Victoria Bond’s Orange Parade

I am composing an e-mail to Kehinde Andrews, who appears to be inspired by Marcus Garvey, who I just looked at on Wikipeadia. We have many things in common, having the same color of skin, is not one of them. Marcus was insprited by the Irish Rebellion against the British Empire. Very interesting, as you shall see.

Rosamond Press

When I wrote the following I was composing Victoria Bond’s Orange Parade. The Orangeman played a big role in the foundation of Canada as a Country. I compose via VISIONS. I make a movie of what I am going to put down on paper – first! I can see into the future this way. I worry everyday about My Doubters and My Distractors, who only want me to BE INSANE. This is – what they do! They do nothing else. They are not creative souls. They go after CREATVITY.

Before the computer and the internet, writers presented a finished product to the public and the critics. The publisher’s editor has done his job. He wants The Book to be judged a good, sound, and sane book. For me to talk about dying and coming back to life, assigns everything I author to the Funny Farm File. Sure my muse will…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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