Vicki Presco Is Redeemed

Today is Good Friday. The Presco Children were raised Catholic. Vicki went to Catholic School and Church at Corpus Christi in Oakland. At the end of January, Shannon told me Vicki was in coma-like state, and can barely communicate. Hence, her condition has worsened. She is not able to go to Confession and receive Absolution.

I own proof Vicki and Stacey Pierrot betrayed my nieces and our family.  There is no doubt she has committed great sins – she wants to be forgiven of – but is not able to ask for forgiveness. Therefore, in the name of God – I forgive my surviving sister. I will forgive any family member who admits their sins against our family – until sundown on Sunday!

I just found out my brother, Mark Presco, had a stroke. I believe this is why he disappeared. He prides himself with having a good mind. Of the four Presco children born to Victor and Rosemary Presco, I am the only one that is – available! Above is the book our ancestor wrote called ‘Confessional’. Note the rose.

I have already revealed why we have suffered from a Tragic Identity Crisis that led us to go astray.  In 1962 a Court talked about putting us in a orphanage. This tragedy will be in my autobiography.  We four children were very close. It is to our Loving Bond that I look for a very bright light, that came to console us.

I know there is the idea of going to Arizona and trying to heal Vicki. I beseech God to raise Vicki from her deep sleep long enough so she can put her soul in order. I can only imagine the hell she is in, and I know God will not keep her a prisoner.

Let me describe her condition according to Shannon, Christine’s daughter. She can barely talk and carry on a conversation. She only recognizes her son, Shamus – sometimes. She is afraid of fellow patients, and will not go down to use phone in rec room – if she could. She has no phone in her room. She wanders about at night in a sleep-walking state. I suspect they up her dose, and she stays in bed all day. If I ever get like this, in Oregon I can undergo assisted death – please!

Here are Vicki’s family. Cian is Mark Presco’s son, and he has four children. Shamus has two boys, and I have a grandson, Tyler Hunt. I have only one photo of Vic, Rosemary, and Vicki, but, our parents are fighting. Let us who own clarity of mind and heart, pay homage to my sister’s fondest memories. Forgiving my sister, led to me forgiving my daughter and mother.

I love you my dear Sister! You are redeemed this day……Victoria Mary Presco.


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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