She The People – She The Game Player

STP is full of it.

41% of white men voted for Obama – a BLACK man. 32% of white men voted for Hillary, a white WOMAN. The key words are BLACK WOMAN. This suggests white men may WANT to vote for a Black Woman, if WTP is not intent on depicting ALL white men as racists. Rather than say white men are making progress, and want to help all races, they suggest ALL WM  want to vote for Trump! How stupid can you be! Why not- if white men are all racists. 53% of white women voted for a WHITE MAN. Are ALL white women racists? If 10% of Republican women voters registered as Democrats – problem solved! The object is – TO WIN!

John Presco

I hereby declare ‘She The People’ – guilt of institutionalized sexual abuse. They used a political party, and the need for millions to remove a sex predator from office, to empower themselves, and take revenge on white males, who were easy targets. Black males were not targeted for their abuse of women, and for their failure to vote – and register to vote! STP studied their target, and ruled amongst themselves, white Democratic males were vulnerable, and helpless to resist them in fear they would be exposed and humiliated.


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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