“You laughed at me!”

The series ‘Killing Eve’ is a huge hit, proving folks want to see weird-ass shows. I will now be promiting the nuttiness in my blog. I knew Ken Kesey and rode on Further with hin in the Eugene Celebration. Nurse Ratched is an archetype that will never die.

Rosamond Press

Copping A Free Feel From Big Victim

Here is Alley Valkyrie and her ex-lover, John Monroe, doing their civic duty, making sure the police do not cop a feel. There are about 30 videos of SLEEPS on the internet. The case I am making against Council Person, Amy Semple, is, she has no interest in serving all the people, just her Gang of Six, her……….MOB……..the same people Kim Hafner said had warned her and her Gang of Six, about me.

The Oakdale Mob pretend they are performing their civic duty by going after me. They base their claim on what allegedly Alley said to them. Alley has lived in Paris for the last year. In her “threat” e-mail, Alley says she will EXPOSE me, IF I do not do what she asks. What if I did? Would she let me go with…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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