Cheryl Walton – Another Fake Emergency

A month ago Cheryl was taken away in an ambulance – once again! There was twenty minutes of loud banging before there was peace and quiet. One of the rescue people told my friendly neighbor she was flipping out again.

I found two videos on my tablet, one of water cascading down from Chery’s deck, again. I take it to show the manager. I come back, and this crazy woman is huddling with Kim Hafner, no doubt going to her with her ongoing problem with me. She did not take it to the managers, but, to the other crazy woman, who acts like she is the manager here, and head of the psycho ward.

Then, Cheryl’s caregiver comes rushing down the stairs to get in on the Big Victim Game. She tells me to stop abusing her boss. I tell her they both are abusing me, and mind her own business.

“You are a guest on the premises. I can have you removed by the police for abuse!”

This is when Big Nurse Hafner hatched her plan to turn the tables on me, because she didn’t have anything better to do. She loved stealing the spotting from a severely mentally ill woman. Kimbo, as her friends call her, told me she suffers from severe depression, and is suicidal. Using her neighbors to distract her from taking her own life, is what she has done in the last place she lived.  These loons were not happy I call the police, outside professionals, because the Funny Farm Shit was just getting started.

One of the managers shows up and wants to see the water damage Kim and I complained about. She was shocked!

“Did you just use that hose to wet down your patio?”

“No!” says Kim, then shows the manager how her storage door will no longer open. Crazy Cheryl had damaged my door, too, over the years of raining down water. She refused to use bottoms on her big pots. There was mud everywhere. Management told her to solve the problem, or, get evicted.

Why didn’t Cheryl call 911 herself? Why fall into my door and scream for me to call 911? My feeling – don’t count!

I am working on a script for ‘Santabelle’ another detctive team.

Rosamond Press

Cheryl Walton, my upstairs neighbor, staged another fake emergency in order to get entry into my home. Around 12:30 P.M. I went to shut my front door after airing out my abode, when Cheryl came down the steps. She blabbered some, then told me she locked herself out, and, she did not have her cellphone to call her caregiver. She wanted to come in and use my phone. I went and  got it and handed it to her – as she stood outside.

I asked her who that woman was that was ordering her around while on the steps, the night I called the police, the day Lance Jacob shot up our street and burned down three homes. Four fireman were hit, and traumatized. They thought they were going to do a good deed and save someone’s home. Who made the 911 call in under investigation.

Cheryl said she did…

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