Touching Women and Christian Groups

Many women, who claim they were abused, want to be on the news in order to get back at a man, or, change things.

You would think a UNITED organization of women against abusive males would have been formed long ago. They could have made a set of standard rules for men to abide by. Why hasn’t one of the Evangelical Women’s Groups – LED THE WAY? They claim they uphold moral and family values. Right after Trump got elected, after beating out many fine Republican Men, you would have thought several Christian Women’s Groups would have banned together to set A STANDARD!

How about ARMED GUARDIAN WOMEN WARRIORS FOR JESUS? After one of those Bad Babes get’s in THEIR PRESIDENT”S face – he will GET IT?


WASHINGTON – Joe Biden’s hands-on style of politicking has landed him in hot water after several women said the former vice president crossed a line with his unwanted touching.

The likely 2020 presidential candidate’s response?

Washington lacks leaders who want to develop close, respectful relationships that forge the political consensus needed to tackle the nation’s major problems.

“Democrats and Republicans, we used to know one another,” he told a labor group Friday during a speech in Washington. “If I know your husband or your wife and you’re a senator or a congressman and I know they have breast cancer; or I know you have a son or daughter with an opioid addiction; or I know you just lost your brother or sister. It’s hard to dislike you if I know you (and) make a personal connection.”

Concerned Women for America (CWA)[edit]

LaHaye formed Concerned Women for America in 1979.[5] Initially, CWA was a reaction to the National Organization for Women and a 1978 Barbara Walters interview with feminist Betty Friedan.[6] Regarding the Friedan interview, LaHaye stated that she believed Friedan’s goal was “to dismantle the bedrock of American culture: the family,”[7] and that Christian women were not included in discussions of women’s rights. LaHaye held a rally in a local San Diego auditorium which marked the beginning of CWA.[7] While CWA was originally intended to be a local group, the organization was established nationwide within two years.[8] The organization calls itself “the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization devoted to biblical principles.”[9] When CWA’s headquarters moved to Washington, D.C., LaHaye “announced at a press conference: ‘This is our message: the feminists do not speak for all women in America, and CWA is here in Washington to end the monopoly of feminists who claim to speak for all women.'”[10]

CWA is a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code[11] that is “supported by hundreds of local chapters across the country.”[10] In 2014, Salon stated that “CWA [had] become a powerful political force, claiming over half a million members.”[5]

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