I Tried To Replace Lara

The National Identity Crisis – TRUMP!

Rosamond Press

Getting no response from Lara – that was positive – I went looking for a new Model-Muse. I tried to replace Lara, and failed. I ran my ideas on a Bond fan club, and was banned. I wondered if this was another attempt to rip me off. I posted several chapters on Miriam Starfish, a Russian Killer-Psychopath inspired by Hannah, that is going to be a new series. I saw ‘Killing Eve’ for the first time ten days ago. I had to wonder. Turns out this series was written over two years ago. Writing is the most trickiest thing in the world. I have proven it is dangerous to your health. Five years ago I promised Bell and Alley they would be the subject of a book. Sometimes I wonder if Belle – is the real psycho!

I got my Bond Novel – sewn up – because I am kin…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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