The Labyrinth of Lord Fairfax

I descend from Robert E. Lee whose spirit tells me to tell the South, that they are losing the holy civil war being waged by the followers of John Darby who preached a false rapture doctrine. Lee is in the same Bohemian family tree as Lord Zinzendorf who I suspect is the spirit that God chose to come into my body when I died, and when I was reborn, so America and the New World may experience a do-over.


Rosamond Press

Nicholas John Albert, Lord Fairfax of Cameron, and his consort, Annabel, Lady Fairfax of Cameron, like Fairfax County very much, thank you. However, at tea at Woodlawn Plantation, they would not admit to a plot to reclaim his ancestral 5.3 million acres.

I might be able to claim the title of Lord Fairfax. Oh heck! You only live once! I hereby claim the title of Lord Fairfax – and my families lands in the New World!

John Gregory Presco

July 15, 2018

I believe Cazelet knew what I have discovered in the last few days.  I suspect Cazalet was a great genealogist. JANE LEE is the key. She is kin to JOYCE LEIGH Culpeper.  I wondered if Robert E. LEE is related. The Culpepers lost a vast track of land in Virginia, due to the Revolution. However, the British title, Lord Fairfax of Cameron, has recently…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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