Copycat Sword Attack?

Was this guy imitating Tattoo Mike – who my friends knew? Mario Majorski.


A sword-wielding suspect was reportedly shot after an altercation with police officers inside a Scientology building that left two cops injured on Wednesday.

While a spokesman for the Inglewood Police Department would not confirm to The Daily Beast that a “male adult” suspect was carrying a sword, he did say the suspect was carrying “a weapon” inside a building owned by the Church of Scientology. An official said the two officers involved sustained non-life-threatening injuries.” The suspect was taken to a hospital after the incident.

“We’re unsure if he’ll make it,” an official told The Daily Beast.

CBS Los Angeles reports the suspect was an “Asian male” who carried “a sword and gun.” The suspect reportedly walked into a building owned by the Church of Scientology, on Market Street in Inglewood, before the “altercation” broke out. Police then reportedly arrived on the scene, and two officers were shot—one in the arm and the other in the hand.

The Church of Scientology Inglewood did not respond to The Daily Beast’s requests for comment.

Witnesses told the Los Angeles Times that a heavy police presence across several blocks followed the shooting, but beyond hearing the pop of a gunshot, they were uncertain what happened inside the church.

The Dark Tower of Cultural Unrest

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Chris Wandel called me two days ago. She heard there was trouble brewing my way, in Oregon. She heard this on Coast to Coast Radio. I told her it was PAID FOR trouble coming from the Koch Brothers who bought the Republican party so they can own a hammer to flatten all the Democrats. Since Obama got elected, twenty million folks have left the Christian church because they don’t quite buy it, that Jesus hates the Democrats. Meanwhile, ISIS roams free!

Ten years ago Christine and I came up with a motto that describes the Cultural Warfare taking place all over the world. We were commenting on the attempt by a crazed man to smash the Pieta with a hammer.

“If it’s not the Pieta, why bring a hammer!”

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