Black Women Democrats Giving Thanks

Why am I left to tackle the hardest stuff? Why me? Would anyone care to hear the opinions of an old white man who looks like Santa Claus, on the ‘She The People ‘ org?

I might be old, but, let me introduce the ‘Inner White Me’. (see pic above) I believe in transparency. This is what you get when you vote for me as your next President! Yes, I do own a ceremonial sword, and Excalibur. I write poetry. I am a romantic. There is an authentic coat of arms for my mother’s maiden name.

Why me?

“Because you own knowledge about these matters. People are hosting ignorance. Enlighten them from the heart – with love! And laughter! ”

Last night, I talked with My First Love about the movie Cyrano de Bergerac’. I told her it is like our story of how we met. There was a note passed from Marilyn, and it was delivered to the wrong person, my best friend.

“I would like to meet you. Come to my house. I live at…………..Marilyn.”

We had seen Marilyn and Judy following us after school. Mark asked me which one I liked. Marilyn was our choice. So, Mark went off to see M. I began a new painting. I was a virgin and very shy. An hour later, Mark ‘The Suave Fooquier’ came back, and handed me the note;

“This note was meant for you!”

I put down my brush and hurried to M’s house. When she opened her door, and let me in, I was having the most incredible experience in my life!

“What choice did I have, but to go see you? I carried a copy of Cyrano de Bergerac!”

In weeks M is taking me into the Hollywood Hills to me her friend, Les McCann. Her half-Filipino sister was married to Ron Jefferson, Les’ drummer, and was living in Paris where she befriended black radicals. She co-authored the biography of Fela, that was made into a musical. Fela was adopted by the Black Panthers. M’s family was multiracial. She is married to a black Jazz drummer. Five years ago she got into saying I judged her – and her family! My response;

“You began judging me the five-minutes after you first saw me, after you go the hots for me. You were wondering if I would have acceptance for all these non-white folks – who all began to judge me! Ya all wondered if I was a racist! Meanwhile, all the other white boys in town, get off Scott-free! These racial matters – are none of their business! They feel pretty good about being white, while I am being filled with doubts.

This thinking got Trump elected. Liberal white men up North, took the easy way out. They didn’t make a plan with their white brothers to betray the Democratic party. They wanted to feel, empowered. They were a little pissed-off – if not pissed off a lot with this Black Lives Matter that was aimed at them, and not the White Crackers down south – especially White Women! – who were not having an Identity Crisis.

The black women left them alone. They chose an accessible target – White Male Democrats to run this on. Then, they went after Old Bernie for getting the young white voters in their corner. Then, when that white woman was nominated, black women did not vote, nor Bernie’s Bunch, and white liberals voted for Trump……. because it is THEY who got to do ALL THE CHANGING! They didn’t want to be the designated Tap Dancers for Black Approval! They want to go back to clogging – with their own kind!

“Stop screaming!”

Marilyn’s sister gave her a black doll.

What I would like to see, is these ‘She The People’ gathering at a Union Soldier graveyard, and in a ceremony, give thanks to the young white soldiers who shed their blood so black women, and men, could be free! THINK WHITE SWING VOTERS – and win this latest Civil War!

I’ve been thinking of moving to South Carolina to launch my Presidential Campaign as a Republican. My message will be aimed at getting the Black Woman Vote – in all the Red States that back racists.

“I don’t want your white man vote, I don’t want your black man vote. I don’t want your white woman vote. I just want the black woman vote. White women – aren’t good enough to vote for me! They’re too daman stupid – and racist. ”

How do you like that for TARGETTING THE RIGHT TARGET. Accept for 1953, the majority of white women voted the Republican ticket. Fifty-three percent did this last election.

This black author targeted Harry and Meghan Windsor, telling them Africa does not want them there. Bullshit! Prove it!  Like a foreign parasite, he gloms onto the history of Oakland and the Black Panthers. He tells the MC “we have to stop pretending their will ever be racial equality!” So, he pretends he is a bad-ass Oakland Panther! Talk about feathering your nest. He lives in Britain!

I knew the White Panthers, the legal team. I gave refuge to the son of a Black Panther, who is my grandson’s cousin. He was named after Malcom X. In Oakland I had a black male roommate, a fellow artist, and I had a couple of black girlfriends. Why would a group of black women want to use a political platform to pick a fight with white democrats, and put them in a squeeze play? I will look for answers on this blog. I will go debate anyone! I will even get down on me knees, and beg…….

Please don’t’ do this.

Think of the gauntlet you will be throwing to white women in the Red States! When was the last time they honored Confederate graves? They love gathering around Donald, who has proven to be the enemy of Patriots! Why aren’t Southern White Women honoring their dead? Because their Hero……doesn’t like – LOSERS!

