The Orange Lodge In Canada

Black Nationalism has affect the Dutch People who colonized South Africa.

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Bilderberg & House of Orange

RIJSWIJK-ONDERSCHEIDING-WILLEMSORDEswanb7swanb8Water Pageant - Queen Beatrix Abdication and King Willem Alexander Investitureben-orangeswanb4When I went to Santa Rosa the second time in 2000, I tried to explain Rosamond’s biography is not important as the book I was authoring on the Grail Bloodline. I told Heather and Patrice there is a good chance we are related to Denis de Rougemont ‘The Prince of European Culture’ as well as Dutch Royalty.  A look of disgust came over Patrice’s face. She had been working on their biography. They were just one step away from the Rose of the World throne. I had to be crazy! Their divine intervention was being dictated by Patrices’s mother, who became an angel after she jumped off a cliff and killed herself. She was severely mentally ill due to the abuse from her husband. Patrice had to take over the duties of a mother when she was…

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