Gary Johnson Guilty of Religious Abuse

“Please join me in praying for peace and consolation for victim-survivors and their families.”

Last night I had no choice but to conclude as I did back then – with the help of the head of Serenity Lane – that my minster, Gary Johnson, religiously abused me. He was jealous of me. He said this at Bible study.

“Greg has had a religious awakening, and is at the top of the mountain, but, he will soon come down.”

Gary had been grooming Michael Dundon to be his assistant minister, and I was supposed to be his first convert. I wasn’t supposed to have a dynamic revelation. I was supposed to have a common faith. I knew when he wanted me to play Judas to Michael, what his vision was – for me! Asshole! You try to forgive people.

I had to leave the Catholic Church after being targeted by a Catholic Priest. He was looking at me in a strange way. When I had my first communion, and while in confession, he told me I was lying and I had better come up with more sins. I was a saint! This is how they do it. They make you feel guilty and ashamed, and in need of personal attention. I walked out of the confession – and the Church!  God came to me from a cloud and put His arm around me;

“I believe you, my child. You told the truth!”

A year after Gary forced me to leave I underwent hypnotic therapy. When I came out of trance my Therapist asked me this;

“What children does your father have access to. Give me their names and age!”

He was required to make a police report. This is why I did not want Kim Hafner passing around Christine’s biography, because, an outsider wrote about the sexual abuse of my family when they were children – for profit! He did not know us! He was a ghost writer!

Things were coming back to me after my psychic reading. The reader said this;

“People come into your being and take, take, take! You are powerless to stop them. I don’t know why.”

Both of my parents were sexually abusive. Children are powerless to stop their parents.  After reading all of Luke that night, I said this, softly……..

“Jesus. If you are real. Come into the darkness of family incest and help me and my siblings.”

“I, and my Father in heaven are already working on these matters. Be not afraid. Spiritual Courage, will be me with Spiritual Courage!”

When a child has been Trespassed upon in such an egregious manner, and when he/she is not able to push ut the abuser, this leaves a gaping hole in your Spiritual Boundary and Barrier where other abusers and demons, may enter.

In the name of God, I close all these wounds, and give The Light of God, to plug these wounds, so there will be no more trespass.


Seer John

One of the largest Catholic archdioceses in the nation released the names on Friday of dozens of priests and deacons “credibly accused” of sexually abusing minors, along with a letter of apology from New York’s powerful archbishop, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, seeking forgiveness “for the failings of those clergy and bishops who should have provided for the safety of our young people but instead betrayed the trust placed in them by God and by the faithful.”

About half of the 120 priests and deacons on the list released by New York’s sprawling archdiocese have passed away, while the rest have been defrocked or otherwise dismissed from their ministries, though a handful of the named clergy are still appealing their dismissals.

Among those listed is Washington, D.C., Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who was defrocked by Pope Francis earlier this year after a Vatican tribunal found him guilty of sexually abusing a minor decades ago. New York’s archdiocese, like so many others across the nation, is scrambling to contain growing frustration among its nearly 3 million parishioners over the church’s systemic cover-ups of child sex abuse by Catholic clergy in recent decades.

“After hearing from many of you, including many victim-survivors, I have decided to publish a comprehensive list of all archdiocesan clergy found credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor,” Dolan wrote in a letter to Catholics posted on the diocesan website and tweeted out on Friday afternoon.

“Please join me in praying for peace and consolation for victim-survivors and their families.”

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