for the Negroes of the world. Keep up the fight for a free Ireland”.[27] In July 1919 he stated that “the time has come for the Negro race to offer up its martyrs upon the altar of liberty even as the Irish [had] given a long list from Robert Emmet to Roger Casement.[27] 

The earliest Afrikaner communities in South Africa were formed at the Cape of Good Hope, mainly through the introduction of Dutch colonists, French Huguenot refugees and erstwhile servants of the Dutch East India Company.[8] During the early colonial period, Afrikaners were generally known as “Christians”, “colonists”, “emigrants”, or ingezeetenen (“inhabitants”).[42] Their concept of being rooted in Africa—as opposed to the Company’s expatriate officialdom—did not find widespread expression until the late eighteenth century.[42]

It is to the ambitions of Prince Henry the Navigator that historians attribute the discovery of the Cape as a settling ground for Europeans.[8] In 1424 Henry and Fernando de Castro besieged the Canary Islands, under the impression that they might be of use to further Portuguese expeditions around Africa’s coast.[14] Although this attempt was unsuccessful, Portugal’s continued interest in the continent made possible the later voyages of Bartholomew Diaz in 1487 and Vasco de Gama ten years later. Diaz made known to the world a “Cape of Storms”, rechristened “Good Hope” by John II.[8] As it was desirable to take formal possession of this territory the Portuguese erected a stone cross in Algoa Bay. Da Gama and his successors, however, did not take kindly to the notion, especially following a skirmish with the Khoikhoi in 1497, when one of his admirals was wounded.[14]

During Charles’s reign, the Castilian territories in the Americas were considerably extended by conquistadores like Hernán Cortés and Francisco Pizarro. They conquered the large Aztec and Inca empires and incorporated them into the Empire as the Viceroyalties of New Spain and Peru between 1519 and 1542. Combined with the circumnavigation of the globe by the Magellan expedition in 1522, these successes convinced Charles of his divine mission to become the leader of Christendom, which still perceived a significant threat from Islam. The conquests also helped solidify Charles’s rule by providing the state treasury with enormous amounts of bullion. As the conquistador Bernal Díaz del Castillo observed, “We came to serve God and his Majesty, to give light to those in darkness, and also to acquire that wealth which most men covet.”[36]

On 28 August 1518 Charles issued a charter authorising the transportation of slaves direct from Africa to the Americas. Up until that point (since at least 1510), African slaves had usually been transported to Castile or Portugal and had then been transhipped to the Caribbean. Charles’s decision to create a direct, more economically viable Africa to America slave trade fundamentally changed the nature and scale of this terrible human trafficking industry.[37]

In 1528 Charles assigned a concession in Venezuela Province to Bartholomeus V. Welser, in compensation for his inability to repay debts owed. The concession, known as Klein-Venedig (little Venice), was revoked in 1546. In 1550, Charles convened a conference at Valladolid in order to consider the morality of the force[38] used against the indigenous populations of the New World, which included figures such as Bartolomé de las Casas.

Charles V is credited with the first idea of constructing an American Isthmus canal in Panama as early as 1520.[39]

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