Nothing unites people, and removes the stigma of skin-color, as fighting together, taking on the REAL enemy, with one motive in mind………..CLOG-KICKING THE HOLY CRAP OUT OF THEM!

I am going to offer McCann’s ‘Real Compared To What’ to Eric Swalwell, who for over a year has pointed out Trump’s adventure with the Law, has been utterly UNREAL. Indeed, these dealings – are fake! I support Eric for Democratic Candidate.


John Presco

Play all videos at the same time!

Rostand’s poetry has been largely disregarded by critics, and he is remembered primarily as a dramatist. In his early play, The Romancers, Rostand rejected the sordid realism of the Naturalist plays then popular, creating a lighthearted satire about two young lovers in search of romance and adventure who discover that romantic love can exist without the excitement of danger or obstacles to overcome. Rostand further developed the theme of courtly love in The Faraway Princess, which relates the story of the troubadour Joffroy Rudel, Prince of Blaye, whose love for the Countess of Tripoli, whom he has never seen, inspires him to travel to see her before he dies. In this play Rostand introduced the theme of tenacious adherence to unattainable ideals that became characteristic of his works.

Back to Black traces the long and eminent history of Black radical politics. Born out of resistance to slavery and colonialism, its rich past encompasses figures such as Marcus Garvey, Angela Davis, the Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter activists of today. At its core it argues that racism is inexorably embedded in the fabric of society, and that it can never be overcome unless by enacting change outside of this suffocating system. This is an appeal to reclaim Black radicalism, a movement that has been diluted and moderated over time, willfully misrepresented and caricatured by others, and divested of its potency and potential for global change.

Kehinde Andrews explores the true roots of this tradition, and connects the dots to today’s struggles by showing what a renewed politics of Black radicalism might look like in the twenty-first century.

The inspiring story of political newcomers (sometimes also newcomers to America) who are knocking down built-in barriers to creating better government

“Democracy is never a final achievement. It is a call to an untiring effort.” —John F. Kennedy

The system is rigged: America’s political leadership remains overwhelmingly white, male, moneyed, and Christian. Even at the local and state levels, elected office is inaccessible to the people it aims to represent. But in People Like Us, political scientist Sayu Bhojwani shares the stories of a diverse and persevering range of local and state politicians from across the country who are challenging the status quo, winning against all odds, and leaving a path for others to follow in their wake.

In Anaheim, California, a previously undocumented Mexican American challenges the high-powered interests of the Disney Corporation to win a city council seat. In the Midwest, a thirty-something Muslim Somali American unseats a forty-four-year incumbent in the Minnesota house of representatives. These are some of the foreign-born, lower-income, and of-color Americans who have successfully taken on leadership roles in elected office despite xenophobia, political gatekeeping, and personal financial concerns. In accessible prose, Bhojwani shines a light on the political, systemic, and cultural roadblocks that prevent our elected officials from effectively representing a rapidly changing America, and offers forward-thinking solutions on how to get rid of these barriers.

People Like Us serves as an essential guide for the burgeoning democracy that has been a long time in the making: inclusive, multiracial, and unstoppable.

2020 presidential contender Bernie Sanders faced an aggressive and, at times, outwardly combative audience at the She The People Forum devoted to women of color in Houston on Wednesday, as the self-described democratic socialist struggled to convince attendees of his commitment to minority and underprivileged communities.

The tense moments underscored the challenges Sanders’ campaign still faces despite its frontrunner status. The 77-year-old Vermont senator, long a champion for progressive causes, has sought to win over voters who turned out in massive numbers to support former President Barack Obama.

In a particularly striking moment, host Aimee Allison asked Sanders what he would do to fight white-supremacist violence. In response, Sanders launched into a familiar anecdote that — perhaps precisely because of its familiarity — seemed to crash and burn.

“I know I date myself a little bit here, but I actually was at the March on Washington with Dr. [Martin Luther] King back in 1963,” Sanders began, as audible groans and jeers broke out at the auditorium at Texas Southern University. One person apparently shouted, “We know!”


“And,” Sanders continued, as he held his hand up to quiet the crowd and apparently to wag his finger, “as somebody who actively supported Jesse Jackson’s campaign, as one of the few white elected officials to do so in ’88, I have dedicated my life to the fight against racism, and sexism, and discrimination of all forms.”

Sanders faced similar backlash when he responded to an audience question about white supremacy by discussing immigration and the federal minimum wage, as well as his sweeping “Medicare for All” proposal. The audience loudly applauded when Allison reminded Sanders that the “core of the question” concerned violence against minorities.

Separately, co-host Joy Reid asked Sanders how he would win over Hillary Clinton voters, including black women in particular. In response, Sanders trashed Trump as “the most dangerous president” in modern history, and generally called for unity among Democrats as well as “social justice, racial justice, and environmental justice.”

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