Baja-Israel – An Old Idea

Israel is an example of nation-building gone wrong. What happened?

Rosamond Press

Maybe the Jews are right, and…..Jesus is garbage!

Those crazy orthodox Jews HATE the evangelical End Time Rapturist, and their plan for the Jews during the Tribulation. This will be more apparent as the Big Lie persists. Right now millions of Democrat Liberals are having their mind frozen, as Messiah Trump & Friends, are forcing them to weigh their innermost Moral Fiber.

“Do I hate God – and His Chosen People?”

“Am I really for Law and Order, and Separation of Church and State?”

“Am I a traitor to my Nation because I don’t want to see my flag broadcast on the most holy shrine in recent Jewish history, next to the Star of David, who founded a kingdom whose boundaries must be restored so Jesus will return?”

“What to do! What to do!”

Jon Presco’t-jews-christians-who-them-13068.html

There is a widespread but little-mentioned problem in Judaism today: namely…

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